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  1. so proud today i made deadlift again, though i wont squat for the entire week because of my hip, i will make dl anyway. kinda sad about not training my quads neither this week, but better to let them heal 4.03.2014 DEADLIFT 10x30kg warmup 10x40kg warmup 5x50kg 5x55 5x57.5 5x60 5x62.5 5x65kg LATMACHINE 5x10x40kg CALFRAISE 5x20 ABS 5x20
  2. 1.03.2014 BENCH PRESS 10x25kg 5x27.5 5x30 5x32.5 5x35 5x37.5 5x40 DUMBELL SHOULDER 3x10x12.5 each arm BARBELL SHRUGS 10x30kg 2x10x33 2x10x35 my hip is getting better, a bit of weakness into my left knee but i guess that for tuesday i can start again to deadlift again, cant wait for it!
  3. 28.02.2014 BARBELL CURLS 10x10kg warmup 10x16kg 3x10x23kg 2x10x26kg FRENCHPRESS 5x10x26kg ABS 5x20
  4. because of my hip injury i decided to work only the upper body this week.. so 27.02.2014 BENCH PRESS 10x25kg 5x27.5 5x30 5x32.5 5x35 5x37.5 5x40 DUMBELL SHOULDER 3x10x12.5 each arm BARBELL SHRUGS 3x10x30kg BARBELL ROW this was a bt difficult because of the pain to my hip and left buttcheek 3x10x30kg LATMACHINE 3x10x40kg
  5. by the way the diagnosis is ileofemorale ligament disruption.. i am really worried if i will have this pain again or not.
  6. so if it is not about stretching, what do you think it is? cardio? i am afraid that after these days of recovery and pain killer when i will try again to squat i will feel the same pain.
  7. deep squat. by the way i went to doctor and she said that was nothing bad.. i guess i should do more cardio and stretching. and for a few days no squats or deadlifts.
  8. i generally never make hard cardio and stretching before squatting. am i stupid? YES i am used to warm up lifting light weights, today before the squat i tried to stretch, going down and opening the hips and staying in that position for 1 minute or other stretching position helping to warming the areas involved during squat. but i dont know why when i tried to squat with light weights i felt weak and when i was coming back in the standing position the left hip was BURNING, so worried that i quit squatting, and tried if with deadlift was the same, and yes was the same, but the pain was going not only in the left hip but in the left butt cheek and even in the left knee. so i quit the workout and went home. even when i walk or sit i feel like that part is kinda "asleep". but why the left part? why not both? why i ended up like this?
  9. maybe at the moment you already have a strong grip so for you it feels like useless to use them, but maybe in the future with heavier weights you would like to have extra help. i guess it always depends from each individual.
  10. ehehe thank you, because i enjoy eating a lot and the idea to count calories is not exciting me. but the bad thing about bulking is that no matter how many abs exercises i do i always have belly
  11. i know almost everything about the things to eat and dont eat when it is time to enter in the cutting phase, but when is the time to start? i am actually in the bulking phase, i try to eat as much as i can going over 3000 kcal when i train, and i see a good change in the form but i feel like it is never enough i want to become bigger, my aim is to start the cutting phase on june maybe and get my body form cleaner, but when is the right time? when you know is the time to cut or to keep on bulking? do you alternate bulking and cutting with season cycles? want to share your experiences? ps sorry if this topic maybe was already active
  12. i bought them 2 weeks ago i guess, and i see the difference. is helping me to have more security when is about hand strength
  13. today BENCH PRESS today i discovered that the bar is at least 5 kg alone, so i realized that i always lifted more than i was supposed to do so 5x30kg 5x32.5 5x35 5x37.5 5x40 SQUAT 2x10x20kg warm up 5x40 5x42.5 5x45 5x47.5 5x50 DUMBELL SHOULDER 3x10x12.5 each arm LEG PRESS 5x10x72.5 BARBELL SHRUGS 3x10x30kg DEADLIFT 10X40KG 5x50kg 5x53 5x55 5x58 5x60
  14. you have a really good form and i am pretty sure you have a good basis to enter in bodybuilding without many problems, since it seems you have a low bodyfat. try to eat often (6 times a day) and get 120 gr of protein per day. the best exercises are: squat, bench press, deadlift, barbell row, frenchpress/dips/overheadextension, bicep curls, pullups, chinups, lat machine, dumbell shoulder press, military press, flat bench dumbell flies, shrugs, leg press, leg curls, calf raise and i think is enough. if you need more advice for the diet just write your question in the health section. ps great calf and huge quads!!!
