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  1. You guys are funny!!!


    I thought putting all the veg in your tequila neutralized the effects -- like peeps getting Big Mac extra value meal supersized with a diet coke....


    I don't know about one or two drinks equaling 2 weeks lost. Mike Dolce who does nutrition/training for UFC fighters commented on a pod-cast that a 'cheat day' (maybe it was a cheat meal? I forget) can undo 2 days of good nutrition and working out. That makes a little more sense to me than 1 beer or unit of alcohol knocking away 2wks of training...unless except that 1 unit of alcohol leads to a plate of nachos, or wings, or both, and other similar crap bar foods.


    All things in moderation! And in the event I go a bit over that moderation point...there's always extra stuff to do tomorrow to make up for it...


    Haha.. cucumbers are hydrating! So they help balance the tequila!



    Maybe he's speaking personally. Maybe he's just one of those people that can't handle much alcohol. If one beer knocked out 2 weeks of training for me I'd never have accomplished anything. LOL Personally I think anything done in moderation is fine. And if it's not done in moderation then yeah I try to combat the negative effects of it as best I can.


    ok this may make me sound like I need AA but ... I actually have systems for when I drink. One I never drink on an empty stomach, I always follow it with lots of water, I drink through out the night even after I go to bed! I also juice cucumbers, limes, celery and ginger after a night of drinking because I think it helps flush the alcohol out and prevents stomach issues the next morning.

  2. I'm not aware of any suggesting that fruit leads to cancer. My understanding on the research that I have read on the subject is that scientist showed that cancer uses fructose to grow. All cells even cancer need energy to grow, all they showed was that cancer cells use fructose as well as glucose to divide and grow. They didn't show fructose as being the cause of the cancer. There are many studies showing that naturally occurring fructose can help prevent pancreatic cancer and other forms of cancer. So anyone who has cancer may want to limit fructose in the diet.


    However a well balanced diet is always a good choice.

  3. One beer can set you back two weeks?! I might have to reconsider my Friday night alcoholic treat. Damn.


    I just had 6 cucumber agave tequila drink with dinner the other night. Each drink comes with 2 shots tequila in it... I figure if one beer sets me back 2 weeks then each shot of tequila probably set me back 4 weeks then by my math dinner set me back 48 weeks. Then there was the beer... oh and ... OMG what did the weed set me back?? ... I'm doomed... The zombies will have taken over by the time I recover.

  4. Fructose in it self I wouldn't say it's bad for you. Some people do have trouble with to much sugar leading to health problems though. Other don't. It's always a combination of factors. I have a friend who is very healthy and pretty cut, very athletic who eats 90% fruit in her diet. It's almost all she eats and she has no problems with it. She's been eating that way for years. I on the other hand can eat very little fruit and I have to limit carbs of any kind or I have problems with my blood sugars going into pre diabetic ranges as long as I keep my meals balanced and limit sugars or any kind I do fine.

  5. Omg yes.. the vanilla plant fusion is so sweet! I get the unflavored one. I also like Sun warrior protein powder but they changed their packaging so Im currently protesting the new packaging. They use to come in this very simple bag. It was minimal and laid fairly flat. Perfect for cyclist. Or people that walk to the grocery store. Now it comes in this bulky square box. Thats really to hard to pack in a sling bag or back pack. So I refuse to buy it unless I can get the old packaging. ☺

  6. Hey everybody,


    this is my first time every joining a forum or community such at this and i am looking forward to reading the tips and advice you all have. I am a vegetarian (i don't eat meat of any kinds, including eggs and fish), i have been vegetarian for 15 years. I do eat cheese but it is very difficult to find vegetarian diet plans that go along with my training. My trainer is having a difficult time finding out what i can eat meal plan wise. I am okay with being vegan as my dad is and am completly open to it.


    I workout 6 - 7 days a week, and i am currently at 13% body fat weighing at 155lbs, my goal is 8% body fat and i am at a point where nutrition and diet are the only way i will reach and maintain my goal.


    if you have any other questions about me feel free to ask, thanks for the oppertunity to introduce myself and i am looking forward to all the advice you all have.




