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  1. but how long you have been to gym? like i dont know 1 year? 5 months? the diet doesnt seem bad at all ps. how does it taste this soft tofu in the shake?
  2. that is such an awesome change you are lucky, i am sure your body dont put fat easily, that is an excuse to eat like a beast
  3. I decided to make my own training log, in a good way, with the goal to arrive to the end of this summer to lift at least 90kg with Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat. my actual structure is: 180cm x 80kg torso circumference 94cm arm circumference 35cm my aim: look like a gorilla Workout of today SQUAT 5x30kg 5x33kg 5x35kg 5x37,5 kg 5x40kg BENCH PRESS 5x30kg 5x33kg 5x35kg 5x37,5 kg 5x40kg TRACTIONS 6x5 PULLEY 3x12 x40kg DUMBBELL FLAT BENCH FLIES 3x12 x15 each ABS Decline bench crunches with 10kg BREAKFAST 100 gr oatflakes + 100gr almonds + 1banana + vanilla joghurt POST-WO SHAKE pea proteins+creatine+BCAA POST-WO MEAL 250gr of spaghetti with broccoli, 175gr of smoked tofu and sour cream. (no oil) it was a huge meal it took me half hour to finish it, then i passed out in the couch SNACK fruits like tangerines and grapes DINNER i will eat lentils hummus until i explode some bread and wheaty vegan slices 100gr PRE-SLEEPING shake with pea protein, creatine with rice milk and some nuts bcaa alone with grapejuice Protein:160 gr
  4. if you need recipes let us know. maybe after only 1 week of veganism your mind is somehow confused about what to eat etc. another way to eat smoked tofu is to cook it with broccoli and then add sour cream with curry and sweet-paprika. I LOVE IT
  5. fact is that it doesnt feel like my arms are getting stronger. and i see that i dont train them enough. what if i move squat and leg workout after the shoulder day.? or that rest day between tuesday and thursday is not enough?
  6. ew i hate those hot dogs. anyway try to take less processed food possible. they are always better than true meat hot dogs or whatever but you gotta pay attention, sometimes i take these kind of stuff just to get my protein part easily but then i realised that is not good all these precessed stuff especially because they got not good fat. you can eat them from time to time. but it would be better if you get your protein sources from normal tofu (or i dont know maybe smoked tofu to have it tastier), legumes, almonds, and soja products (see stuff from vantastic food http://vantastic-foods.com/de/produkte/5/soja_fleischersatz/)
  7. how longhave you been training? you make cardio? post what you typically eat and the quantity. that would help people to say if you eat too much of some sources or other things
  8. i read a few articles about torso dominance and most of the time they give as advice to make isolated workout for parts. so aba bab is not working really good. so i found this schedule basically created to build more the arms, so the volume of the workout every week gets higher to end the last week with a easier and relaxed workout.tell me what do you think about it. 1st week MONDAY triceps biceps: tightgrip bench press 3x5 -------------------- 3x8 dumbell extension tricep 3x8 cable pulling-tricep 3x8 barbell curl 3x5 ---------- 3x8 hammer curl 3x15 french press 3x10 TUESDAY: legs-calf-abs squat 5x5 leg press 3x10 leg curl 3x10 calf raise 3x15 abs with weights 5x20 WEDNESDAY- rest THURSDAY- BACK ABS: barbell row 5x5 deadlift 5x5 pulley 3x10 lat machine 4x6 abs with weights 5x20 FRIDAY: chest-shoulder-trapezius dumbell shoulder 3x10 lateral raise 3x10 arnold press 3x10 bench press 5x5 dumbell flat bench flies 3x10 cable cross 3x10 barbell shrugs 3x10 SATURDAY SUNDAY rest 2nd week mon:triceps/biceps/abs tue:back/legs/calf wed: rest thur:biceps/triceps/abs fri:shoulder/chest/trap sat-sun:rest 3/4/5 weeks: mon:triceps/biceps tue:chest/shoulder/trapezius/abs wed:back/biceps/triceps thur:rest fri:bic/triceps sat:back/legs/calf/abs sun:rest 6th week: mon: chest/abs tue:back/calf wed:rest thur:should/trap/legs/abs fri:biceps/triceps sat/sun:rest
  9. i am getting obsessed by this. i have a large torso for nature, but my arms are so thin next to it that looks deformed. i train with aba bab mode, and train my biceps on a days with barbell curls and triceps on b days with french press. without counting all row movement exercises like barbell row etc. i am training since 4 months and a half and currently my maximum of weight lifting in barbell curls is 35-40 kg. is it normal at the beginning and this problem will go away with time and reaching higher weights? or do i need to make isolated day only for arms? my currently workout schedule is this one. A Squat 5x5 Leg press 3x10 Barbell bench 5x5 Dumbbell flat bench flies 3x10 Barbell row 5x5 Barbell curls 5x5 abs with 10 kg weight 5x20 B Deadlift 5x5 Leg curl 3x10 Dumbbell shoulder 3x10 Lateral raise 3x10 Lat machine 5x5 French press 5x5 Calf raise 3x15 abs with 10kg weight 5x20
  10. im out of german hc scene, i hate those people but i hope maybe in london will be different, is just a way to find friends.
