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  1. Look like it´s getting better, i am starting everything from the beginning again, 2 ligaments totally broken plus small fracture, with therapy seems a bit more stable.. now i am starting with some exercises, but only 10kg 6 months without being able to put weight on that ankle are heavy.. i lost every type of energy, maybe in october i will start the stronglift 5x5 from the beginning and start again with a good diet. during these 6 months i was not able to cook so much and i was even low income since i was not able to work so i basically ate only trash food (vegan) a lot of carbs and fat no protein but a lot of fruits, my mood was always sad and bored . i really cant wait to go back to the gym !!!
  2. unfortunately i had a problem with my right ankle, one of the ligaments is broken and the bone got a trauma, and i have been recovering for 3 weeks now, and i still need other 6 weeks to start to walk again. i am looking forward to go back to the gym and start stronglifts 5x5.
  3. "squat: helps you to give pleasure to your partner since 1900"
  4. what do you think about stronglifts 5x5? adding 5lbs at every workout? i am looking forward to start with the 12 weeks program
  5. i know quinoa is not the best but if you like thai, you can think about to cook it with coconutmilk and curry, some veggies like mushrooms and broccoli and 100 gr of lentils..
  6. i always say to people to buy some quinoa and legumes.. and eat them together. quinoa is not really caloric and heavy but at the sametime it has essential aminoacids you need with the proteins of legumes especially lentils. btw congratulations for losing 4kgs of fat
  7. uh nice to hear!! so squats is 5lbs everyworkout dl 10lbs bench press 5lbs what about ohp and bbrow? i downloaded the program with articles and stuff but this computer gets really slow with pdf
  8. 2014 and people still think that meat is the only protein source in the world, these people should open a nutrition book.. i wouldnt give you advices about how much and how to eat since i am bulking and i dont count my caloric intake. but i found this diet program it looks nice http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=article_fitnessnutritionprogram but i guess if you make cardio and weightlifting this would be ok. give veganism and strength programs a chance and in one year you will slap all those meathead that use sexist words like sissy.
  9. well 160lbs is like 72 kg so you should take 1.5 or 2gr of protein for bodyweight. that means you should at least take 140gr of protein. which you can reach simply in 5 meals. if you dont want to take supplements which they help you to reach your protein amount easier, you should start to eat a lot more. from breakfast with maybe a combination of oatmeal, nuts and seeds. 100 gr of oatflakes have at least 13 gr of protein, 50 gr of almonds have at least 12gr of proteins, and mixed seeds is the same. so reach 30 gr of pro with breakfast making a mixture of these ingredients with some dried fruits (cranberries, apricots, dates, bananas). for the rest eat a bunch of legumes combined with cereals like quinoa, rice, etc. that helps to assimilate the essential aminoacids in the cereals and the proteins of the legumes. being vegan without soy is not easy especially when you go up with weight and pro-grams. is there a reason why you want to avoid soy?
  10. because it is away for them to throw away the sense of guilty or bad conscience or to prove to themselves with pointless facts/thoughts that they are justified to keep on eating animals.
  11. thanx both for the answers btw yeah i was surprised too about the squat in all the work outs of the week and deadlift only in B days, in this direction adding 2.5 for every workout, squat will be always few kg forward than deadlift. but i will give it a try in a few weeks maybe since i twisted my ankle this evening
  12. i was checking strength workout programs and i discovered this website http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program/ i am pretty sure most of the people here know about this program. do you have opinions? did somebody try this? what do you think about the fact that there is no exercise for biceps and abs?
  13. strange that you can lift more with bench than with squats. by the way the workout looks really good. keep it up
  14. 7.04.2014 BENT OVER ROW 5 reps x 66 lbs 5 reps x 66 lbs 10 reps x 66 lbs 10 reps x 66 lbs 10 reps x 66 lbs BENCH PRESS 5 reps x 77 lbs 5 reps x 82 lbs 5 reps x 88 lbs 5 reps x 88 lbs 5 reps x 88 lbs BODYWEIGHT CALF RAISE 3x20 WEIGHTED CRUNCH 3x20 + 22lbs DEADLIFT 10 reps x 88 lbs 10 reps x 110 lbs 5 reps x 121 lbs 5 reps x 126 lbs 5 reps x 132 lbs 5 reps x 136 lbs 5 reps x 143 lbs 1 reps x 148 lbs 5 reps x 154 lbs
  15. dude what happened to your weight lifting workouts? you seem totally dedicated to free bodyweight wo
  16. if you like edgar allan poe so you should watch the tvseries The Following
  17. i agree with BnB, i guess machines are not so effective except for a few like lat machine or leg press. i would prefere squat, deadlift, bench press, dumbell or barbell curls/press/flies (for chest, shoulder, biceps, triceps), shrugs, calf raise, and some others. remember to keep a look at the diet too.
  18. thats awesome! be proud of it. i´ll definitely follow your progress. keep it up
  19. oooook today i tried to do a bit of what i wanted to do BENCH PRESS 8x35 2x5x37.5 3x5x40kg DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS 3x10x12.5 each arm FRENCH PRESS 3x10x25kg, including bench press in the same workout where i make french press doesnt seem a good idea BARBELL CURLS 5x10x26kg last rep was nothing but a cheating today looked like a failure so i went to cheer myself up in a french vegan cafeteria and ate some cakes
  20. wow man that squat seems great!!! pretty curious to know if you got even videos about it.
  21. uh i hate skull crusher, i would choose sit french press 3000 times. i see a nice tricep growing strong there i am curious about that tattoo
  22. thanks for your encouragement and for the tips i thought maybe i should not lift on progression with bench press so often. instead of 6x5 til my goal weight i would make a simple 5x5 with a static weight, and once a week when i want to add 2,5 kg more i lift with progression sets. what do you think.? for example tomorrow i would make 5x5x40kg and next week 5x30; 5x32.5; 5x35; 5x37.5; 5x40; 5x42.5 in one session. sorry for my bad english, sometimes i dont know how to translate certain right definitions
  23. thank you i am kinda stressed about that bench press that wont grow. when i go over 40kg is hard for me to keep a clean balanced lift. and i am 180cm x 85kg that´s somehow a pathetic lift
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