    Well hello!! Welcome should we call you pic or do you have name?

  7. Thanks for the response and advice Kora. I am leaning towards doing as you suggest and just let it go.


    Although, I do not think she meant it as a joke at all, if so she has a weird way of joking, because she did not crack a smile, her body language didn't appear to be in a joking manner and she said it very bluntly and matter of fact.


    I probably had some what of a stunned look on my face after she made the remark about loving her some cow. Maybe after that is why she decided to wish me a beautiful day.


    I believe if she keeps this up, commenting on someones attire, she will eventually run into someone who isn't quite so laid back as myself. But then again, maybe that shouldn't be of my concern and let her learn the hard way.


    If you think she really intended to insult you and it's something that really upset or even just made you uncomfortable then you may want to go back and complain.


    I'm a bit thick skinned so I tend to let things roll off of me. But that's because I live in Oklahoma and I'm a mom, never married, don't believe in marriage or God, or that a women's place is in the kitchen, I'm a liberal, I'm bisexual and I'm trying to vegan. LOL I get comments and attitude all the time. I read signs that say I hate vegans, or Gays are going to hell... I really have to pick my battles and just let the rest go. So I guess what I'm saying is this something you feel a need to defend your self against? It's really about how you feel. If you really feel you need to don't let it go. Even if you have to go back a week or two later.

  8. Hmm...DC eh?


    Whole of my family still lives there, I left shortly after college at about 26 yrs old.


    I could probably cover the negatives in a pretty short list:


    1) housing is expensive. Simply due to density of population. While a standard 4 br house on 1/4 acre lot in a suburb can easily top $500k, 500k in Colorado will get you a very upscale house, and a bit more land. With high property prices comes high taxes too. Based on limited research I've done in considering move to SoCal....DC area probably comparible for the housing prices. Of course the further out you live, the more you can get for the money, but....(lead in to #2)


    2) Traffic is horrible. Trade off for where to live. Short commutes (depending on where you need/want to go) usually come with higher prices. Metro is expanding further out so that helps.


    3) Lots of people...many not so friendly/open as I've come across in other parts of the country to include SoCal. IMO put it down to lots of 'keeping up with the Jones' and putting out appearances instead of being authentic.


    4) very easy to get 'washingtonized' or politicized as much of the news is so focused...limited 'local' coverage in my recollection.


    The pros...


    1) lots of diversity.

    2) lots to see and do in DC esp if you're not from that area.

    3) beaches not too far, likewise for nature and mountains (hills really by CO standards! haha!) and woods, etc. just a few miles west/north.

    4) lots of opportunity whether looking to job hop depending on your field, and lots of opportunities for vegan bodybuilding tips, training, probably even a vegan-vegetarian exclusive gym w/nutrition classes, cooking, etc..



    I rarely go back. And when I do am quickly reminded why I left in the first place. Quality of life for me was better anywhere else. note: Colorado can spoil you in comparison to major parts of the country. Low cost of living, not real traffic issues (with exception of Denver during rush hours, no humidity, good temperate climate. Friendly people....but still, would consider living possibly in SoCal or Hawaii if just for a few years.....


    Where abouts in DC area you thinking about?


    OH Hey .. I'm actually gonna be in DC for a few weeks. If either of you of good hiking or running trails I would love to know!

  9. I love apple cider vinegar. I set it right beside lemons and garlic with it's agility to cure or help certain medical problems. It's cheap, effective and easily used. In some of the more rural areas where i live people will take almost empty whiskey bottles and add herbs & garlic, then fill them with vinegar. It's used for a great many things from fungus foot to ring worms and even helping to combat heart disease. It's also really good on turnip greens.

  10. It actually rare that men get gyno from soy, unless there is an underlying problem or they are in unbalanced hormonal state, like teenagers or older gentlemen. .. It's a very common problem in teenage boys because of hormonal changes, regardless of soy consumption and generally resolves itself. However when soy is added to that it can make the problem worse. It's rare that soy is the actual cause of the problem.


