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  1. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/The%20Arizona%20Cut/Antelope_Canyon_Arizona_USA_03_zpsccad6e20.jpg The Arizona Cut ~ 3 weeks ~ Plan The Arizona 3 week cut. Goal: To lose 10 lbs. Not to lose any muscle mass. Reestablish a habit of lifting 4 days a week. The Diet Plan: Cycle my calories between 1,200 to 1,600 based upon the amount of calories burned daily. 1,000 to 1,500 calorie deficit per day. Stay with my current vegan diet, but eliminate as much processed foods as possible. The goal is eat mostly nutrient dense foods. Raise protein intake to 100 grams a day. No cheat meals or days for the 3 week period. Exercise: Run 6 days a week, 3 long runs, 2 speed runs, 1 recovery run. Weightlifting 4 days a week using the ws4sb program. Duathlon training 3 days a week, to co-inside with speed and recovery running days. Back prehab and sore strengthening 4 days a week. This to take in consideration: Because I’m only a few months back from an injury and very long lay off my back is not yet strong enough to truly do maximum effort lifting. So I want be maxing, which will help to not over over tax my cns. Also for this same reason I still have some issues with my metabolism so I will need a much lower calorie diet then would be normally recommended in order to lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks. Monday Max-Effort Upper Body A. Max-Effort Exercise – work up to a max set of 3-5 reps in one of the following exercises: » Thick bar or regular barbell bench press » Barbell floor press » Rack lockouts / Suspended chain lockouts » Incline barbell bench press (regular grip or close grip) » Close-grip bench press » Weighted chin-ups » Band bench press (*recommended for not-so-skinny bastards) B. Supplemental Exercise – perform 2 sets of max reps in one of the following exercises. (Choose a weight you can perform for 15-20 reps on the 1st set. Use the same weight for both sets and rest 3-4 minutes between sets). » Flat DB bench press (palms in or out) » Incline DB bench press (palms in or out) » DB floor press (palms in) » Barbell push-ups (wearing weighted vest) » Blast strap push-ups (wearing weighted vest) » “Criss-cross” chain push-ups » “Triceps death” » Chin-ups (don’t perform these if you chose to do weighted chin-ups for your first exercise) C. Horizontal pulling / Rear delt superset – Superset one exercise from “Group 1” with one exercise from “Group 2″ Perform 3-4 supersets of 8-12 reps of each exercise. Group 1 » DB rows » Barbell rows » Seated cable rows (various bars) » T-bar rows » Chest supported rows Group 2 » Rear delt flyes » Scarecrows » Face pulls » Seated DB “power cleans” » Band pull-aparts D. Traps – Perform 3 – 4 sets of 8-15 reps of one of the following exercises: » DB shrugs » Barbell shrugs » Safety squat bar shrugs » Behind the back barbell shrugs E. Elbow flexor exercise – Perform 3-4 sets of 8-15 reps of one of the following exercises: » Barbell curls (regular or thick bar) » DB curls (standing) » Seated Incline DB curls » Hammer curls » Zottmann curls » Iso-hold DB curls Tuesday Dynamic-Effort Lower Body A. Jump training – choose one of the following exercises and perform 5-8 sets of 1-3 jumps: » Box jumps » Vertical jumps » Broad jumps » Hurdle hops (jump over hurdle and land on ground) » Box squat into box jump » Depth jumps (onto box) » Weighted Reactive box jumps B. Unilateral exercise (w/ added ROM) – choose one of the following exercises and perform 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps: » Bulgarian split squats, front leg elevated (holding DB’s or with a barbell) » Barbell reverse lunge, front foot elevated » Barbell reverse lunge w/ knee lift (front foot elevated) » Step-ups (box height slightly above knee) C. Hip extension exercise – choose one of the following exercises and perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps: » 45-degree hyperextensions » Reverse hyperextensions » Pull-throughs » Swiss ball back bridge + leg curl » Glute-ham raises » Romanian deadlift » Forward sled dragging, upright posture (3 sets of 30 yards) D. Weighted Abdominals – choose one of the following exercises and perform 4 sets of 10-15 reps: » DB side bends " Offset barbell side bends » Barbell Russian twists » Low cable or band pull-ins » Hanging leg raises » Weighted Swiss ball crunches » Spread-eagle sit-ups (holding DB over chest) » Standing sit-ups (using a band or a high pulley) Thursday Repetition Upper Body A. Repetition Exercise – choose one of the following exercises and perform 3 sets of max reps OR 4 sets of 12- 15 reps: » Flat DB bench press (palms in or out) » Incline DB bench press (palms in or out) » DB bench press on Swiss ball (palms in or out) » DB floor press (palms in) » Push-up variations » Chin-up variations » Barbell bench press (55-60% of 1RM) B. Vertical pulling / Rear delt superset – Superset one exercise from “Group 1” with one exercise from “Group 2.” Perform 3-4 supersets of 8-12 reps of each exercise. Group 1 » Lat pulldowns (various bars) » Chin-ups (don’t perform these if you chose to do chinups for your first exercise) » Straight arm pulldowns Group 2 » Rear delt flyes » Scarecrows » Face pulls » Seated DB “power cleans” » Band pull-aparts C. Medial delts – choose one of the following exercises and perform 4 sets of 8-12 reps: » DB lateral raises » L-lateral raises » Cable lateral raises » DB military press DB side press D. Traps / Arms superset – Superset one exercise from “Group 1” with one exercise from “Group 2.” Perform 3 supersets. Group 1 (Perform 8-10 reps) » DB shrugs » Barbell shrugs » Safety squat bar shrugs » Behind the back barbell shrugs Group 2 » Barbell curls (8-10 reps each set) » DB curls (8-10 reps each set) » Seated Incline DB curls (8-10 reps each set) » Hammer curls (8-10 reps each set) » Zottmann curls (8-10 reps each set) » Iso-hold DB curls (8-10 reps each set) » DB triceps extensions (10-15 reps each set) » Triceps pushdowns (15-25 reps each set) E. Grip / Forearms – choose one of the following exercises: » Wrist roller (2-3 sets of 2-3 reps) » Thick bar or heavy DB holds (2-3 sets of max time) » Plate pinch gripping (2-3 sets of 2-3 reps) » Captains of Crush gripper (3 sets of max reps each hand) » Rice digs (3 timed sets) *DON’T train your grip/forearms if you’re planning on deadlifting the next day Friday Max-Effort Lower Body A. MAX-EFFORT LIFT – work up to a max set of 3-5 reps in one of the following exercises: » Box squats (regular bar, safety squat bar, cambered bar, buffalo bar) » Free squats (regular bar, safety squat bar, cambered bar, buffalo bar) » Straight bar deadlifts (traditional style, sumo style) » Trap Bar deadlifts » Rack pulls (partial deadlifts) » Tire flip – (remember, your max-effort lifts don’t necessarily have to be limited to just barbell exercises!) *Bands and/or chains can be incorporated into all of the above exercises for the not-so-skinny bastards. B. UNILATERAL MOVEMENT – choose one of the following exercises and perform 3 sets of 6-12 reps: » Bulgarian split squat variation (holding DB’s or with a barbell) » Reverse lunge variation » Step-up variation » Walking lunges » Backward sled drags (3 sets of 30 yards) » Forward sled drags, 45-degree angle (3 sets of 30 yards) C. HAMSTRING / POSTERIOR CHAIN MOVEMENT – choose one of the following exercises and perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps: » 45-degree hyperextensions » Reverse hyperextensions » Pull-throughs » Swiss ball back bridge + leg curl » Glute-ham raises » Romanian deadlifts Forward sled dragging (upright posture) D. Ground-based, high-rep abdominal circuit – Example: sprinter sit-ups, V-ups, toe touches, hip thrusts. Perform 10-20 reps of each exercise and go through the circuit 2-3 times. Rest 1-2 minutes between circuits.
