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  1. its because some days i train only back and arms and not chest so i feel like i have to do something for it, plus i really enjoy it when i listen to music to do push ups
  2. what do you think? increase more protein and carbs? i generally take something like 140 gr of protein daily.
  3. i am at the 4th month of training (3 times per week) i made some chnages to the diet, (at the beginning it was too dirty and with too many carbs and less healthy food) i would like to know what you think. i am 180cm x 75kg, body fat 12% Breakfast: 100gr of almonds, 100 gr of oatflakes, dried cranberries, a banana, apple juice and rice milk snack: pea-protein shake, with bcaa and creatine, soy milk/rice milk, banana lunch: 100 gr white tofu/smoked tofu with broccoli and rice. snack: fresh fruits dinner: 2 burgers/soy meat/or other meat substitute (always with the values of 30 gr of protein), with veggies (zucchini peperoni eggplants or whatever) pre-sleep: pea-protein shake with bcaa and creatine + soy milk. Problem is i dont make too much cardio because i am a student and i dont have so much time to make cardio(or because i dont have too much fun with it ) the days off. so i try to walk at least 2-3 hours per day, not using elevators, or public transports. so i still have a bit of extra fat in the hips
  4. hey everybody, i would like to know if making pushups in the evening (3 sessions of 20 with open arms and 3 sessions of 20 with close arms) the same day of the workout at the gym (generally i train at 8am) is useless or it helps as a bonus training. generally the workout i make at the gym is based on barbell curls, barbell bench press, barbell row, squat, deadlift, cable crossover and latmachine. i asked because i am going to start muay thai and in the cardio training i need to make pushups too.
  5. barbell row, dumbell shoulder, french press, lat machine. i guess you need to train the very upper body so these exercises might help to build strength
  6. yeah they generally taste like shit. but if you want better quality you should be ready to spend a bit more. i use to take powerman 3k protein with vanilla flavour taste, i spend generally 50 euros for 2,3 kg. is vegan no gmo gluten free. and high on protein gr. then there is vega sport, 5 aminoacids, high on protein but 55 euros for 800 gr that generally i would finish in 3 weeks. sunwarrior is really tasty and natural, but the bad thing is that got only 16gr of protein for portion that means you should put at least 2 of it. and for 500gr is 25 euros. i guess these ones are the best in europe. dont forget to buy bcaa supplements and creatine (if you want to put muscles)
  7. hey i guess in italy you won´t find them easily. so i will post you some websites i currently live in germany and i buy from vegan-active.de they have a lot of good things you need and it takes max. 5 days to arrive in italy i think. about how to open posts, try to open a journal writing your diet and your training and people will give you opinions tips or whatever
  8. hey whats your name? welcome, nice to have goals, and 5kg in 6 months sounds ok. wish you good luck
  9. I didnt go to gym for one week. not because i didnt want to but because i had some problems and a lot of things to do. in this week i even made IF 2 times and i felt great but i feel my muscles are a bit soft. and i felt like i am really back with the training. i thought about to get more higher with the weight maybe 5 kg more. is it ok after one week off ?
  10. Ciao Irene I am italian too, welcome here, people are always nice and ready to help!
  11. Of course you dont feel it. is rare to have lack of proteins, but if your goal is to build muscles you have to get higher. i am sure legumes are not expensive where do you live, here in germany is way much more expensive to buy nuts almonds etc
  12. not for a big guy, i mean nuts, peanuts, peanut butter almonds, they all have big amounts of (good) fat but to get the proteins you can take with 100gr of smoked tofu, you need at least 150gr of nuts that means at least 60gr of fat.
  13. boy boy boy. is normal at 16 to have low self esteem and fight with the change of your body, who hates hair who hates acne who hates their bellies. i guess i passed through all these problems about raw veganism i think you should start with at least 70% raw so you dont get crazy and quit try to read this one http://veganbodybuilding.com/?page=article_rawfoodnutrition let us know how is going, maybe you can start a log on this website. about training which sports do you like? swimming? martial arts or are you interested in bodybuidling?
  14. is burrito a cheat meal? i generally take it with rice,beans,avocado,chili sauce, and soymeat. mexican food is the best thing
  15. hey rob thank you, i try to do as you said to not make moves that can hurt me, more than pain in my elbows i feel pain in my wrist after the set, this month in the schedule i have 2 exercises for my triceps, skull crusher and french press. the first one i do it on a flat bench, the second one on incline bench. i never had such a difficult exercise, probably is matter of time and i get used to it, but for the moment i know that at the end of the sets or i made them wrong or i hurt myself.
