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  1. Yeah, my right side is stronger. I try my best to work them both evenly though. Thanks
  2. It has officially been a month since I started working out and eating super clean ..... I think I lost weight way to fast though, in August I was 173lbs, on September 15th I was 149lbs. Im going to definitely tone down my cardio, Im getting a lot of "Skeletor Action" in my chest, lol. Tips and advice would be great. This big picture is in August. This is my progress video after a month in September. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifyExhpGyvo PS. I feel AMAZING August 2013, Flexed, 167 lbs
  3. Hey everyone, I've been trying out the raw food diet for a few days now, I actually enjoy it a ton! I would like to know some key places to get my macros from so I can get a good amount of carbs, proteins, and fats. By the way, I stopped eating grains. Thanks
  4. My Raw Breakfast Celery, kale, brazil nuts, cashews, corn, lettuce, apples
  5. I'm going to try eating raw. When I get the chance I'm definitely going to buy more fruit. Shout outs to my cousin for helping me buy some of the stuff, I'm broke. XD Kale, apples, carrots, celery, nuts(un-salted)
  6. Lol, yea man I really do train 6 days a week, the 7th day is only when I'm really feeling hyped up though. Also, I do train different body parts every day. My training looks something like this: 1(back,chest,traps,abs,cardio) 2(legs,cardio) 3(bicep,tricep,abs,cardio) 4(back,chest,traps,cardio) 5(bicep,tricep,legs) 6(legs) 7(If I feel like it, if im not groveling in pain, lol.
  7. Im a male, 5ft 8in, and I weigh 155lbs. Everything in the picture is what I eat on a daily basis. The lentils are the "Goya" brand, my cardio is moderate and steady paced 4 days a week for 10 minutes. My weight training is 6-7 days a week, usually 6 with a one day rest. Thanks, I'm going to switch out one cup of brown rice and try to use kale, broccoli or spinach. By the way, what's your take on brown rice? And also what do you use as your sources of carbs, proteins, and fats? Thanks.
  8. During the week I eat brown rice, lentils, plantain (boiled), onions, cabbage, lettuce, apples, bananas and sweet potatoes. I would buy quinoa and more of a variety of fruits, but I can only afford bananas brown rice and lentils. I'm trying to lose fat and build more muscle. I'm thinking of EVENTUALLY buying this protein powder called "Garden Of Life". Any thoughts or tips to help me with my goals in nutrition and fitness would be great! O yea, I drink only water and I drink about 1 gallon a day. 2 cups brown rice, 2/4 cup lentils, lettuce, plantain (boiled), and sweet potato (boiled).
  9. I'm glad your here! Their are plenty of motivating people on this site, if you need help I'm sure you'll find just that and more on veganbodybuilding.com !
  10. Glad your here, welcome to the site
  11. Wow, thats a really nice picture.
  12. Thats a real nice looking store. Best wishes!
  13. Lol, I guess I remembered when I became a vegan because it was a major life decision of mine. Also, My goal is to have that "lean but ripped" look. I want to be lean but have that noticible mass and definition, especially in the abdomen....
  14. You already look like your pretty lean man, lol By the way, when did you first start to workout?
  15. Your body fat seems to be decent, follow their tips and you'll have those abs you want in no time
  16. I can definitely see your progress man, stick with it.
  17. Good progress man, keep making short term goals for yourself. Make a journal and measure yourself to, it helps...
  18. I'm sure your trainer has great advice, but listen to your body. Know one knows how your body is feeling, but you. Keep making Gainz
  19. Thats crazy! Do you drink water only? I know thats what really helped me.
  20. I love seeing progress photos of people, they keep my workouts intense and motivate me! Nice progress Btw, best believe its gona take time because your already pretty lean....
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