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  1. uhm hemp protein are not really high on proteins to use as a supplement, as far as i know and from brands i watched. is there a reason you dont want to take gluten and soy? are you allergic? i dont think you will get anemic, just eat a lot of legumes, nuts and even pure chocolate could help. if you will get good amounts of food in its varieties you will not have problem about iron or anemia. if you dont want to get gluten use: rice, quinoa, barley, spelled, oat they are really good healthy cereals and carbs and full of essential aminoacids so if you combine them with legumes you can have a good amount of proteins. about soy: in a vegan powerlifter/bodybuilder diet soy is one of the most used protein source, and because of its varieties of productions, from tofu to soy meat, burgers, sausages etc. but at this point you can get proteins from seeds, nuts (almonds, etc), and legumes.
  2. how long have you been vegan and or how long are you watching your diet
  3. today i felt really good: SQUAT 10x30kg 5x35kg 5x38kg 5x40kg 5x43kg BENCH PRESS 5x30kg 2x5x33kg 5x35kg 5x38kg LEG PRESS 3x10x60kg BENCH DIPS 3x10 CABLE CROSS 3x10x25kg each arm DEADLIFT 5x5x40kg CALF RAISE 3x15 ABS-DECLINED BENCH + 10KG 3x20 i cant wait to cook today a super meal with quinoa, lentils, veggies and various nuts and some sauce!
  4. thanks for this article, never thought about to get one, but this made me think that a lot of times a help to keep a strong grip would have helped me better, but i would actually use it only with barbells especially during deadlift
  5. when you know you are going to have a massive cheat day, how do you behave with the fact that you won´t get enough protein? i generally get 160gr daily but on saturday i give myself a buffet or pizza, vegan fast food stuff etc. i know i won´t get more than 90gr that day. are the muscles going to miss something on cheat days?
  6. Well since you asked like I'm a stripper... I've only had those gnarly veins for a couple months now. Not sure how I feel about them... great quadriceps you have! about the veins as far as i know it depends a lot from the genetic, and from the lack of fat. so i guess you are lucky. plus.. ladies like it uh uh!
  7. hey which part of germany? because is generally easy to live vegan in this country, i actually live in berlin.. anyway try to open a topic in the right secton about health and post what you eat how much etc. so people can help you better to understand how to work on your goals
  8. this isnt true or every fat person in the gym who does hundreds of sit ups a week would have ripped six packs, losing fat is all about diet. look at strong men they have unbelievably strong mid sections and train them very very hard but dont usually have abs. its all about calorie deficit of course is about diet too.. but in this case we are not talking about a powerlifter. his diet is not the one for strongmen he is eating whole meals maybe 3 times a day and they are not high caloric (i mean thai curry tofu) so if he keeps on eating that way, weight lifting could help to burn the extra fat. or at least it is happening with me and i eat a lot of carbs and healthy fats and generally i dont make cardio.
  9. best way to lose body fat is to train the muscles under the fat area
  10. today i tried the gym where my boyfriend lives but the equipment were shit so didnt do so much: BENCH PRESS 5x30kg 5x32.5 5x35 5x37.5 5x40 ABS leg raise 3x15 ARNOLD PRESS 2x10x10 each 2x8x10 each (before i was able to do at least 15 kg each arm, but after 2 weeks of non training i felt i didnt want to stress them so much) BARBELL SHRUGS 1x12x35kg 2x10x35kg
  11. but to be defined you even need to build muscles!!
  12. ps i would suggest you to train with 2 exercises for big muscles 1 for small ones. example: for chest on monday making bench press is enough but if you want more you can add an extra with dumbell incline flies. and even all those sets for trapezius are too much. try to hit with a multijoint workout
  13. sorry i meant sets not reps.. 4 sets for 4 exercises look too much in my opinion. about the diet it always depend how you want to look, if you want to become well defined, without bodyfat or want to become bigger. if you want to look well defined i guess all those nuts and cashews (it even depends from the quantities) are not going to be useful, try to get them only once a day and primarly or for breakfast OR before to go to sleep as a resource for the night. in my opinion it looks too less, if you are squatting more than 70kg i guess you need more than humous and tofu. add some more like legumes
  14. maybe you should give more variety? dont think 4 kind of exercises of 4 reps for the chest are going to be useful. i mean flies and press. what about 5x5 bench press and 3x12 incline bench flies? same thing for the rowing movements
  15. you mean making cardio before weight lifting? plus you dont lose mass making moderated cardio, try interval training few times a week.
  16. wall sits? wow! looks tough! do you even use extra weight during pushups?
  17. someone told me that the weights of squats and deadlift should be heavier than the ones i lift with bench press. what do you think about that?
  18. today DEADLIFT 5x5x40kg FRENCH PRESS 2x12x25kg BARBELL CURLS 3x10x25kg 2x8x25kg few weeks ago i was able to make 35kg with barbell curls but i didnt train for 1-2 weeks so i didnt want to restart so heavy.
  19. hey thank you! cant wait for deadlifting tomorrow
  20. thank you BnB yeah i guess i will try with adding only 2.5 per arm instead of 5, it would help me to execute reps better and without pain
  21. i tried to not take supplements for 1 month. not taking supplements means you need to eat more, supplements help you to not stress yourself with cooking and is faster and easy to bring with you if you are working or go out
  22. after 1 week of intestinal virus i am ready again to go to gym. today i made: SQUAT 5x30kg 5x33kg 5x35kg 5x38kg 5x40kg BENCH PRESS 5x30 5x33 5x35 5x38 5x40 BARBELL ROW 5x5 DECLINED BENCH CRUNCHES + 10kg WEIGHT 3x20
  23. wish you the best man! and i hope you will get through some of those blocks, now that you just started to love more yourself, go on til the end
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