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  1. thanks so much for your input, very helpful and much appreciated. i definitely agree with what you said about changing things up - will definitely look into doing split routines down the road when i start getting a little more comfortable with using weights more often. also because i get bored with the same things over and over, lol. i'll stick with this for a month or so like you said, then maybe re-vamp it into a split routine with some new exercises. thanks again
  2. hello! i have recently started doing some weight training, just at home using a set of adjustable dumbbells. i am basically looking to build some lean muscle, cut down on body fat, and improve my strength. for now what i have been doing are 3 days a week doing a full body routine with dumbbells. i usually have a rest day in between each, and then one day of cardio or interval type training (usually either a 5km run or quick paced calisthetic/plyo style exercises). just looking for some input or critique of my current workouts. i am most definitely a beginner, with only some basic weight training in the past. here are the exercises i have been doing - i chose things that i felt most comfortable with doing, especially when it comes to proper form. any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated DAY 1 (Mondays) -Squats -Deadlifts -Push Presses -Standing Rows -Curls -Standing Tricep Extensions -Weighted Crunches, Oblique Bends, and Leg Lifts DAY 2 (Wednesdays) -Lunges -Kneeling Rows -Standing Flies -Standing Rows -Alternating Hammer Curls -Kneeling Kickbacks -Weighted Crunches, Bicycle, and Leg Lifts DAY 3 (Fridays) -Squats -Bent Over Rows -Floor Presses -Front/Side Raises -Side Curls -Tricep Extensions -Weighted Crunches, A-Frame Abs, Leg Lifts
  3. thanks so much guys, i'll definitely look into those creatines! i'm currently using vega sport protein and i do take a daily b-complex supplement containing B12
  4. hi everyone! i am new to these forums, and have recently started lifting weights. i have been trying to find a creatine supplement that is completely vegan, but have only gotten vague answers and information about the different ones out there. can anyone recommend a good vegan creatine supplement? is creatine an absolute must for someone trying to build lean muscle through weight training? thank you so much in advance
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