  2. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Trails%20Sept%202013/d22e8505-3912-40f1-b69a-d034cd5311be_zps4c5088ef.jpg Hiking DURATION 3h:04m:48s AVG. HEART RATE 105 MAX. HEART RATE 131 WEATHER Mostly sunny WIND 7.5 mph ↑ TEMPERATURE 72°F HUMIDITY 60% *This should have been an easy hike, but I was very tired and it really seam to drag on forever! Still I enjoyed it. There was really no training purpose to this. It was just a hike. I did have a very close encounter with this guy! He was very aggressive and not at all happy to have me in his personal space! I most of the venomous snakes in our area I can identify fairly easy. This one I’m not sure about though. He’s under some brush, in a very shaded dark area so I couldn’t get a good look at this eyes or mouth. He did appear to have the more sloped head and not rounded. Looking at the pictures, which I took from a distance and zoomed in for, I still think he has that sloped head, but the eyes look more rounded then cat eyed to me so maybe the angle just the angle. If someone knows what type of snake this please tell me. I’m trying to make an effort to learn all the snakes in the area. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Wildlife/a336598d-f340-4c20-8368-a29727953e4c_zps9ffc4d3d.jpg http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Wildlife/8430a9cc-cc87-46e2-8f1e-77b8a187081c_zpscb3bab82.jpg Supplements: 1 zantrax prerun 1 multi extra vit K Sleep7:05 hours @ 92% efficiency Total Training Time 3:04 hour I didn’t track my food or stats today. It was sort of a rest day. Tomorrow I start a 3 week cut, so I took today to relax a little. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_20130915_134812_zpsddb72b04-1.jpg I did have this beautiful and very delicious lunch at Thia Thia Asian Bistro in Norman though! It’s one of my favorite places to eat in that area. It’s a coconut veggie soup with fresh veggie rolls.
  3. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Sunrises/IMG_20130914_072838_zpsa56ea6e0.jpg Run ~ long base DISTANCE 10.03 mi DURATION 1h:57m:10s AVG. SPEED 11:58 min/mi MAX. SPEED 10:40 min/mi CALORIES 1090 kcal HYDRATION 1.26L AVG. HEART RATE 146 MAX. HEART RATE 158 Heart rate zone Duration 1.WARM UP (114 - 126) 1m:24s 2.RECOVERY (127 - 139) 9m:01s 3.AEROBIC (140 - 151) 1h:14m:41s 4.ANAEROBIC (152 - 164) 31m:24s WEATHER Mostly clear morning WIND 5.6 mph ← TEMPERATURE 64°F HUMIDITY 72% http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Injuries/20130914150038492_zps2dc0270d.jpg IDK even know wth happen here. It happened while running. It felt like something bit me but looked like a bruise, then later in the day it start to look more like a bulleyes, IDK.. hurt like hell though. It burned for hours. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Wildlife/IMGP0540_zps7d1997c9.jpg Stats: Fasted Blood sugar 102 Post run but still fasted blood sugar 111 Blood pressure 115/75 Rested Heart Rate 53 Cardiac Stress level 2% (that’s very good it’s means I’m not stressed.) Post run keytones test 40 moderate Hydration test *severely dehydrated *Anytime you can piss dark, rusty pee you have fucked up. I fucked up. I chronically under hydrated for like a week. I knew I wasn't well hydrated and ignored that and went for a 2 hour run with no water. That's something I know better then to do, but once I get dehydrated I kind of loose that will to want to drink anything. Hydration: This only accounts for water & smart water. Prerun 6 oz Post run 16 oz Total for the day 72 oz Supplements: 1 zantrax prerun 1 multi extra vit K Sleep 6:30 hours @ 88% efficiency Total Training Time 2.20 hour Notes: My hydration level was way off today, so I didn't get to go ride. It just wouldn't have been a good idea. Instead I spent the day hydrating and resting, post run. Calorie Totals: Burned 3101 Consumed 1652 + 200 calories in wine Deficit 1249 Fat 63 Carbs 202 Protein 79 Breakfast ~ post run Herbal coffee & soy creamer Vegan protein w/ 1 cup blueberries & 1 handful of spinach http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_3098_zps9eacad17.jpg Snacks ~ Living raw kickin cayenne truffles ~ mmm.... spicy chocolate balls Lunch ~ Nachos & beer during the game. tortilla chips (small amount) w/ lots of mexican tofu crumbles, onions, peppers, salsa, tomatoes, spanish rice, almond cheese & vegan sour cream. Dinner ~ http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/20130914173305431_zps00a34b9c.jpg Casaideas with left over #hunan grilled onions and peppers, almond cheese with coconut cream, fresh herbs. With red wine .. lots of wine, which really didn't help my hydration issues. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Wildlife/IMGP0562_zpsde6eec3e.jpg
  4. Thanks!! I love trail running. I love seeing the deer and I see lots of turtles! I have this crazy collection of pics of the wildlife around me. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Wildlife/c5b83bcf1_zps0659eabd.jpg I always try to get pics that seam to capture I think are their personalities.
