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  1. did you try to eat often during the day? like 5 or 6 times (of course less than before) comunque benvenuto sono italiano anche io (anche se vivo a berlino)
  2. i dont think is about seitan or gluten because i have never been intolerant to it, i think is about dried fruits+fresh fruits together maybe? and of course the amount of grams of protein that i take now everyday is way much more and more than before by the way for this reason do you think my body will get used to it? or should i combine other things with the protein shakes or proteic food to not have this problems?
  3. since i am going to gym and changed my diet (even if i am vegan since 4 years) habits, i feel like i have a constant air in the stomach, i dont know what can really be. for example after the morning workout i drink a protein powder shake with vanilla soymilk and banana and eat carbs+protein like rice/oats/spelt etc. + pure seitan (the one cooked with the seitan powder so no additional flavours etc. 81 gr of protein) then for lunch rice-cakes with smoked tofu or wholemeal bread with tofu burger (cooked in the kitchen grill with no oil or other fat things), for snack i eat fruits + a fist of mixed dried fruits (nuts, almonds, peanut, cashews) then for dinner salad, soja schnetzel+cauliflower and before to sleep another protein milkshake with another fist of mixed dried fruits. with this diet plan my metabolism is getting faster so the times i go to bathroom (sorry again) are doubled, but i dont know hot to explain this air. i am getting crazy
  4. nice. i was reading it, but it would be better if you would write in that article all the real food and their values and how and when to eat them and to combine it with other food like i dont know the values of brown beans, quinoa, dried fruits etc. unless you are not going to write other specifical articles about it. i will follow it costantly
  5. Hey Ella welcome, really nice to read about your steps to a more compassionate lifestyle since a realy young age, and i like your goals to help people. i choose 3 answers about the poll: How to gain muscle mass on a vegan diet (which it includes even about proteins) The animal practices of the meat, poultry, dairy, & egg industries. The environmental reasons to be vegan. let me know about how it will work out will your websites etc. i am curious and really good luck!!!
  6. Thanks for ur reply but since ive been using another total body plan, im wondering if it can still be very effective or not am i right? i use to make a total body plan too for one month 3 times per week and i felt like nothing was happening, but with this program i feel really good changing. i think it doesnt matter when you switch to another training plan
  7. hey we are almost near i live in berlin. anyway you have a great body, and gary as a motivation to become vegan.. for the proteins go to vegan-active.de you will find a loooooooot of proteins supplements and other things for sports and stuff is from germany so it doesnt take a lot
  8. sunwarrior is really good, but i am going to try vega sport https://shop.myvega.com/products/vega-sport/recover/vega-sport-protein.html?mode=grid i heard is much better
  9. i dont think that calories are the problem, you should count the fat, i am like this too because i am such a lover of nuts almonds and dried fruits in general, i am used to eat at least 100gr per day or sometimes even 200gr because i couldnt control myself. but now i think 30gr is more than ok, and yes i have muscles but i stil have a cover of fat in the belly so the only thing is dont use oil and take dried fruits just a bit everyday, and pay attention to dips and stuff like that unless you dont have to make a good training or running after it.
  10. hey i am doing a good training i feel like is really changing my body in a good way, and somehow you got the same things there but is not everyday the same thing: MONDAY AND FRIDAY Squat 3x12 Leg curl 3x10 barbell bench press 3x12 barbell row 3x12 incline bench barbell press 2x12 Lat machine 2x12 barbell curls 2x15 push down 2x15 Abs 3x15 Wednesday lunges with dumbell 3x12 Leg curl 3x12 dumbell incline press 3x12 dumbell bent over single arm 3x12 dumbbell shoulder press 2x12 inverse Lat machine 2x12 dumbbell Curl 2x15 cable curls 2x15 Abs 3x15 ps of course this is the first month, from the next month i will change weights and add some other things
  11. since i am a big eater of dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, nuts, cashews, peanuts) i'd like to know some informations about how, how much and when to eat dried fruits: i generally dont take somuch fat food during the day (my goal is building mass), so i eat at least 100gr of dried mixed fruits in the afternoon generally at 5-6pm when i go to parks to read, i dont take them just because they are a big source of healthy fat and calories but because they have even good proteins. should i eat them even in the off days? or everyday? generally in the workout days i eat carbs and proteins together but in the rest days i try to eat just protein food and less carbs and fat possible. i even found soyaseeds with a great nutritional table: for 100gr 484kcal, 48gr of proteins, 7,4g carbs, 26 gr of fat but the only probelm is that they are toasted. as far as i know from people and other forums the toasted dried fruits are seen as negative for a bb diet, they should not be toasted, but unfrutnately i cannot find dried fruits with this awesome nutritional values. what's your opinion?
  12. true. i started with a machinebased training 1month ago and i can say that was borin and that i wasted 1month doing nothing good for the muscles. the only machine i like is the lat machine, for the rest i prefere dumbbells and barbell exercises, i fell like they are working better the body
  13. sweet guy!! what about to add the antispeciesist and environmentalist reasons to this new lifestyle? by the way what is your goal ? build mass? or just being fit and healthy?
