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  1. last work out of the week, i trained even if i got a virus with the same symptoms of gastritis, but it is not a good reason to skip my workout today SQUAT 5x5x 35kg BENCH PRESS 5x5 x 30kg DEADLIFT 1x5 x 65kg
  2. Yeah i was just thinking about trying that in the future not that i was really sure, but i like to read opinions from people who are much more expert than me in order to avoid bad decisions in the future. I can totally see your points guys and i agree, i have read a bit about this topic and i am glad i did. Now i have bad thoughts when someone says CrossFit
  3. i thought about wearing a backpack with some weights inside.. Feels like giving me a bit of resistance
  4. you too man! thanks for keeping this great forum up!
  5. Today SQUAT 5x5 x 32.5kg OHP 5x5 x 25kg BARBELL ROW 5x5 x 45kg BARBELL CURLS 3x8 x 20kg
  6. hahahah me too, these holidays are destroying me! but good you have a plan for this new year, bodyweight training sounds really great so keep it up i am sure you will reach your goals! Have fun for new years´ eve
  7. today SQUAT 5x5 x 30kg BENCH PRESS 5x5 x 27.5 DEADLIFT 1x5 x 60 1x5 x 65 I feel so weak i am struggling to do chin ups and pull ups without good results
  8. Thanks rob! very interesting articles and point of views, fortunately i read a lot before to choose some trainings.. But i cannot understand.. Why now so many people are into crossfit as if it is the greatest discovery?
  9. I am actually following a strength program of 12 weeks but after that i would like to try out CrossFit although is very expensive, but it seems like a lot of fun and very exhausting. Have you ever tried CrossFit? do you have some opinions about it? What do you think? It seems like a lot of people trash it
  10. thanks man have a nice holiday too!! today was a slow workout because i was a bit drunk yesterday, i can see that holidays+training do not fit very well SQUAT 5x5 x 27.5kg BENCH PRESS 5x5 x 25kg BARBELL ROW 5x5 x 42.5
  11. hey thanks for the tips I will use more greens for sure.. Is just that i dont find easily fresh spinach, but only the frozen ones and i am not sure if their nutritional properties are the same.. what do you think? same thing for frozen berries About the bench press i am following stronglifts 5x5 and the program says i should do the regular press for at least 12 weeks and then decide maybe a different program.. but i will keep the incline in my future program, i remember doing it 1 year ago and was fun. I am doing this without efforts but i like to study better the proper form (angles, the "bent the bar" move, and the type of arching). I always finish the workout without a drop of sweat so i cant wait to let the 1st month pass and start to feel some more strength..
  12. Today i added an extra of bench press because this week is BAB but i feel like i want to speed up the results with bench press so i will do it 3 times this week instead of only once.. so SQUAT 5x5 x 25kg OHP 5x5 x 22.5kg BENCH PRESS 5x5 x 22.5kg DEADLIFT 1x5 x 55kg BARBELL CURLS 3x8 x 20kg i would like to know what do you think about my diet, i tried to cut carbs like bread pasta rice and oat, so mostly carbs from fruits and veggies and a nice healthy source of proteins and use as less soy as possible BREAKFAST Pea Protein Shake w/1 apple, 200ml rice milk LUNCH 150gr of (weight before cooking) Red Lentils + broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms POST WORK OUT Pea Protein shake with 200ml rice milk, 1 banana AFTER 90 MINUTES Black Beans, Chili Beans, Chickpeas, Peas with some veggies and 1 apple Seitan with eggplants mushrooms and carrots DINNER big variety of fruits (grapes, oranges, tangerines, etc) PRE-SLEEP 1 protein bar 15gr of brazil nuts 10gr hazelnuts 10 gr mixed seeds PROTEIN: 150-160gr CALORIES: 2600 I even take vitamins supplement, BCAA and creatine
  13. Do you think it could be useful if made everyday, maybe with some extra weights to carry?
  14. where from germany? i live in Berlin.. i do drink beer once in a while when i go partying but i prefer alcohol without gas.