  5. Completley agree with you, actually i became vegan also because i never liked meat. I began to ask my mom from where it came from the age of 6 and first time i went vegetarian was quite lol xD I actually try not to spend much time cooking! I like recipes are that are simple and fast, but also very fresh.
  6. I love Mexican. I do cheat a little when I cook Mexican foods. I buy this.. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/37987259-666e-4f0e-bf65-d002347ef0aa_zpsa0227716.jpg It'a already seasoned, and in can be used a like a 100 different ways. It also despite what it looks like doesn't attempt to taste like meat. It's just a well seasoned mexican flavors. I don't really get why people would want to eat vegan food that taste like meat?? LOL so normally I avoid vegan food that look like meat, but despite what it looks like no meat flavor.
  7. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Sunrises/20130914071903340_zpscd7ed62c.jpg Easy Run, relaxed pace and heart rates DISTANCE 4.81 mi DURATION 1h:02m:37s *including cool down time. AVG. SPEED 11:01 min/mi MAX. SPEED 9:34 min/mi CALORIES 542 kcal HYDRATION 0.88L AVG. HEART RATE 140 MAX. HEART RATE 154 Heart rate zone Duration 2.Recovery zone (127 - 139) 21m:48s 3.AEROBIC (140 - 151) 39m:12s WEATHER Clear morning WIND 5.6 mph ↙ TEMPERATURE 70°F HUMIDITY 100% Other then this I mostly ate all day.. and studied. Busy day just not an active day. Stats: Fasted Blood sugar 103 *this is a little higher then normal Fasted Post run blood sugar 1o1 *This is good an easy run shouldn't blood sugar levels Blood pressure 115/75 Rested Heart Rate 48 Cardiac Stress level 2% (that's very good it's means I'm not stressed.) Post run keytones test for negative *excepted for an easy run. Hydration test prerun showed mild dehydration and post run moderate to severe. I'm having issues hydrating this week not really sure why. Simple neglect. Hydration: This only accounts for water & smart water. Prerun 8 oz Post run 16 oz Total for the day 56 oz Supplements: 1 zantrax prerun 1 multi extra vit K Sleep 6:26 hours @ 84% efficiency Total Training Time 1 hour Notes: I'm I will be adding full panel tests after training starting about Wednesday. I really should have started that this weekend but the test strips can't be bought here in town. They need to be ordered and that order hasn't come in yet. This will be added to see how my body handles the longer runs and harder training. As it is I'm training my runs fasted, which isn't that bad as long as I stay under 10 miles. But I need to start pushing that mileage up and that will mean putting my body under more and more stress. It also means I have to start learning what I can eat and digest with out any problems pre and in training. Before my back injury (and remember I'm talking about training that took place way over a year ago and prior to being injured and getting sick) .. I could eat anything I wanted and train without any problems. But since the injury I've developed stomach problems. If I'm not careful what I eat I get sick and that's when I'm not training and the stress of running over two hours and cycling and it the limited diet and stomach problems become harder to manage. I need to learn what I can eat while trialing. It's also important to know what my body is using as energy, if it's using muscle.. ect. and how it's handling the stress. The tests will give me some insight into some of that.. or my coach. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Wildlife/aee30609_zps3f0c843a.jpg Calorie Totals: Burned 2716 Consumed 2049 Deficit 667 Fat 76 Carbs 191 Protein 96 Notes: My metabolism is improving, no I need to make sure I keep my cals up high enough to support that. Breakfast ~ post run Herbal coffee an soy creamer Protein smoothie w/ protein powder, 1/2 cup tropical frozen fruit, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup fresh spinach and ice. Lunch ~ http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_20130913_105423_zpscaa40253.jpg Lunch was kinda funny.. Jimmy’s Egg. It was easy to order vegan! Like our waitress was great! That had no problems making me a special order. LOL, I just ordered an omelet plate without the eggs and cheese. What was funny though was that when she brought me my plate she goes, "That actually looks good! I could eat that. I'm not a vegan and I could still eat it." She looked so surprised! Like because the plate was vegan it was somehow going to be transformed into some kind of weird food. It couldn't possibly be plain food without meat or dairy. She just had this OMG vegan people can eat normal food look! Like she had just realized I wasn't an alien or something. Hashbrowns w/ ketchup, mixed veggies {spinach, mushrooms, onions, peppers, black olives sauteed}, and fresh fruit. 