  14. true, crunches and habs exercises in general dont give me such a big feeling of an effort made. anyway yeah barbell squat seems like the best execise, even if it took a few times before to understand the right posture and stuff
  15. i dont know if there is another topic like this, but anyway i am curious to know what is the lifting exercise or machine at the gym you hate the most, and of course the one you enjoy more. Personally i would say i love squat and generally the exercises for shoulder and back, i hate totally lunges with dumbbell and dumbbell curls(even if barbell curls is not that bad), the reason i hate the first one is because i feel like is useless and boring, the second one is because i am always afraid to work more the shoulders than the biceps when i lift the weights up. let me know about yours i am curious
  16. hey yeah actually my bodyfat is 17% but i want to build mass and muscle i am into bodybuilding now so i want to arrive at least to 15% of body fat. i changed my diet now i have my diary in the "journal" part of the forum viewtopic.php?f=24&t=35747 i changed my training and diet, i eat more and less fat, more carbs and protein combined
  17. i dont know it depends from the "scene" of people, in the hardcore punk scene most of the people just take the 3 rules of no smoke no drink no drugs, but they drink coffeine, energy drinks and crap like that, the reasoning is the same, in berlin there is a big sxe community but is justabout...well being drug free, they donthave such a big political mindset behind that, i mean yeah they are antifascist but it seems more like a fashion. they have the t-shirts (berlin straight edge), the concerts, the flyers they want to show that in berlin there is a big community of militant people and stuff like this, they have a straight edge bar, which i think is merely stupid, you refuse the bar culture the uselessness of just being sit and drinking and drinking, but at the same time you do the same thing but in a alcoholfree way? Personally i was happy when first i came to live in berlin because it was a big thing, but then i realised they are not so much into it, no one talks about the agriculture of tobacco and coffee that is destroying the planet, or the animal tests for the cigarettes, the alcohol culture that is bringing people to self-annihilation, or abuse and exploitation of people in cocaine fields etc etc. but well i think is like this everywhere.
  18. bodyfat 17% my goal is to arrive to 15% at the end f september with this training program plus 30 minutes of cyclette+3hours of fast walking in the days off! let's see
  19. si infatti l'h buttata li pensando a come mangiavo io quando volevo perdere peso. comunque si è meglio se rispondono anche gli altri. apri una discussione nella sezione health
  20. today i made the "wednesday" training workout. diet postworkout(8am) shake with soymilk almondbutter and sunwarrior protein. at 9:30 rise+seitan with yoghurt spicy sauce and curry at 1pm i will eat 100gr of wheaty smoked veganslices at 5pm fruits and a bit of almonds at 8pm 200 gr of smoked tofu and salad with soygranulat at 10pm or 11pm before to sleep another proteic shake
  21. a vegan diet is the best way to lose weight and stay clean. by the way for "nice workout" you mean the first or the secnd schedule?
  22. le proteine della canapa sono grassissime. per le proteine che vuoi assumere te l'ho detto dipende sempre da che risultati vuoi, se è solo perdere "lardo" nel girovita e stare in forma la cosa è molto più semplice, e devi lavorarci di meno e credo non ti servano nemmeno le proteine in polvere. hai un bilancino? 1 elimina i carboidrati raffinati come pasta e pane prediligi riso e cereali 2 attività sportiva cncentrata su basso ventre fianchi cosce e glutei quindi la semplice corsa, 1 oretta dovrebbe andare bene, per il resto non stare ferma cerca sempre di stare in moto usa sempre la bici o cammina senza soste + addominali 3 volte a settimana 3 devi dividere i pasti in 6 parti non so un esempio mattina come ti svegli un frullato con latte di soia e quel che preferisci e frutta leggera come fragole, a metà mattina frutta, a pranzo 150 gr di riso condito come pare e piace a te (senza olio), dopo 3re magari 100 gr di tofu oppure delle gallette di farro con affettato vegan sopra, poi dopo 2 ore insalata bella grande (ne puoi mangiare quanta ne vuoi) con 70 gr di frutta secca come mandorle anacardi ecc (ricorda che la frutta secca è grassissima ma molto energetica), a cena un bel piatto di legumi. questa è una dieta con poche proteine però è un esempio alla buona per spiegare come dividere i pasti.
  23. nice so put it in the same shake with banana+soymilk and protein pwder? 4 times per day? i read i should do it for 6 weeks and then stop for 1 month and then taking it again for other 6 weeks and then stop again. is it right?
  24. a lot of people told me is monotonous. so i guess i will try with this: MONDAY AND FRIDAY Squat 3x12 Leg curl 3x10 barbell bench press 3x12 barbell row 3x12 incline bench barbell press 2x12 Lat machine 2x12 barbell curls 2x15 push down 2x15 leg press 2x15 gluteus machine 2x15 Abs 3x15 Wednesday lunges with dumbell 3x12 Leg curl 3x12 dumbell incline press 3x12 dumbell bent over single arm 3x12 dumbbell shoulder press 2x12 inverse Lat machine 2x12 dumbbell Curl 2x15 cable curls 2x15 seated row 2 x15 Abs 3x15
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