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  1. after workout i would say to you to use carbs+protein. i generally make a shake with oat flakes, banana, soy-rice milk, protein powder, hemp protein powder, 1 teaspoon of creatin and thats it. nuts seeds etc are really fat so dont use them after the workout because the muscles needs fast nutrients to assimilate, and fats are used as reserve. so remember in the post-wo shakes use always carbs and proteins. and after one hour eat something solid maybe 100gr of rice + tofu, or seitan and potatoes, or whatever you want but it needs to be a high solid source of protein and clean and natural and clean carbs
  2. thank you for the answer so what kind of fat source you think i should get? i am really into almonds, peanuts, and dried fruits in general, i really love them but sometimes i dont know how much i should take per day. i know that eating fat (like for example peanut butter in the pre-sleeping shake) before to go to bed helps to keep your body working during the night and it gives you the right amount of energy stock. do you agree? about the intermittent fasting, do you think would not go to destroy the efforts i made during the week and take the energy from the muscles? how do you deal with it? you make it at the end of the week for example?
  3. i tried to quit all the nuts, peanuts, almonds and dried fruits from my current diet, i am trying to not use fat, because it all goes to my hips. but dried fruits in general are one of the most complete food in the world, they are tasty and healthy and easy to eat. i love them and that makes me cry. i would sleep in a bed of peanuts
  4. i see a good change on my upper body and on all my legs, cleans without extra fat and good beginning of muscles but why my hips and my belly look like they are still the same? when i touch them i feel the extra fat i dont want to have! my diet is pretty clean, i use no dried fruits, no nuts no fat things, no oil, no extra sugar. just fruits veggies, meat-substitutes (soja, seitan, tempeh, tofu etc), a LOT of legumes. i walk at least 2-3 hours no stop a day and make my abs exercises 3times a week, i wouldnt choose to run or make a lot of cardio because i am afraid to burn even the mass of my muscles. maybe too much carbs? but with the goal of having a good mass i totally need carbs, they generally come from clean sources (oatmeals, rice, spelt, potatoes, bananas etc), take at least 2000 kcal per day, with 120-130 gr of proteins daily. what is your advice? is it normal to have extra fat and skin on the hips and belly? it will go away with the time? or should i do something?
  5. hey everybody i would like to have some tips about the french press. i am following a list of exercise to build mass, every month they change, this month i have an annoying exercise which is giving me troubles, i am trying to make the french press but it seems like my triceps cant afford that effort even if i always try to train them with pull downs-45kg (i know that trains the dorsal more but i feel the pump to my triceps too). Question is, would you give me some advice to try to make this exercise without problems? or should i try to make other exercises for the triceps before? thank you all
  6. and of course make abs search some good abs workout on youtube..
  7. That's a super explanation thank you so much... My goal is not to lose weight but to get rid of the extra fat and skin because of years and years of sedentary lifestyle..
  8. Try monday friday Squat3x12 Leg curl 3x12 Barbell bench 3x12 Barbell row 3x12 Incline bench press w barbell 2x12 Lat machine 2x12 Barbell curl 2x15 Pull down 2x15 Wednesday Squat 3x12 Leg curl 3x12 Dumbbell incline bench 3x12 Dumbbell bent over 3x12 Dumbbell shoulder 2x12 Inverse lat machine 2x12 Dumbbell bicep curl 2x15 Pulldown 2x15 I am following this program i will change every month esercises and reps. Try and let me know
  9. Cyclette is way much better when outside is really cold. 30 minutes everyday would be' fine?
  10. i am having results about muscles but not so much about the extra fat around my hips and on my belly.. currently i am 16% of body fat. i am generally movin a lot, even if this week i had down moods so i have been at home more often doing nothing. My cardio is nothing more than 15 minutes of cyclette pre-workout and a lot of walking during the day. but i feel is not enough. what do you suggest? just running? (now is coming winter in berlin and i guess running with -15 with snow wouldnt be the best thing to do), or do you know a special cardio-plan schedule? I even wanted to know how do you behave with the food after the cardio during the days off? carbs? or only fruits and food with vitamines? looking forward for good advice
  11. generally my cheat day is sunday.. i think i eat a lot of things i dont eat during the week. like sweet cakes, or pizza or burgers or fried things.
  12. thank you like always. anyway my favorite post wo meal is generally seitan (made my gluten pulver so pure protein 81gr every 100gr) + rice or mix of spelt, oats, etc.
  13. i decided to move my training from the morning to the evening (8pm) because i feel i have more energy, but generally after my workout i eat a lot of carbs and proteins but a lot of people told me that it would be better to not eat carbs in the evening, so i would ask you what would be the best way to take carbs after the evening workout
  14. try to bring integ. sandwiches with tofu and dried fruits
  15. try to eat before 30 minutes so at least you dont feel heavy and you have the energy that you need for the training. try with almonds something like 30gr
  16. ok the training doesnt look bad at all. and yes dont forget about the raw food and a lot of fruits, sometimes with the obession of counting the proteins in the food i forgot how much the fruits are important for our body and how much they are tasty and good.
  17. but this truenutrition ships from us right? because if you have to wait 2 weeks, how much it would take to arrive to germany?
  18. man, dou you really train 6 days a week? i hope everyday has a different body part training. anyway it doesnt look bad the diet if is just what you eat during the day i think you need more protein even if this quantity of carbs should be less during the rest days, try to add tofu, seitan, nuts, cashews, almonds, and soja beans (i generally cook them a bit and then make a cream with it because they dont taste so good 100 gr anyway contains 35 gr of protein). for the pro powders try vega sport i heard is good, i am using a german brand, i never heard about garden of life
  19. facci vedere sto fisico a sto punto
  20. wtf do you play in extreme noise terror? is a band that i always enjoyed during my crustpunk days. i remember they had even a song "against" straight edgers anyway i didnt know that ent are still playing
  21. thank you so much, i will definitely do it, and yeah doing at home is better i dont need to do it at the gym. with this you are having results? still thank you
  22. thank you i didnt know about plank exercises. i saw that my belly fat is not going away so fast so yeah i need something more. so do you make 3 sets for every exercise? and how many reps?
  23. i am building mass but in my actual program (3days per week) i have just one exercise for the abs and is the normal crunch 3x15, but i feel like the exercises for the abs are not enough and i dont feel such a big change or "pain" at the end of the session, so i was thinking, what if i move the abs exercises in the days when i dont do the others so i can work them better and give them more attention? i was thinking to do normal crunch 3x15 decline bench crunch 3x15 and roman legs raise 2x15 what do you think is too much? something to change? looking forward for your tips
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