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  1. Hello Everyone! My name is Sarah Binder. I have always been fit and than got off the path of fitness during college for a little while. Now I'm back at it and recently, like January, starting to more weight lift training and continue to this day while doing all sorts of exercises. I have been vegan for a little over 2 years now!! I converted out of curiosity and bound to see if it would help with my digestive issues. I have had several surgeries growing up and had never been to big of a meat eater. When I began my journey as a vegan I did an 11 week raw cleanse challenge. Now I do several raw food cleanses all the time and HIGHLY believe in the magic of raw foods! GOALS: Currently I'm doing a challenge group with the new program of FocusT25, so I would say a BIG goal for me is to complete the challenge and continue on with the third phase which is more weight training. Now long term goals, like within a year, would be 1. Competing in a bikini figure competition. 2. Releasing a recipe EBook. One of my everyday goals is to inspire others to reach for their maximum health and fitness. Another everyday goal is to save lives (I'm a registered nurse). INTERESTS: Weight Lifting, Yoga, Dance, High Intensity Workouts (boxing, insanity, t25, etc) Beach Life, Mother Nature, Knitting, Making hemp jewelry (necklaces, bracelets), Coaching, Saving Lives (RN), Personal Development Books, Vampires (Twilight, TrueBlood,Underworld, etc.), Hikes, Waterfalls, Creating Raw Food....
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