    Men are a lot more likely to get gyno as a side effect of certain medications. Like meds used for heart failure, high blood pressure and commonly used meds for heartburn like tagament and zantac. Funny how you don't hear about that in the commercials huh?


    It's also very common for men to mistake gyno with just an increase in fat deposits (pseudogynecomastia). Having man boobs as a result of high body fat storage and gyno are different. Gyno is glandular tissue not fat.

  11. Hello. My name is Carl. I am male. I am in my mid-forties, and I am gradually trying to adapt to a diet of fruits and vegetables. I have started lifting weights(again) 3 days a week and doing cardio 2 or 3 days a week. Right now I get most of my food from juicing raw fruits and vegetables, but I am still eating chicken or fish about once a day. Mainly in the evening, so that my stomach is full enough that it doesn't keep my awake all night. I would like some suggestions for my evening meals to replace the meat. Here is an example of how I have been eating and what I had today.


    Breakfast:I Juiced spinach,avacado,mango,raspberries, half an orange and 1/8 cup of cashews.


    Lunch:I Juiced the same as breakfast.


    snack:Bowl of Grape Nuts cereal with a little skim milk.


    Dinner: Baked chicken breast, raw spinach with a little extra virgin olive oil


    I am losing 2 or 3 pounds a week(I have a lot to lose) and recuperating from my weightlifting workouts just fine, as far as I can tell. My main concern is getting enough protein when I phase out the meat.I don't want to eat anything fattening like rice or pasta. Any recommendations for my evening meals will be appreciated. Thank you.


    As much as I love juicing you do have to be careful with it when you are trying to lose weight, because you are on a calorie restricted diet. Which means eating less. Juicing removes alot of fiber and bulk. Both of which tend to fill you up and keep you from being as hungry. It also means the sugar in the fruits and veggies is being digested faster which can be a problem for some people. I would suggest eating more of the whole fruits and veggies. When I juice I always have it with a solid foods that way I'm fuller and my blood sugars stay more stable which can help with weight loss.


    Also white rice I would avoid while losing weight, but brown rice is great for weight loss. It keeps you full, stabilizes blood sugar, it's high in fiber. It doesn't digest as fast as white rice. It'd really good for weight loss.


    As far as high protein vegan foods go I personally like mung beans, edamame steamed & dry roasted and I like tofu. I also like pea protein for shakes. Which by the way is great for blending with fresh juices.

  12. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/A%20July%20Instatracking/PhotoGrid_1404824109157_zpswtxqnjew.jpg



    Notes: I mixed my back rehab with my lifting today. They fit together. Below is a list of the stretches I did which aren’t listed above.


    Stretch 2: Active Isolated Stretching – Shoulders and Neck


    Shoulder circumduction

    Pectoralis Majors

    Anterior Deltoids

    Shoulder Internal Rotators

    Shoulder External Rotators

    Rotator cuff 2 trapezius

    Forward Elevators of the shoulder

    Side Elevators of the shoulder

    Neck Extensors

    Neck Lateral Flexors



    http://ravingrunner.com/2014/03/22/my-r ... a-patella/



  13. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/A%20July%20Instatracking/DSC_0023_2_zpsb46m2msx.jpg


    Current Goals for a 12 week trial training cycle. *Week 3 Day 1


    My current focus: Changes I’m making for the next 12 weeks.


    Nutrition Plan:


    Calorie deficit cycling 500 to 1,500 calorie deficient a day.

    My calorie breakdown targets are 50% carbs 10% fat 40% protein and 50 g’s of fiber.

    Limit to 3 meals a day, avoid between meal eating

    Training Goals:


    For running the focus is to increase endurance, and slowly improve pace.

    For strength training it’s to continue improving back strength and pelvic stability.

    Continue with back prehab/rehab for flexibility & stability.