  15. Hi, i know this is a bit weird, but have you ever tried stair climbing workouts as a cardio workout? I have read a lot about it and it seems like a useful training for resistance and cardio. I often am lazy to go out and run in the cold and rain and i hate cardio machines because they are boring and static.. I tried to climb 150 flights of stairs in a day and i can say my heart was beating really fast and i felt really good.. Does anyone have some opinions about it?
  16. I am always following your log, and i like to see your great results, and i am pretty curious about that single leg deadlift, never heard of it! Keep up!
  17. 2nd day of stonglifts 5x5 SQUAT 2 bodyweight warm up 1x5 x 15kg 5x5 x 22.5kg BENCH PRESS 2x5 x 15kg warm up 5x5 x 20kg BARBELL ROW 5x5 x 40kg Can´t wait for monday and do more with squat and deadlift
  18. Ok finally i started gym again but i lost power on the right leg so i had to train the legs with exercises for isolation for at least 1 month. But today i started finally stronglifts 5x5 from the beginning. so SQUAT 5x5 x 20kg OHP 5x5 x 20kg DEADLIFT 1x5 x 50 BARBELL CURLS 3x10 x 20kg It is quite sad i need to use such light weights, but with this program i am sure i will gain strength at every session meanwhile working on my form.. During these months i gained 5 kg fat so i am trying to not eat carbs like rice, potatoes, pasta, bread etc. mostly from fruits
  19. Mostly zucchini, eggplants, cucumber, celery, eggplants, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, tomatoes.. for fruits bananas, apples, berries, grapes, oranges, and some others I find at the market
  20. Heyy hows it going? Long time I didn't follow and I can see from your YouTube videos you are lifting great!! Keep up:)
  21. Hi, 6 months ago I had an ankle fracture and broken ligaments, I didnt workout during that time now I am back in the gym but I gained at least 7 kg fat.. I would love to lose those extra kgs before january.. I will post my w/o plan and the diet I will follow.. Monday: Squat Bench press Barbell row Overhead press Deadlift In the evening Cable curls And cable for triceps Same workout on Wednesday and Friday with some abs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. . My diet: Breakfast: 40gr almonds 10gr seeds and protein shake with 200 ml of rice milk, banana, apple or other fruits. Post w/o: protein shake with fruits and broccoli After 1hour: 70 gr of red lentils and 100 gr of hummus bcaa and some veggies and 4 rice cakes Snack: Fruits Dinner: Vegan burgers and veggies Presleep: Protein shake with a bit of peanut butter 150gr of proteins per day.. I try to not use carbs because I used to eat a lot of carbs during these months I do even 20 hours fasting on 2 rest days at the end of the week.. What do you think? Any advice will be appreciated Thanks a lot
  22. Hey guys, I am planning to try both of these fasting methods, but i would like to hear some tips from you. With ESE i could eat normally for 5 days a week, 6 meals a day (including protein shakes) and 120 gr of protein. But with The Warrior Diet is it possible to get 120 gr of protein in only 8 hours? I am actually working out on the program stronglifts 5x5 so i need some extra strength, Is WD going to interfere with strength building and the consume of a certain number of proteins? Thank you all!
  23. Hey thank you! never heard of static contraction training, at the moment i am still not able to go to a gym because of financial problems, but do you know some exercises who could help to my right knee? ( i have dumbbells) You think i should wait until my pain goes away? i really think is an inflammation, maybe due to the 6 months of not training, and basically i could not move so much.
  24. I had an ankle injury 6 months ago, by then i recoverd very well, since a few days i am starting again to rehab my body to physical stress and weightlifting, the problem is, i tried to make bodyweight squat and my right knee feels like inflamed especially on the right part and behind. I doubt it is about the form
  25. oh thank you all. about swimming i really like it but i live in berlin and theres not so much to swim and the pools are really expensive. but i am making physiotherapy and with some bodyweight squatting and other exercises that the doctor gave to me i feel way much better!! I will soon go back to gym i cant wait to!!!
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