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  1. Yes Thanks Kon- your tips have been very helpful.. I have been looking into kombucha tea as well- let me know how it goes )
  2. Thank you all for your helpful responses! My stomach aches have improved since taking probiotics everyday, also supplementing with good ol natural stuff "Sauerkraut". I have also changed up when I eat fruits and what kind of fruits and noticed LOW GI fruits not affecting my gassy stomach or causing bloating and I have also stopped eating fruits late nights and have been eating a lot of greens!! And when I mean a LOT! I MEAN A LOT!!! lol Hair is stopped falling a tad as I have started taking nutritional yeast with some foods for my B Vitamins as I cannot eat banana. Thank you guys!
  3. Hi guys, I really hope someone can shed a light to this as I have been struggling to keep up a vegan diet for the last 6-7 months. I transitioned to raw vegan and was doing fantastic... finally I thought I found the diet that made sense to me and made me feel great... However a few obstacles has hindered my vegan approach in a disturbing way... I noticed everytime I would eat a banana or a fruit high in sugar (glycemic index) i would start breaking out heaps- mind you my family is known to have acne prone skin due to genetics.. and the only way to keep it away is to avoid eating too many high sugar fruits. Following a vegan diet I made sure I was getting as much a greens as possible- and lots and lots of veggies but then after a while my stomach started to become more gassy and bloated- I assume I have a really poor digestive tract. This made me really sad as I really want to enjoy a vegan diet but skin and digestive problems get in the way... I just wish I can be normal and eat fruits without worrying to break out with cystic acne and rashes. My hair also started to fall off after being vegan for 5 months- but I know thats an indication that I have a vitamin/mineral deficiency. I just hope if someone has any advice or tips on how to avoid constant bloating, acne breakouts when going vegan... Because being vegan make me feel great but not until it gives me some unsightly side effects. Some people will say that acne/breakouts are normal when going vegan but my acne is genetic and before going vegan I was able to control it without fruits and sugars. If anyone have any tips please share as I heard some people take digestive enzymes as well (papaya enzyme) I even started eating more good fats- also Im allergic to nuts- pumpkin seeds is all I can have. Thank you guys- any response or tips will be much appreciated. Peace.
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