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  1. Also, I'm considering doing another cycle of insanity but I dont want to lose the progress I've made in the gym in doing so... I'll still be running at least 50-75 miles this month as well so that's to be considered also. Thoughts??
  2. I was waiting to close out the 2-month cycle before I posted my progress, so as it stands here's how I'm looking as of the last workouts of the cycle...numbers are to the predetermined completion of 15 reps... if I didnt hit 15 on the last workout I went back to the previous weight that I completed the full 2x 15reps of. DIPS: +10 reps +25lb From: 2x 10reps To: 2x 15 reps + 25lb weight around my wais Pull-Ups: +8 reps From 2x 8/5 reps To: 2x 10 reps Squats: +45lb From 2x 20reps 155lb To: 2x 15reps 195lb Bent Row: +50lb From 2x 15reps 95lb To: 2x 15reps 155lb OHP: +20lb From 2x 10reps 95lb TO: 2x15reps 115lb DeadLift: +40lb From 2x 15reps 145lb To: 2x15reps 175lb I'm not including numbers from crunches or calf raises as they are a static thing. Also I went from running 3 miles to running 6 miles per day between exercises. I'm looking to run 75 miles for the month of September Thanks for the support and stay tuned for more updates!!
  3. There's a ton of advice here so I'll keep mine brief... CONGRATULATIONS, you've already started your journey on a successful note! 1. Consistancy is KEY... stick with it! 2. Educate yourself. Watch our "staple" movies (free on netflix) forks over knives, vegucated, and most importanly read the book by T. Colin Campbell: The China Study. 3. Get buy-in support from your FAMILY! This decision in your life affects them too. Some times they will not want to eat what you are eating. Accept that everyone starts their journey at different times...you are just a few steps ahead on yours. 4. CLEAN OUT YOUR REFRIGERATOR AND CUPBARDS!!! stock up on our staples: veganaise, oats, flax seeds, Nutritional Yeast, etc... 5. Exercise is KING, nutrition is QUEEN, put them together and you'll have a kingdom. 6. Cardio alone wont get you there... if you're sedintary, your muscles have atrophied... start a weight training regimine 7. Along with getting away from a sedintary life, seek chiropractic and massage therapies... the benefits FAR exceed the costs. Good luck, have FUN and remember that fitness is a JOURNEY not a DESTINATION!!! Dave
  4. I think it is to be said that the hard-core ethical vegans (meaning not for nutritional/health realted reasons) also abstain from leather products, as well as ANY product that comes from an animal. This I find myself at odds with because guess what... a cow is going to die at some point. why not use every bit of the animal for other purposes? I understand that's not the scenario in mass-marketed consumer goods but... I'm vegan for nutritional reasons, not ethical ones....this particularly applies to me since I'm in the military and REQUIRED to wear leather safety boots as a part of my uniform.
  5. Thanks man. I've got two weeks left of this 're-intro to BB' phase then its time to get my lift on! The weather in Virginia has been perfect for running as has made those 6+ mile runs absolutely enjoyable!
  6. Figured I'd list my supplementation as well... Morning: Glucosamine & Condroidin capslet Methyl-B12 caplet Omega 3-6-9 Complex gel cap Pre-lift work outs: (taken 30min after meal prior to work out) 1x Animal Pak (multi-v complex) Post-lift work outs: 1 scoop of Cell Tech (not taken on run only days) 16oz water Evenings: 1x Omega 3-6-9 Complex gel cap I will be adding L-Glutamine to this regimine as well starting today.
  7. thoughts tonight. 1. I'm about a week off creatine. Although I'm still seeing gains in the gym, I don't "feel" as strong or solid/dense. Obvious reasons, but simply affirming them aloud. 2. I also no longer feel like I'm running through water when I run between work out days. I went from Yeah baby!!! Every mile faster than the one before it! Perfect perfect perfect day to run!!!difficult 3 mile runs, straight back into 6+ miles every other day with not so much as even sore legs! 3. I'm not taking in any supplemental l-glutamine. I need to fix this! Beautiful weather today... Well taken advantage of with a easy 6 mile run... Every mile was faster than the previous (9:30 start) (8:30 by mile 6) Good day today!
  8. Insulting people will never get them to see a different perspective. Just because someone eats animal products does not make them unintelligent or devoid of a conscience... there are many truths in life, theirs may just not be the same as yours. Veganism can be used as a diet but fundamentally, is not. My (step) brother uses a vegan diet while training prior to spartan races but as he is not ethically connected to veganism, he reverts back post race.
  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unreal, way to go, stunning...simply stunning.
  10. So here I am today 8/8/13 about 30 days in to the above program: **edit** photos not linking properly, I dont think flickr works with this site.
  11. Log started here: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=35708
  12. Since I became Vegan 2 1/2 years ago, FitLife has been my motto. I use it EVERYWHERE in my life to constantly remind myself that Fitness isnt reserved for your time in the gym or on the track but all places and times in life. I decided on a 2 month re-introduction to lifting and here's the results thus far at about the 30 day mark. DAY 1 (first day) DIPS 2x 10 (struggle) PULL UPS 2x 10, 8 (kipping) SQUATS 135x 12 155x 11 CRUNCHES 1-FAILUREx 60 (current) DIPS 2x 15 (easy) PULL UPS 2x 10 (dead-hanging all but maybe the last 2) SQUATS 2x 165x 12 CRUNCHES 1-FAILUREx 105 *day of rest* (3 mile run only) DAY 2 (first day) BARBELL ROW 105x 12, 155x 6 STANDING BARBELL PRESS 95x 12, 95x 8 DEADLIFT 135x 12, 155x 12 CRUNCHES 1-FAILUREx 65 (current) BARBELL ROW 2x 145x 10 STANDING BARBELL PRESS 2x 115x10 DEADLIFT 2x 145x12 CRUNCHES 1-FAILUREx 110 Additionally, the last 2 weeks i've been running 3 miles daily. After talking with a good friend and avid runner, I've decided to go 6 miles every other day which I'll be starting today (non-lift day). Still no before/after pics but I'll get some soon and post'em up. Thanks for following along! Dave **edit** I forgot to mention that I'm taking a new approach with this routine. From the beginning I've selected a weight that I can complete 10 perfect reps with and ONLY increasing the weight when I can complete a set of 15. I've never trained like this before and judging by my wifes response, it's working nicely
  13. I'll second HIT Rob's comment, professional body builders use tons of different variations on exercises to see gains, no reason that shouldnt work for you! think about 21's (barbell curl) where you do 7 half way down, 7 half way up, and 7 full range. This one exercise has a legacy of efficiency and that's a prime example of "partial reps" being good exercises.
  14. Welcome, welcome. tons of good information and support around! Keep plugging away, you'll find your niche
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