  15. i eat at least 100gr of mixed nuts per day.. do you think it will be too much with the time?
  16. try to go low with the weight. if your technique gets too dirty means you should lift a bit less. instead of squatting 110 try just 100.
  17. i guess 100gr of mixed nuts arent going to hurt anybody
  18. 20.02.2014 BARBELL CURLS 10x10kg warmup 10x16kg warmup 5x10x25kg OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSION 10x20kg 4x10x25kg CALF RAISE 5x20 LAT MACHINE 10x40kg 4x10x45kg BARBELL ROW 2x5x30kg 3x5x35kg i just discovered how much i am weak with barbell row
  19. do you have a goal for squat? like i dont know to reach 100kg for the summer.? anyway yeah shorts are ok, show your legs to the world! i did it with -15
  20. yes. and because of this video i started to watch all the past worlds strongest man competitions. shaw and savickas are my favorite for sure
  21. well i think the fat you get from seeds and nuts is totally different from the classical meat fat. plus the need of fat of athletes, powerlifter, bodybuilder etc is totally different from a normal person need.
  22. i had the same problem with legumes especially beans and lentils. you eat the raw ones that you have to boil for hours? i discovered that leaving the raw legumes in cold water for 30 hours with lemon juice and then changing the water and boil them, the gas in the stomach gets lower. plus is something we need to clarify, those who make bodybuilding and eat 6 times a day and drink protein shakes shit and fart more than normal people. that´s a proved fact about the tofu i dont think is really high in fat i guess 150 gr have 12gr of fat. and yeah nuts are really important not only for their source of helathy fat but a lot of properties, a few examples: Brazil nuts Brazil nuts are high in calories, and a good source of instant energy, and so are are especially good for athletes in training, or very active peoplechildren. Theyre also a rich source of the anti-oxidant selenium that supports the immune system (helping ward off disease and protecting the heart and cardiovascular system) and plays a role in prostate health Walnuts Walnuts feed the brain because they are packed with omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, particularly omega-3, which is vital for neuronal conduction (the firing of nerves in the brain). Clinical trials show walnuts lower cholesterol. Thats because 75 per cent of their fat is the healthy mono-unsaturated type. Almonds The best source of protein of all the nuts, and high in calcium. They also contain copper, iron, zinc, niacin and vitamins B1, B2 and E, and an impressive 70 per cent of their fat content is the healthiest mono-unsaturated type. Almonds contain a high degree of oleic acid, the ingredient in olive oil thought to protect against heart disease. Cashews Cashews contain calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin E and omega-3 and 6 essential fats, making them an excellent source of minerals for bone health and a good skin-health food. The nutrients help with the formation of collagen in the skin. Peanuts The most commonly consumed nut in the country, the peanut is technically a legume rather than a nut, which puts it in the beans, peas and lentils category. A rich source of protein, niacin and vitamins E, B1, B6, and they are also high in the minerals copper, zinc and iron Macadamias The most nutrient-rich nuts. They contain omega-3, 6 and 9, providing a complex mix that helps to balance hormones, improve nerve function, memory and concentration, and improve the texture of your skin.
  23. thank you so much! by the way, before this month i was training trying to lift dl and squat as much i was lifting with bench, but then i saw that was destroying the aim i wanted to reach. so i kept down with bench and go up with dl and squat, since these 2 exercises work all the body strength. hope to reach 70 kg dl for the end february beginning march
  24. i give you my support i know what you feel when it is about winter snow and cold (fucking germany)
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