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  1. Rabbit thank you for the reply I do not want to build muscles I just want to abs to show. I just want to loose the belly fat. I will do the calorie counting and reduce it. If anyone reading this want to give me their opinion I would really like that. thank you Tommy
  2. Hi all I am trying really hard to get my abs to show. Does fruit prevent this or cause belly fat? I work a delivery truck so my meals are also structured. For example I eat 6 to 7 smallish bananas and nuts for breakfast and for lunch I eat about 4 smallish bananas. I also eat apples as my mid morning snack. Is this bad? For dinner I also eat a salad and mixed veggies. any reply would be great. Thank you Tommy pic attached to show my profile.
  3. DEb- Thank you for advice. How do I measure my body fat? What abs exercises should I do? I Run and bike is that good cardio? Any feedback would be great. I did FB you and you can see other pics I have posted. you can email as well. [email protected] Thank you Tommy ps Anyone else reading this post please give a reply with your input.
  4. Hi all I am new to this site and one simple question I am seeking help on. How the HECK do I get rid of my belly fat? I want my abs to pop! I am a delivery driver so I am always on the move. I am a vegan and during the day I eat mostly fruit and nuts, and for dinner I always eat a veggies mostly a small salad. Do I do more ab work or just burn more calories? Any advice would be great. Thank you Tommy
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