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  1. I just wanted to say exactly the same thing. I was very close to buying Weider creatine couple of days ago, and then I said: no, you will not take anything synthetic in your body! That is just against everything I believe considering nutrition... I will eat natural foods and work out regularly and I will be satisfied whatever the results... I would not want to get bigger and stronger and then sick Same reason for me. I am a strong believer in naturally-grown whole foods
  2. Thank you, Herc. I finally decide not to try creatine. But my weight stops from gaining after 6 months of workout. So confused.
  3. Thank you muchidna, Think_machine and again Forklift! I would try adding olive oil in the blender (currently only oatmeal and protein powder - already make me very full).
  4. Thank you, Forklift! I know and use these foods too. How about mass-gaining powder?
  5. Hi everyone, Good to know you here. I am a skinny vegan who starts bodybuilding. I am now using NOW carbo gain (pure maltodextrin) for weight gainer. (I use VEGA for protein.) Could you recommend other mass-gainers for me? I become tired of the taste of NOW carbo gain. Thank you.
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