2 cups black coffee. Snack ~ gluten free vegan cheesecake with berries. Dinner ~ http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_20130913_172624_zps535b917c.jpg Hunan tofu,veggies and nuts in a lettuce wraps w/ brown rice. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Wildlife/1fa90514_zps0e873c3a.jpg
  8. Hey! Actually i'm studing in Rome, the college name is "La Sapienza". I'm starting the 2nd year in "environmental science and marine biology" but i have a mind to switch to "meteorology" (actually the complete name is much longer but the objective is always to get a master in meteorology/oceanography at the end of that), there's a lot of lessons/exams in common so is not hard to do that. I saw lot of beautifull pics in your journal!! I have to show you the rest of the park where I train, is the biggest in Rome and is also Archeology and Natural reserve, there's a lot of people trialrunning here. You will probably like that, i will take some pics next time ! Unfortunately i can't compete with you in kitchen, your meals looks damn tasty D:! Rome must be amazing place to study! I'm studying at the University of Oklahoma, which for the United States is the place to be for meteorology. We have amazing tornadoes and the ice storms are insane see. I'm study history and trail documentarian though. I would love to see the rest of that park! We actually don't have many trail runners, or trail cyclist here. It's amazing because we have these great trails and acres of wilderness and I rarely pass anyone on them. Not many people use them. It's packed full of wild life, I frequently get the opportunity to run with deer. I do love food,,, and beer... and wine.... and booze.. lol.
  9. Where are you attending collage at?? If you don't mind my asking..
  10. Kora

    Hello :)

    I love chocolate and coffee. I just eat vegan chocolate, soy creamer really doesn't taste much different in coffee then milk does. Hi!
  11. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Trails/29b2f5451_zpsc74f4097.jpg Run – Tempo ~ Fasted DISTANCE 5.04 mi DURATION 54m:32s AVG. SPEED 10:50 min/mi MAX. SPEED 8:20 min/mi CALORIES 618 kcal HYDRATION 1.00L AVG. HEART RATE 165 MAX. HEART RATE 179 Heart rate zone Duration 1.WARM UP (114 – 126) 0m:06s 2.FAT BURNING (127 – 139) 0m:57s 3.AEROBIC (140 – 151) 3m:58s 4.ANAEROBIC (152 – 164) 10m:37s 5.MAXIMUM (165 – 178) 38m:21s WEATHER Clear night WIND 3.1 mph ↑ TEMPERATURE 70°F HUMIDITY 68% Stretching 20 minutes *This was a good run. It felt good, strong, I payed most of attention to form. I the heart rate zones look good for this run, but I believe I could have pushed harder. I didn’t really reach my threshold. I can feel the progress but I can also know that my muscles aren’t working as effectively as my aerobic system is. I guess patients and progress is all that’s going to fix that now though.. sigh. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Trails/b15903931_zpsd5b5d31d.jpg Trail Riding 1.15 hours mostly technical stuff. Sorry no stats, I guess had my heart rate monitor on to tight this morning and it cut into the skin. It was stinging by the time I got to the trail so I ditched it. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Injuries/20130911_193814_zps1c503b66.jpg I”ll just show my training ground today.. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Trails/df1bdc741_zps843c0bc8.jpg Stats: Fasted Blood sugar 89 Fasted Post run blood sugar 130 Blood pressure 115/85 Rested Heart Rate 48 Hydration: Prerun 8 oz Post run 16 oz Post cycling 16 oz Total for the day 64 oz Supplements: 1 zantrax prerun 1 multi extra vit K Sleep 6:44 hours @ 85% efficiency Total Training Time 2.45 hours Recovery practices: 60 minute sports massage 30 soak in a hot tub with epsom salts http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Trails/da44e6ba_zps3e2f0e91.jpg Calorie Totals: Burned 2577 Consumed 1220 Deficit 1357 Fat 27 Carbs 163 Protein 76 Breakfast ~ post run Herbal coffee an soy creamer Protein smoothie w/ protein powder, 1/2 cup tropical frozen fruit, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup fresh spinach and ice. Lunch ~ post cycling Red curry mung beans w/ tofu, sweet peas, sweet onions, red peppers, spinach. Snack ~ Hot chili an caramel popcorn Dinner 2 enchilada’s made with corn tortillas, mexican tofu crumbles, fresh corn, red peppers, onions, almond mozzarella cheese and enchilada sauce. w/ vegan sour cream. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/20130911165744674_zps15a68d64.jpg
