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  1. I ended up signing up for a half-marathon which I just completed last month! My goal was just to finish as I have never run a race before. I felt quite proud of myself and can definitely see myself running another. I have a question for more experienced runners. I have been having a hard time getting back to running regularly since the HM. I cannot blame the race as I felt great afterward (I attribute my lack of aches/soreness to my diet). But for some reason, I just can't lace the shoes up and go regularly. Normal? Temporary you think?
  2. WTG! Another great opportunity to spread the message!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome Wendy! Where in SC are you located? I'm in the Greenville area. Charleston area
  4. Welcome from another SC resident. My husband and I watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and it really started the ball rolling in our house, too! Then, "Forks Over Knives" just cemented the whole food plant-based diet for me. Great job!
  5. I have hand surgery this Friday, so all I can do is cardio right now and running is primary. I cannot run for long at a stretch (have only recently started working out again regularly). I primarily run on a treadmill as I have small children. I need to sign up for a race to keep me on track as soon as I can work in some more outside running time!
  6. My name is Wendy and I am married with 5 children (ages 4 months to 21 years). I only recently started a plant-based, whole food diet (about 2 months ago). I stopped eating meat and eggs (never was obsessed with it, so that wasn't too hard for me) and started restricting dairy as well (tougher as a certified cheese lover). I chose to change my diet for health reasons primarily and environmental reasons secondarily. I feel so much better! Within a week I felt a change and it has just gotten better over the past couple of months. I think I am ready to take the leap and eliminate dairy and other animal products completely from my diet. At the same time, I am ready to start working out in earnest again after too long of a break. I am inspired to see so many strong vegans represented here! I am restricted to cardio until after my hand heals (right hand surgery coming this Friday), but I am so looking forward to getting SERIOUS about fitness. Thanks for having me.
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