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  1. It's Redwood, not Rabbit (that's a mark for how many posts someone has made. The more posts, the larger of an animal you become... kind of strange, I know...)


    Sounds good Jillian. So what's your meal plan for the week? Whatever your motivation is to start, that's fine, use it. Just know that in the long-term, you want to enjoy and appreciate your new life style, meal planning, working out, lookin' good! Otherwise, it can become a stress, and something you want to avoid...


    So have fun! Looking forward to hearing your answers and progress...

  2. I have 2 quick videos to answer your first question, haha. Watch them in order...



    2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2MR7bvDJrM


    You can do it. Absolutely. And you don't need a personal trainer. It sounds like you're trying to slim down and tone up. First, focus on cardio work, like running, biking, or other similar activities or workout machines... You can also do some light weight training. There are endless possibilities for different machines and lifting free weights (dumbells), so go to the gym and try some things out.


    Also, to slim down you'll want more complex carbs like whole grains / oatmeal / etc., vegetables, and fruit like berries / bananas / pears / apples, etc. Good luck! Get in action, and let me know how it goes!

  3. The best things in life are simple... I made this for vegan Thanksgiving, and I received compliments.


    1 medium-sized Squash (whichever you like, I used Acorn squash). Cut the skin off the squash and bake the chunks until soft. Approx. 350 for 20 mins.

    1 large Sweet Potato. I kept the skin on, and in a small skillet, cooked it slowly (with a bit of water, so nothing burned), until soft.


    Mash the 2 in a bowl and while warm, mix some Earth Balance "butter", cinnamon, a little nutmeg and maple syrup. I don't put measurements because it depends what you like! Omit or add things, or just mix to taste.



  4. I'd guess you're not super sensitive, and that your body is just rejecting the amount of protein / protein shake that you're drinking. Whenever I get that bloated / sick of protein shake feeling, I just stop for a week and focus more on high protein whole foods.


    That could be what your body wants. I also like to mix vanilla shakes (Sun warrior) with bananas, and really sweet fruits like pears/apples/berries. Or a chocolate protein, almond/hemp milk, with cocoa powder and some Truvia to taste. It becomes MORE like hot cocoa. Just add varieties of sweet fruits, and they'll eventually win out in flavor.

  5. Vegans pee more. This is because the 2 by-products of expending carbohydrate energy are CO2 (which you breathe out) and water (which you pee out) and vegans just tend to get more carbs throughout the day.


    Plus when you're working out consistently, the body requires more of everything, like straight water. So... What's going on sounds pretty normal.



  6. Good choice with the polenta. You want to make something that tastes sweet or fatty, as SAD eater's tastebuds are not sensitive to those flavors, but they expect them.


    I'm blessed with a good fam and we had an all vegan Thanksgiving, for the 1st time... whoa! I made a yam/squash mash, with garlic, cinnamon & cloves, with a lil earth balance and salt. Got some love for it...



  7. The Garden of Life "Raw Protein" Choc flavor is also good and vegan.


    Good to always remember that you can gain weight EASY by eating animals, refined carbs, sugar, dairy etc. Easy as cake, but your body will hate you for it.


    The vegan way is much more fulfilling & healthy. #1 for a busy athlete is to rarely go hungry. That will keep you on the beefy side.


    There's no magic pill, you just want more calorie dense and protein dense foods, like...


    "meats..." Tofu, tempeh, seitan, protein powders...

    vegetables... Peas, broccoli

    beans... chickpeas, black, kidney (so many others)

    even grains... like quinoa, are more protein dense than others

    leafies... like spinach, & more! Check online for more info and eat the foods you enjoy!



  8. I like to cook lentils really well, so it turns into a kind of lentil paste (less water) or lentil mash (more water). It doesn't stay on sandwiches like hummus, but similar in protein composition, and lower in fat.


    Also, baba ghanoush is an eggplant spread that's similar. Not sure if that's lower in fat, take a look! G'luck...

  9. Welcome to Veganbodybuilding.com! Good to have you "here" online and posting...


    I actually just wrote about this on another post... Throughout the day, the body needs a certain number of proteins / amino acids available to rebuild muscle, since the body doesn't store protein. The protein amount you want for a "normal person" is approx. 40-50% of your weight, in grams. So if you're 120 lbs, you want 48-60 grams of protein. (source: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/changing-protein-recommendations/) Although since you're looking to build muscle, I'd up that a bit to 60-75 grams. (Whoever said 1.5 grams/lb was probably thinking Olympic weight lifters, not you. 180 grams for you would be excessive to say the least. There's no exact science, but try out 60-75 and see how it feels. For longevity and health reasons, eat a variety of whole foods + protein-rich supplements or foods, and get your B12, Vitamin D & Omega 3's (all are available as non-animal sources). Then get your workout on!!! Can't forget that...


    Feel free to peruse that link I added above. The entire website is non-profit and educational about living long and well on a vegan diet. No corporate sponsors.

  10. No problem. Fantastic website & totally free (no business sponsors AT ALL, EVER). Just nutrition and science...


    I'm curious why taking the water out, then putting it back in (for nuts) is helpful?


    Phytic acid partially reduces mineral absorption. Iron and zinc being the standout in this study shown below. Doesn't say anything about protein, so I would assume it has little or no effect, unless you have evidence to the contrary?



  11. Pre-workout, I'd focus more on complex carbs for energy and endurance, and in post or during an off day - focus more on proteins / fats. Personally, I don't count calories. Just find the right amount of food, for your energy level and goals.


    Throughout the day, the body needs a certain number of proteins / amino acids available to rebuild muscle, since the body doesn't store protein. Your protein amount seems low - For your body weight, ideal protein intake is about 74-92.5 grams for a regular person. But since you're lifting and looking to turn that same weight to muscle mass, I'd aim for more like 100-115.


    Just remember to not load up on proteins and fats before working out. Do it after, or early enough before your workout, so you have time to digest and process it.


    Good luck!

  12. Most of this stuff is above my full understanding, but for any nutrition questions I turn to this website for guidance. It's a non-profit site highlighting and explaining the newest advances in dietary nutrition, in short 2-4 min videos...


    (skip to 1:20 if you want to get right to Phytic acids)




    Not sure about cooking and its effects.

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