  12. I do something close to it. I race with the Underground, it's multi~sport races. One of them is trail running that's sorta like redneck parkour, but closer to free running. The trails have trees down, stumps or rock formation, sand traps, climbs, jumps, teeter totterers, tree bridges, ect.. some are natural occurrences others placed to make the coarse more interesting. We use the same system for running or cycling.
  13. This cold/flu thing seams to be world wide! I swear it's everywhere. Hope you feel better.
  14. OMG like the flu has been epidemic here. I'm pretty sure I picked it up but just a very mild case or I ate something I shouldn't have. Always a possibility when eating out a lot. But I feel much better today. (I post everything a day behind.) http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_4655_zpsca86137e.jpg I found it at our farmers market. It's pretty good vegan and gluten free. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/50b17eb0-6712-4554-a2d7-ee48cb1a5270_zps62d8ac2e.jpg I love it. It's rich like an espresso with chocolate tones and hints of chilies. It has a spicy kick to it. I have this thing for sweet & spicy. It has this nice chicory profile, that always bring about feel good memories of New Orleans for me! I love New Orleans coffee and their insane ability to party! I've never of dandelion coffee I will have to look for that, sounds like something that would fit every well in my diet. I believe dandelions are very easy on the digestion and sounds great for someone with alot of stomach aches like me.
  15. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/OU/IMG_20130909_172048_zps682b6c01.jpg (Pic from stripe the stadium day.. ou vs wvu) Most days I live for my early mornings run. I love to step outside in the cool night air, feel the stillness that is settled all around me. It's one time of the day I feel completely alone. I feel safe, unburdened from the world around me. Then the music starts, my heart starts to beat a little in anticipation of what's to come. In those first few steps every run, I feel my skin flush, my senses heighten. I feel free. But every now and then all of that is lost and I just want to sleep in! Something goes askew, today I think might have been the flu I seam to be desperately fighting off. I just wanted nothing more then a little more sleep! But today I had a 2 mile run test, so I got myself a beer and laced my shoes and sucked it and went for a run. It actually turned out pretty good. Despite stomach pains and the beer I chugged for breakfast I still set two post injury pr's. And I did it running in the dark. From reason the lights were out and I run at 4:30 so it was darker then normal. So all in all not bad, but I could have done better. Running 2 mile test / 2 attempts 5 minute warm up 2 miles @ 8:40 a mile ~ heart rates 161 to 183 2 miles @ 8:20 a mile ~ heart rates 165 to 185 Cool down 15 minute easy jog + 20 minutes of stretching. It's a slow pace but it's definitely improvement. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Flowers/IMGP0342_zps00583533.jpg Back Rehab/Prehab *Sorta in that transition phase. 45 minutes Hip Flexor lifts 1x12es Spinal Rotations 3x10 Core Stabilizers 2x10 Hip Abductors 1x20 Hip Adductors 1x20 Rolling Knee Kegels 2x10 Russian Twists on a swiss ball 2x10 Hypers 2x10 Reverse Hypers 2x10 Bridging Stability/Kegels 2x10 *Emphasis today was on girdle strength and stability. Light DE lower body workout 40 minutes Hurdle Hops 8x3 Step ups 3x10 Sled Drags 3x25 yards Prisoner abs 3x20 heavy Breakfast ~ post run Herbal coffee an soy creamer Protein smoothie w/ protein powder, 1/2 cup tropical frozen fruit, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup fresh spinach and ice http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/20130910120024647_zps0af681f2.jpg