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  1. thanks everyone! I need to make sure i pop in here more often. But things are going okay... I'm actually going to use my Kettlebells then seque into working out in the gym (barbells, etc.) I'm in between jobs right now so affording a gym membership isn't financially feasible for me. But, until I can afford it, I'll be working out with the kettlebells and doing body weight exercises. But I'm going well! I can't complain!
  2. currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. late 30s and loving it! past training and eating: went from being a meat eater to vegetarianism in college and well into my early thirties; really fell off of it and went back to meat eating (or more eating more plant based and occasionally eating some meat) stopped eating meat permanently a year or so ago. i'm back to vegetarianism but i think i'm quite ready to and mature enough to move right into veganism (but have been educating myself and making sure i'm making this change as well as I can). training wise: was a competitive runner all through college and into my mid thirties (college: 800m and 1500m; post college road racing) but stopped when I was getting injured way too often (and I realized I wasn't enjoying running anymore)... as for current training, i've started doing Kettlebell workouts and body weight exercises, but I do want to work out with barbells, etc. Immediate goals: lost fat and pack on slabs of muscle. So I guess that's it. (oh yeah, i'm a writer though I work in the legal field and I just finished a draft of my first full length original tv pilot! weeeeeeeeeeeeee! ) oh anyone here currently living in or from Pittsburgh? email me directly at [email protected] I've felt pretty weird going to some of the vegan/vegetarian meetups mainly because the people who come to these here, though very nice, don't share similar workout loves and goals etc. that I have (or am finding).... it would be good to meet folk who post here in the Pittsburgh area. Ryan
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