    So starting week 3 – Since making the diet changes I’ve lost 8 lbs in the last 2 weeks. My blood sugar levels have stabilized and are averaging about 80 fasted. Changing to strictly 3 meals a day and upping my protein intake has really made a big difference. Of coarse eliminating wheat, corn and peanuts has probably gone a long way toward helping my weight, health and recovery problems to. It’s still hard for me to believe it could take me till I’m 40 to learn I’m allergic to all those things! If my son hadn’t start to developed the same allergies so severely I doubt I ever would have known. I only got tested because we share some of the same symptoms. Only his are sever and mine are minor. Still I have to assume eliminating foods from my diet that I’m allergic to have to have a positive impact. Oh and I haven’t had my thyroid levels rechecked yet cause it’s just to soon but I’m sure it’s improving. My moods are more even, I’m having those huge or excessive energy dips anymore. More energy stays pretty level through out the day. It’s kinda of amazing what a few little changes can do.


    I’m preparing this week to go to Washington DC, I’m leaving Saturday. So I spent today mostly studying & reading. I in the middle of a class and I wanted to go ahead and get the next few weeks worth of work done and out of the way. So I don’t have to worry about it on the trip. So today was pretty sedentary.





    Notes: Today’s run. I cut it a little short because I stepped wrong or something and my knee partially locked.. So I limped out the mile and half it took to short cut home. Im actually learning to correct this fairly easily by stretching and moving the knee caps but not something I can do quickly .. it takes about a 20 minutes of stretches and a few other things.







    I’m probably going to go ahead and work this all week. It helps. The more time that goes by the less problems I have with my knee but whenever I do start to have even a minor issue I fall back to the rehab stretches and exercises. They help alot.



  14. I saw this on Vegan Power Fitness facebook page:


    People get all and worked up about B12 as the reason why vegan diet is deficient and 'unnatural' while at the same time they find it perfectly normal to have to take multivitamins on a 'standard' diet... Go figure.


    I think that's because here in America people don't like being told that they can't or shouldn't do or eat something. What's "healthy" is to be able to eat whatever you want! America is a young country still were a lot like teenagers we like to be rebels. I can do whatever I want, say whatever I want and eat whatever I want.


    I've seen the same sort of thing with like juicing! LOL Seriously .. I made a post once on juicing green veggies and it got tons of negative comments. Like that's destroying and removing vitamins and minerals, people commented about how unhealthy it was to do that.. ect.. But a few days before that I had posted pictures of cupcakes with oreos. I got twice as many comments supporting the cupcake and oreo consumption as being healthy to indulge on occasion as I got negative comments on the fresh green veggie juice.


    People often just want to hear what they wanna hear and they pick out justifications and reasoning that support what they wanna hear.

  15. Idk.. Just doesn't seam like that big of a deal to me. If it had been a remark intended to insult you or your beliefs then that would be something to complain about. Based off the way I read it though seams more like she was just joking with you. She may not have thought that you were vegan. Maybe she just thought it a random tshirt.


    I wouldn't put anything in this. I would brush it off.


    I once had a cashier make an anti gay comment to me about a gay couple in another line. She just assumed I was straight and that I would agree with her. I simply told her she should be embarrassed by her ignorance and left. I try not to shop there anymore though.

  16. Current Goals for a 12 week trial training cycle. *Week 2 Day 2


    My current focus: Changes I’m making for the next 12 weeks.


    Nutrition Plan: (This is to correct problems I’ve been having with a high carb diet. Stabilizing my blood sugar levels)

    Calorie deficit cycling 500 to 1,500 calorie deficient a day.

    My new calories breakdown targets are 50% carbs 10% fat 40% protein and 50 g’s of fiber.

    Limit to 3 meals a day, avoid between meal eating

    Training Goals:


    For running the focus is to increase endurance, and slowly improve pace.

    For strength training it’s to continue improving back strength and pelvic stability.

    Continue with back prehab/rehab for flexibility & stability.







    a few picks from last nights storms..








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