Lunch ~ post lifting Nachos made w/ tortilla chips, mexican tofu crumbles, almond mozzarella cheese alternative, taco sauce, onions, red peppers, guacamole, vegan sour cream. Dinner ~ Indian wrap w/beans,peas,tofu,seasoning Snack ~ gluten free, low sugar, vegan brownie http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/ffb2476e-6f61-4c0d-b32e-e65b3be7b583_zps872d2717.jpg Stats: Fasted Blood sugar 95 Blood pressure 115/85 Rested Heart Rate 46 Hydration: Prerun 6 oz Post run 12 oz Post lifting 16 oz I didn't total my day.. Supplements: 1 zantrax prerun 1 multi extra vit K Sleep 7:25 hours @ 92% efficiency Total Training Time 2.45 hours Recovery practices: 30 minute massage 30 soak in a hot tub with epsom salts Calorie Totals: Burned 2388 Consumed 1071 Deficit 1317 Fat 32 Carbs 113 Protein 58 *A little low on the food intake but I'm feeling kinda icky this week.
  16. Well I hope it's not to serious! I had a serious back injury last year. I know it can be a very difficult to handle and rehab. I wish you luck with it.
  17. Thanks. No worries drop in as little or much as you like.
  18. Oh I agree I would def check in over that time frame to see how it's going. It's one of the reasons I like having people do the online journals when they are willing. I think it makes it a little easier to check in with them.
  19. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/ffb2476e-6f61-4c0d-b32e-e65b3be7b583_zps872d2717.jpg Gluten Free Vegan Brownies 4 tblsp water 2 tblsp gluten free egg re-placer *Mix and set aside 7 Tablespoons cocoa powder 4 ounces vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 teaspoon instant espresso powder ¾ teaspoon salt 3/4 cup brown sugar splenda 1 1/2 tsp vanilla 6 tblsp melted vegan butter 1/4 cup boiling water * add all dry ingredients to a glass bowl and pour in melted butter and boiling water and stir till everything is melted. The stir in egg replacer, 1/4 cup almond milk and then 1 3/4 cup of Pamela's Artisan flour (gluten free) and 1/4 tsp baking soda. It's going to be very thick. Scoop into an 8x8 pan lined with parchment paper and bake for at 350 for about 30 minutes or into lined muffin cups ( and bake @ 350 for 18 to 20 minutes.
  20. Oh catch ya.. yeah the way I read it I thought you weren't doing any cardio or training atm. So yeah good. And yeah I so know! I"ve been out of the gym for a week cause I have poison ivy. It drove me nuts all last week. lol
  21. I think you are on the right track but let's discuss this goal of drinking a gallon of water a day? Why are doing this? Why is it a goal? For a 5'2 female not doing cardio or training that might actually be to much water. You should drink plenty of water but having a goal of drinking a gallon a day isn't necessary and it's not really going to accomplish much. It may even be flushing needed vitamins and minerals from your body.
  22. I doubt 4 to 5 days will give you an accurate accounting of someone's diet. Most people when asked to this will adapt the way they eat for a few days. Some do it subconsciously, just the idea of having to write down and tell someone what they eat makes them think more about their choices. Then others commonly eat decent during the week and then binge or eat more on weekends. So to get a real view of how someone eats I generally find it's better to have at least 2 weeks, but a minimum of a full one week view.
  23. Well first start with trying to swap out processed foods for whole foods if your diet is off. Improve on it as you learn more about nutrition. As far as training, start with a goal. Then find a training program that will meet those goals. If your goal is bodybuilding then you need a direction and plan to get you their. Like some bodybuilders prefer to focus on size first then losing the body fat second, some prefer recomps ect.. I would suggest looking at a few training journals and try and find a module sort of or a training plan that appeals to you. Or just pick a plan and start it. LIke madcows 5x5 nice lay out for beginners. Then adapt things to your needs as you learn and gain more experiences. There are a lot of options you have to find something that appeals and works for you. I always suggest everyone keep a training journal they are great for getting advice and self awareness of what you are doing, also great for keeping you moving in the right direction.