  11. it depends what is your goal.. but i think that 1800 cal are too less
  12. thats really nice to read you passed that phase and that your nutritionist helped you during hard times. now that you are stronger you are ready to reach your goals, and no one an stop you. welcome
  13. not to insult the male-gender (i am a man too) but some anthropological studies, noticed that the causes that lead primitives to hunt(scavaging is not included) were: -general sense of inferiority towars women, since most of the tribes were matriarchal and gathering- the main form of livelihood- was a woman job. -the connection between sex and giving birth was missing, since the primitives tribes never had constant relationship with animals for 9 months to understand that sexual acts were leading to reproduction. so the woman was seen as creator of life, so near to divinity to fight this inner sense of inferiority, men started to hunt big animals to feel useful to the tribe and powerful, though hunting was practiced few times per month. plus nomadism brought humans to migrate to northern areas, where cold, growing population, and years of tradition gave humans more security and sense of need to hunt. from this we all know how it ended, sedentarism, agriculture, sheep-farming, domestication, separation of humans from nature. the earth and everything that belongs to it (animals, plants etc) have been domesticated, as the same time the woman and the female symbol were degraded, this should give an answer. through this phases the step between agriculture and capitalism is not very long, as the creation of state and social hierarchies. we arrived to the point were civilization is the main cancer of the planet, and no when people say "we evolved because of hunting and tool skills" in a positive way, thats totally bullshit. we lost every connection with our real nature, and i am sure that eating meat (especially if we kill) is not part of our nature for both physically and mind reasons- the fact that primitives before to kill an animal, used to pray gods to free them from the sens of guilty, should be an example. humans use predator-animals as comparison to justify our need to eat meat, but at the same time we refuse that we run away from our natural animal behaviour and connection with mother earth, enslaving torturing and brutally kill animals without giving them the same power level to fight back, or to run away, as other predators do with their preys. that is not hunting, that is pathetic cowardice
  14. i have a plan to move to london this summer and go to university, therefore i would like to know from people involved in punk-hardcore some infos about nice places that host generally hardcore gigs or whatever,maybe you even have a website with the list of underground events in london ? let me know, i am looking forward to make new friends, especially vegans
  15. i enjoy most of the time vegan sxe bands from 90´s or early 2000 like gather, 7 generations, undying, earth crisis, xmaroonx, canon, chokehold, birthright, contempt etc.
  16. i became vegetarian when i was 13-14 and vegan almost 5 years ago. the reasons are only political, i do it because the life of all species is sacred, as i believe in the bioconnection between creatures and mother earth. about health i just remember i was an obese when i quit omnivore diet, since i am vegan and paying attention to food and nutritional values i almost NEVER get ill and of course i feel better
  17. Yup, that'd be me. I am usually the guy you'll see in every one of our events. Someone has to do it, you know ^^ And also it's nice to be given a stage to show off you guys are an inspiration! seriously.. i would like to know if you still have some of those shirts your crew was selling at the last veganfest.
  18. you are in vegan strength germany right? saw you few times with that crew at the vegan fest at alexanderplatz
  19. you almost only take proteins from legumes because you dont know from wich other sources you can get them or for other reasons? try with varities of tofu or soy products and seitan. and i think intermittent fasting is a really good idea i used to do it for a few weeks and i felt good but then i quit. you could even use protein shakes.. and about proteins yeah humans take too many proteins and too many other products that are not so healthy. i think we should go back to gatherers diet and way of life but as long as we live in the civilization where we are forced to assimilate certain parts of this mother culture (like building muscles being fit etc) so at least we should do it in the healthier way possible. and i am pretty sure that proteins that you could get from lentils (combined with other food because remember that lentils dont have all the necessary aminoacids) are not the same kind of protein that you could get from a bloody steak of a cow
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