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  1. That is amazing, to come back from a heart attack even better than before. Just to clarify, you were a marathon runner before your heart attack? How does that even happen to fit/healthy people. Does make me glad I am a Vegan now.
  2. Cutting out the carbs is massively hard to do but it does work. I dropped 50kg in 2010/11 just from cutting out sugar/bread/potato/rice/noodles/pasta etc etc Was so hard because it was such a large part of what I used to eat but it was the only thing, outside of exercise, that helped me lose weight.
  3. Yea I love DLs too but I did a disc in my lower back 10 weeks ago doing power cleans, really struggling to get back into the heavy. Physio said it was a minor herniation and that it should take about 6 weeks but still struggling with it... really sucks.
  4. Yep, that is amazing. Definitely proof that it can be done! Some inspiration for CrossFit tomorrow!
  5. Been Vegan now for about 6 months, so pretty new. Just moved to Bangkok for an extended holiday and really like it. The vegan lifestyle is a little more challenging but nothing I can't handle. Love CrossFit and look forward to being part of this group!
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