  24. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/Trails/c70e3e1c-c413-4ed9-8790-be2092c49e03_zps80521168.jpg Purging That First Race... It’s time to cross my proverbial line in the sand. Tonight’s my first race in the underground since my back injury. It’s time to put on the game face, leave my fear behind and step over the line. The worst part about an injury that takes you out of training for long periods of time. (In my case over a year.) It’s not the pain, so the work it takes to get back what you lost, or even the humiliation. It’s the fear that has time to creep in that’s often the hardest to overcome. That gnawing fear that holds you back from fully reaching your limits. It’s not really a bad thing in the beginning because it’s almost like your minds way of protecting you from yourself. But eventually you reach a point in training or racing where it becomes time to leave that fear behind and except where you are at, move forward. Not doing this is like being a cage fighter that’s afraid to get hit. You can’t attack if you are always worried about defending yourself. To push your body to it’s limits you have to be willing to attack anything and everything that stands in front of you. I can tell you it wasn’t easy. There’s still a huge disconnects between how I see myself mentally and my abilities. When we lined up for the race, I felt like that athlete that I was before the injury. I felt like one of the top athletes there. For a moment I felt that secureness that comes with knowing your one of the best on this line. Then I remind myself that I’m not. I’m not the best on the line anymore. Then I had to quickly push aside that insecurity that suddenly flooded my mind at that reminder! It’s hard to except that I’m not going to be coming in with the first wave or placing in the top group of racers. For me it’s still embarrassing, humiliating. I remind myself to keep those feeling in check though, because if I don’t then I will never be as good an athlete as I know I can be. What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger right? Isn’t that how it goes? So I put on my game face and line up like a pro. Like I know I’m the best on the line. I push as hard as I can through the race and I place in the middle group. I’d like to tell you I was happy with that, but I’m not not. I’m angry. I’m angry that I got injured, I’m angry that it took so long to rehab, i’m angry that I’m not where I want to be. I’m angry at myself that I can’t just be happy that I’ve accomplished what I have. I’m angry because I think I haven’t pushed hard enough to return. I”m just angry. What am I going to do with all that anger? Use it to build back the mental toughness that got me where I was pre~injury. I’m going to use to meet my goals. Gun and Run Trail Races (The first in a series of races. Next race is in October.) 16 miles of rough, rocky terrain in the dark. 2:06 *It’s actually a pretty easy coarse if you are familiar with it, which I am. It was actually my saving grace of the race. It’s the people that make it hard! It’s like mainstream races. Once you hit the coarse rules don’t apply. The only real rule is that you have to stay the coarse. It’s nice to have that first race under my belt. I should be able to start locking in more on that mental aspect of what I want to accomplish. From here on, no fear, no failure, no excuses. My pre race meal.. http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_20130908_142302_zpsd65c2e42.jpg http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab28/koraraving/food/IMG_20130908_143122_zps39dac8c7.jpg WILD JUNGLE CURRY (with tofu, vegan) and FRESH VEGGIE ROLLS!! I did train really hard the day before this race so I did an easy run this morning. The race was late in the evening so this run was actually to help me in the race. I woke up stiff and sore, so an easy run can help eliminate that. DISTANCE 5.01 mi DURATION 1h:05m:46s AVG. SPEED 13:08 min/mi MAX. SPEED 8:56 min/mi CALORIES 556 kcal AVG. HEART RATE 138 WEATHER Sunny WIND 3.1 mph ↑ TEMPERATURE 70°F HUMIDITY 82% Very slow pace, lol even for me! Heart rate nice and low. Nice recovery run, it loosened up the muscles and helped relieve some soreness. I didn’t track all the necessary info I normally would for a race day because I was a little nervous… LOL I can hear my training partner in my head LHAO as I typed that! A little nervous is an understatement. I freak before a race. But as soon as I arrive everything changes. I calm, I get that let’s kick ass mentality. It’s like Jeckle and Hyde. I’m sure I drive everyone around me nuts. After the race I went out to Mexican and lots of beer!!
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