  16. man i think you should get low with the carbs, and more with proteins (legumes, tofu and other soja products, seitan etc.), try to put carbs(try to take the non processed and clean carbs like fruits, oatmeal, rice, potatos, and other kind of cereals)+proteins only in the morning and afternoon after that i would say only proteins with light stuff (like i dont know a good big salad with beans and tofu) and in the evening before to go to sleep a shake with some nuts, almonds (maybe 30 gr) and protein powder.
  17. you can be vegan without soy, but it would be twice hard if your goal is to put up mass, almost all the meat substitutes with big amounts of proteins come from soy (you can easily find non-gmo products, now every vegan thing comes from bio cultivations). what about seitan? are you against gluten too? anyway legumes, seeds and big variety of nuts but pay attention using these 2 as a protein source will give you a lot of fat. i use soy once a day too or from tofu or other variations (burgers, schentzel, "meat"balls etc etc) buy a good protein powder brand, adn make good shakes, buy even bcaa, and other powders like spirulina, maca, hemp pro powder, etc i always put them in the shake with rice milk. doing it just with water is not that tasty
  18. true.. squat is the best damn exercise, at least for me. by the way if you want to i post my schedule, tell me if you think you would be interested in follow it. i said it because it took 2 months before i started to make it, and in those 2 months i was making exercises that didnt change my body at all. 1st Month Monday-Friday Squat 3x12 Leg curl 3x10 Barbell bench press 3x12 Barbell row 3x12 Barbell incline bench 2x12 Lat machine 2x12 Barbell curl 2x15 Pull down 2x15 then abs Wednesday Lunges 3x12 Leg curl 3x12 Dumbbell bench press 3x12 Bent over 3x12 Dumbbell shoulder 2x12 Inverse Lat machine 2x12 Dumbbell curls 2x15 Pull down 2x15 then abs 2nd Month (less reps more weight) Mon-Fri Squat 3x10 Leg curl 3x8 Barbell bench 3x10 Barbell row 3x10 Incline bench press 3x10 Lat machine 3x10 Barbell curl 2x12 French press 2x12 abs Wed. Deadlift 3x8 Leg press 3x10 Dumbbell bench press 3x10 Bent over 3x10 Dumbbell shoulder 3x12 Inverse lat machine 3x12 dumbbell curls 2x12 Pulldown 2x12 3rd month (less reps mroe weight) Mon Fri Squat 3x8 Leg curl 3x8 Barbell bench press 3x8 Barbell row 3x8 Incline bench press 3x8 Latmachine 3x8 Barbell curls 3x10 French press 3x10 abs Wed Deadlift 3x6 Leg press 3x8 Dumbbell bench press 3x8 Bent over 3x8 Dumbbell shoulder 3x10 Inverse Latmachine 3x10 Dumbbell curls 3x10 Skull Crusher (barbell on incline bench) 3x10 abs 4th month ABA BAB A Squat 4x6 Leg extension 3x10 Barbell bench press 4x6 Cable Crossover 3x10 Barbell row 4x6 90 degrees lateral raise 3x10 barbell curls 4x10 abs B Deadlift 4x6 Leg curl 3x10 Barbell incline bench shoulder 4x6 Lateral raise 3x10 Lat machine 4x6 Pullover 3x10 French press 4x10 Calf raise 3x15 abs 5-6 month ABA BAB A Squat 4x6 Leg press 3x10 Barbell bench 4x 6 Dumbbell flat bench flies 3x10 Barbell row 4x6 Pulley 3x10 barbell curl 4x10 abs B Deadlift 4x6 Good morning 3x10 Incline bench press 4x6 Lateral raise 3x10 Lat machine 4x6 Pullover 3x10 French press 4x10 Calf raise 3x15 Let me know how do you feel about it
  19. thanks rob i enjoyed those videos, but if our body burn muscles only after a long time, why everybody says that those who make weightlifting shouldnt run or make cardio for more than 30 minutes, otherwise it would put to risk our muscle mass?
  20. wow thats brilliant man thank you so much!! i will do it the last day of the week. after how long do you think i should see some results, fasting once a week?
  21. hey man nice black flag tattoo and congratulations for your decision, what about posting your meals so people can maybe give you more tips? where did you take that schedule of exercises? it doesnt look so bad but i dont see the most important exercises especially for the legs. i am following a really good list of exercises that change everymonth from the reps to the kinds if you want to see it let me know i will copy it here.
  22. for omega 3 i use spirulina powder in the shakes. about IF i am getting curious. could you talk about your experience? when did you start? after how long you had good results? how do you behave during the fasting day? are the night hours included in the 24 hours of fasting? how much do you drink and what? by the way about me i am 178cm tall, 77 kg, my waist is 81cm of circumference, and my hips 94cm, neck 38cm
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