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  1. Hi, I'm trying to lose some fat over the next two months, and need to cut something out of my current diet. I've only been losing about a pound per month so far, though, so something needs to go from the diet plan listed. Any thoughts on what to cut out? I'm 5'8", 160 lbs, 14% bodyfat. Thanks! Tofu: 425 cal-40p,10c,20f Spinach: 120 cal-8p,12c,0f Olives: 40 cal-0p, 4c,4f Mushroom: 54 cal-9p,9c,0f Lentils: 350 cal-28p,61.25c,0f Blueberries: 229 cal-3p,58c,1f Tofurkey slices: 150 cal-21p,7c,4.5f 2 dogs: 100 cal-14p,0c,5f Nitrofusion: 300 cal-52p,10c,5f Flax: 120 cal-0p,0c,13f Pumpkin: 120 cal-6p,17c,6f 2,002 cal-181p,189c,58f
  2. I had the exact same problem last year, even getting stuck at the same amount. Something that I've just started trying is ditching my post-workout shake of 25g protein and 50g carbs (grape juice). I've been reading a lot lately that argues against the existence of any "anabolic window" immediately following training, so if you do a post-workout shake with lots of high-glycemic carbs, maybe go without that? I don't know if it'll help, as I just started, but I'm assuming losing that much sugar can only help.
  3. 1. Do you have a true hobby? Something you love to do for hours on end is the best form of stress relief. I do, actually, have several of these! That's great advice, thanks. I will definitely focus on that. 2. Yoga on top of meditation can be much more effective. Signed up for yoga on Sunday! 3. Have you tried making any lifestyle changes? I don't mean to pry, but often times the most stress can come from family members and work. If you can avoid stressful people and situations, please do it! If you cannot, at least make an attempt to smooth things out with the people that are stressing you out. Also great advice. My dad was in the hospital with his second heart attack when this all started, that may have played a role. My work is stressful but not abnormally so, and both my boss and coworkers are wonderful people. 4. Do you live/work in an environment with allergens? This increases stress levels. For instance, I live in a house where my roommates have dogs, which I am allergic to. My remedy is spending most of my free time away from the house or in my room with an air purifier. I also like to be outside and take in the fresh air. I live with my girlfriend and her dog, but the dog is absolutely a stress reliever. I love the shit out of that thing. One of my big hobbies is hiking, though, which I do frequently, and I can tell a huge difference when that happens. Probably a combination of the fresh air and the love of the activity. Thanks so much for your help!
  4. Hey, so I've been diagnosed with this weird eye problem (central serous retinopathy, or CSR) caused by excess cortisol. It's supposed to be going away, but it's getting worse, so the doctor said I need to step up my cortisol reduction efforts. I took a week off from lifting, and am now researching the best ways to reduce cortisol via diet. I came across a study that said you can actually reduce cortisol production by lifting weights, as long as you consume carbs and essential amino acids before, during and after training. Anyone know if that's true? Anything else I should be doing? I get plenty of sleep, do meditate, don't smoke, drink, drug, etc., and eat as we active and weightlifting vegans are supposed to. Any cortisol experts out there? Thanks much!
  5. About a year ago I started making a 40g protein shake (nitrofusion w/water), drinking half right before bed and half right when I wake up. At night, I eat half of a super high fiber tortilla and have some flax oil with the shake, and in the morning I mix in some grape juice (maybe 4 oz). My last whole food meal is about an hour before bed and a whole food breakfast is usually about 45 minutes after the morning shake. Are these shakes worth doing? Both breakfast and my last meal are always 20-30g protein, and not counting the 40g protein shake I get about 150g protein every day. I could never got my body fat as low as I wanted last summer, getting stuck at about 10%, and so I was thinking about ditching the shakes this spring to cut calories. But, I'm paranoid about losing muscle. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Hey, quick question: is it true that high rep sets don't stimulate the production of testosterone or growth hormone and, as a result, don't promote hypertrophy? I'm on a cycle now where I do two weeks focused solely on 15 rep sets w/30 seconds rest between sets, two weeks with 10 reps and 60 seconds rest, then two weeks at 5 reps w/90 seconds rest. All are exhausting in their own way, but am I wasting time with the 15 rep sets? Apologies if this was already covered, I couldn't find a similar topic in the search engine.
  7. Agree. Also try doing partials in the middle of some reps, right at the spot where it's hardest. You'll probably need lighter weights, but it's worth it.
  8. Strength gains haven't been great, but it's hard to say how much of that is hiking and how much is the relatively low carb diet--100 to 200g carbs per day v. 200g protein per day. I do feel like the hiking makes my muscles a little smaller each time, but that might just be psychological. I haven't measured anything.
  9. How much can you hike before losing muscle mass? I usually hike 1-2 times a week, anywhere from 2-10 miles each time w/varying degrees of difficulty. I usually drink 20g protein/4g carbs and eat 2g protein/20g carbs both before and after hiking, with another snack in the middle if it's more than a two hour hike. I only hike for fun, as I already do 1-2 HIIT cardio and 4-5 weight training (per week) for either fat loss or muscle gain. (Looking to lose another 3-4 lbs., so fat loss/muscle maintenance for now.) Is the hiking costing me muscle mass or not? Am I eating too much before/while hiking or does that sounds about right? Thanks much!
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