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  1. Alright... Eye of the tortoise, slow and steady... +50 = $102,775
  2. Alright, prsaraogi! getting over a cold, but feeling a little better... 50 pushups. Running Total = 95,117
  3. Much appreciated! Last few days = 135. Running total = 94,847
  4. Love to see other people chip in, thanks guys! Just more motivation... 75 Running total = 94,642
  5. 65 during 1 workout, then 50 the other day. Running Total = 94,465 until 1,000,000 comes...
  6. It's Redwood, not Rabbit (that's a mark for how many posts someone has made. The more posts, the larger of an animal you become... kind of strange, I know...) Sounds good Jillian. So what's your meal plan for the week? Whatever your motivation is to start, that's fine, use it. Just know that in the long-term, you want to enjoy and appreciate your new life style, meal planning, working out, lookin' good! Otherwise, it can become a stress, and something you want to avoid... So have fun! Looking forward to hearing your answers and progress...
  7. I have 2 quick videos to answer your first question, haha. Watch them in order... 1) 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2MR7bvDJrM You can do it. Absolutely. And you don't need a personal trainer. It sounds like you're trying to slim down and tone up. First, focus on cardio work, like running, biking, or other similar activities or workout machines... You can also do some light weight training. There are endless possibilities for different machines and lifting free weights (dumbells), so go to the gym and try some things out. Also, to slim down you'll want more complex carbs like whole grains / oatmeal / etc., vegetables, and fruit like berries / bananas / pears / apples, etc. Good luck! Get in action, and let me know how it goes!
  8. it was actually sweet potato / squash mash now that I think of it... It's posted. G'luck with your workouts & training!
  9. The best things in life are simple... I made this for vegan Thanksgiving, and I received compliments. 1 medium-sized Squash (whichever you like, I used Acorn squash). Cut the skin off the squash and bake the chunks until soft. Approx. 350 for 20 mins. 1 large Sweet Potato. I kept the skin on, and in a small skillet, cooked it slowly (with a bit of water, so nothing burned), until soft. Mash the 2 in a bowl and while warm, mix some Earth Balance "butter", cinnamon, a little nutmeg and maple syrup. I don't put measurements because it depends what you like! Omit or add things, or just mix to taste. Enjoy!
  10. I'd guess you're not super sensitive, and that your body is just rejecting the amount of protein / protein shake that you're drinking. Whenever I get that bloated / sick of protein shake feeling, I just stop for a week and focus more on high protein whole foods. That could be what your body wants. I also like to mix vanilla shakes (Sun warrior) with bananas, and really sweet fruits like pears/apples/berries. Or a chocolate protein, almond/hemp milk, with cocoa powder and some Truvia to taste. It becomes MORE like hot cocoa. Just add varieties of sweet fruits, and they'll eventually win out in flavor.
  11. Vegans pee more. This is because the 2 by-products of expending carbohydrate energy are CO2 (which you breathe out) and water (which you pee out) and vegans just tend to get more carbs throughout the day. Plus when you're working out consistently, the body requires more of everything, like straight water. So... What's going on sounds pretty normal. Cheers,
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