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  1. I am in LOVE with that photo! Thanks Dylan! I will have to get photos and such to post of my progress I am loving the thread so far -- although I tend to get a little lost since there are so many!
  2. Hi Amanda! Where in TX are you? I am down in SA!
  3. Hi everyone! I am very new to lifting (although not fitness). I am a dressage competitor, and I love what the little bit of weight training is doing for my riding. My goal is to look like a fitness/bikini competitor (I want a great butt). That said, I am not sure where to start on diet. I do own P90x, so workout wise I thought this may be a good place to start. Any thoughts or suggestions? H: 5'5" CW: 115 Waist: 25.5 Chest: 35.5 Hips: 35.5 Body Fat %: Unknown (not sure how to measure and math really scares me!!!)
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