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  1. Hey guys, As a full-time student, I find it very challenging to adhere to healthy plant-based that is also sufficient for optimal work outs. This is because: a) I'm poor (and as a result tend to just eat my mum's cooking, which isn't always ideal plant food) b) I'm constantly studying - uni is very demanding (and thus my time is limited) c) I work several part-time jobs (again, time problem) d) I'm a terrible cook I guess you don't have to be a student to relate to this. Your circumstances in life might hinder your capacity to lead a vibrant, fully-embraced plant-based lifestyle. So I was just wondering for those who are in similar situations, what do you do to tackle these problems? Any advice in any shape or form is appreciated.
  2. Great responses! Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this community and new to bodybuilding as a vegan. I have two questions: 1. What is your macronutrient ratio and why (e.g., why is this ratio effective for you)? 2. How does one figure out which ratio works best for them (or for a vegan, obviously)? Thank you!
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