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  1. 08.06.13 - chest & triceps DB bench 40's x 20 50's x 10 85's x 10 70's x 10 70's x 10 incline HS press 2 plates on each side 3 sets of 10 cable tricep pressdown 5 sets of 8-10 w/ 150-160 1/2 mile run -- created new nutrition plan today. based on mcdougall start/plant based 80/10/10. I'm doing 70/15/15 Felt great all day. Weighed in @ 228. My goal is 180-185 by NYE.
  2. I am a nutrition nut. I read constantly... lately I've been a little confused. There is a lot of advocates for 80/10/10 but I'm wondering if anyone here would disagree on protein with this plan... I currently eat whole foods vegan diet and I'm eliminating oils and reducing fat consumption for my cutting.... thoughts?
  3. Life: I am 30, will turn 31 on 08.12.13. I own a PT company that encourages green living, uses all re-purposed equipment, and promotes vegan lifestyle. Training History: Started working out in 2003. Was 155 pounds. Trained bodybuilding style, ate meat, dairy, did a cycle of pro hormones, and ended up getting hurt. Stopped working out from 08-10 and have been pretty steady back in it for 3 years, with some off and on throughout. Goal: Currently 5'10, 230lbs. Will post measurements asap. Arms are 18 inches, chest is roughly 46, waist is roughly 40. Goal is to get down to 185. Will post more details soon. I appreciate encouragement and conversation. Happy to be posted in this community.
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