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  1. i mean that in 1 month i make aba bab aba bab. i train 3 times per week for example: a days squat 4x6 leg press 3x10 barbell bench press 4x6 dumbell flat bench flies 3x10 barbell row 4x6 pulley 3x10 barbel curls 4x10 crunches with weights and other abs exercises B days Deadlift 4x6 leg curls 3x10 lateral raise 3x10 incline bench press 4x6 lat machine 4x6 french press 4x10 calf raise 3x15 abs....
  2. thanks man i guess i caused that muscular friction with over stressing arms especially with barbell curls and barbell row and because i kept lifting even when i was tired and felt weak. i hope it will pass soon. do you know some food or supplements that could help? i am taking reatine and eating more with the idea that food can help to recover faster
  3. today i stil feel pain on my muscles. especialy arms and legs. and i trained 3 days ago. is it possible that i need so much to recover?
  4. because i need to take 160 gr of protein daily. and as far as i know body can assimilate between 30 and 40 gr of protein per meal
  5. i am actually since one month taking proteins without powder but directly from food (not because i like it but because is too expensive for me now to take supplements) and i can say that is stressful, eating 6 times per day, always thinking that every 2-3 hours you have to cook or prepare something and sometimes you just dont feel like eating but you need to, and with protein powders you can solve it in 1-2 minutes with a bit of rice milk and just drink it or bring it with you in a bottle when you go out.
  6. i usually take pea protein powder twice a day. i have kind of the same problem with my belly fat, because i used to be overweight and now all my body is hard and with nice muscles except my hips and belly (kinda look deformed), but i guess it is a problem that will go away with the time if you had my same experience. you shouldnt make abs everyday, you should treat them like every other muscle and they need recovery too, so i guess 2-3 times per week is ok. and thats true is even about genetic, my boyfriend has muscle abs without even working them. ps why dont you try with 1 day of fasting per week?
  7. i guess it all depends what is your body goal. how long have you been training? and how is your diet?
  8. you should count that in mass diet you have to get more calories than what your body would naturally needs, plus you even make cardio training. remember that you need to get at least 1.5-2.0 gr for kg of your weight. so i guess at least 170 gr daily. get healthy fat from nuts, almonds, etc. and about carbs get at least 40% of your caloric intake
  9. carbs should make the 40% of your caloric intake about fat i guess not more than 15-20%
  10. wow you are a giant! anyway i guess maybe between 3500 and 4000 of clean and healthy calories could be ok. i am 180cm x 80kg and i take 3000cal.
  11. i think calories from carbs are easier to burn. try to take maybe good carbs, like cereas and potatoes. the fat of nuts combined with carbs like oatflakes and fruits give a lot of energy to start the day and i think breakfast is the most important meal. and before to sleep because the fat goes directly in reserve so your body can use that energy during your sleep without waking you up hungy during the night (when you start to eat 6 times per day and working out you start to feel hunger cramps during the night). a good breakfast meal could be: 100gr of oatflakes 50 gr of almonds 1 banana 1 apple and jogurt all together i think is at least 700 calories
  12. i think you should re-check the diet at this point, because you work out hard and even make cardio. actually you should get between 80 and 85 of protein daily if you weight 128lbs, i would suggest you to eat nuts and seeds only for breakfast or before to go to sleep. (i usually eat them in the morning) and it is not true you would have a small intake. 81 grams of protein per day are easy to reach. pay attention to oils, sauces and stuff. nuts and seeds are good fats but dont use them as first source of proteins, use legumes and tofu instead and be patient 2 weeks is nothing. maybe you can start a journal in the right section and say to us how do you train and what do you eat and every 2-3 weeks calculate your body fat and let us know, when you feel like something went wrong try to understand why or maybe other guys here can give you more tips.
  13. if you only want to lose fat so go low with nuts and seeds and try to go higher with proteic food like legumes. and about carbs it doesnt seem so much for me. how long have you been training and when did you change your diet?
  14. my goal at this moment is to build mass and get bigger, not really interested in definition or having the typical athletic body. about cycling my workout, i actually make an ABA BAB training with biceps on A days. thank you so much for your advice
  15. nice thank you!!! do you think i should try even different kind of reps? instead of 4x10 maybe 5x8?
  16. Every month i add 5 kg more to my weightlifting schedule, and the first week of changing is always harder for me and most of the time i am not able to finish the reps especially when is about barbell curls. generally i make 4x10, but this week i was only able to lift 1x10, 1x8 and 1x6 (i am actually lifting 40kg after 5 months of training), does this kind of workout still count and is it effective? or was just useless? should i lift even when my arms are tired and try to finish those reps?
  17. i think that if your goal is to get muscles so you need to build mass first and to build mass you need carbs. i think is normal to have extra fat, and you should start to worry about definition maybe later. about calories.. what is your diet? you get supplements like protein powders? what is your goal? how is your training schedule?
  18. becuase domestication is the cancer of the planet.
  19. without counting fruits, shakes and juices i drink i guess not more than 2 litres on off days. but i have noticed that some days i drink just one litre ore less.. so i am trying to put maybe half lemon in the bottle so it gets easier for me to drink it
  20. the white natural one is somehow tasteless. so if you can search the ones with different tastes like smoked tofu, tofu with olives, basilikum etc.
  21. man what about sandwiches with smoked tofu, almonds, seeds, and yeah when i know i go out and not able to cook i make shake with protein powder, fruits and oatflakes so i get enough calories.
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