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  1. Wow! Thanks so much MF. This is great info. I have a couple of follow-up questions. 1) I have lower back issues so have stayed away from deadlifts and good mornings. Heavy squats would be risky. I realize those are better than the more isolation exercises, but that is the situation at this time. If those were removed from your recommendations, would you add or change anything? 2) You list both Chest Press and Dumbbell chest press. How do they work the muscles differently? 3) What is 1 x arm shoulder press? 4) Cable pushdowns are similar to dumbbell pullovers (high cable, arms straight, push down to thigh level). Is that better on chest day? I thought it worked back more. 5) From the back/bicep day, it looks like there are no bicep specifics. I am guessing this is because they are worked sufficiently with pull-ups and rows? 6) This wasn't in my earlier post, but something I wanted to check out with you....what are your thoughts about BCAAs and creatine for someone at my level of training and for my goals? I will look at the logs and consider starting one. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone - I have been vegan for 25 years. Working out for about 20 years, but only seriously trying to build mass for about a year or two. My questions are about number of exercises to do per body part. I really enjoy working out. When I am doing back, there is probably 9 or more exercises I like to do. My concern is I don't want to overdo it. I want to put on muscle mass, but not planning to compete. Just get bigger. I try to limit my workout to 60 - 90 minutes. My current routine for back: 3 sets bodyweight overhand pull-ups Cable or machine rows Cable or dumbbell reverse flys or rear delt rows (any advice on one over the other?) Bicep curls (cables or barbells or dumbells) Cable pushdowns Close grip neutral pullups Chinups Lat Pull Downs Close Grip Rows On Chest/Tricep/Leg day, I do Bench Press Flys Tricep pushdowns Leg press or squats Leg curls Leg extensions Calf raises On shoulder day, Overhead press Lateral raises Front raises Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I was just thinking the same thing about your avi, Forklift! I am new here....is there somewhere I could see your training/nutrition journal?
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