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  1. Hello! I am down to the last 10 pounds and have been struggling with this for a while. I can definitely see muscle gains in my arms and legs from my workouts but seem to be eluded when it comes to losing the excess belly and muffin top fat. I recently added in more cardio, feel I eat well but realize I should really start tracking it to see how I am honestly eating. Do any of you have an app you prefer? I was looking at MyFitnessPal or Cron-0meter but will take any recommendations. Thank you!!
  2. Thank you! Looking forward to applying what I learn! ~Nancy
  3. I am not exactly sure what to say here but definitely want to get on board with using this forum so figure the introduction section is the place to start. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years, vegan for the last six, and love living a life that reflects my values. My journey began purely for ethical reasons but as I read more and more I began to understand the nutritional aspect of it also. In October 2008 my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer and I went into research overdrive..........how I ate changed dramatically. I cut out all dairy and chose whole foods over processed. My husband embraced this and we were given a gift of hope in the kitchen. Sadly, his disease was quite aggressive and he moved on in his journey in November 2009. Since then I have continued to eat a healthy diet and live according to my values, as I want this for myself and to pass along to my young son. The past few years have been a roller coaster and I am ready for a change; I have an overwhelming desire to take the way I eat, the way I workout, to the next level. I don't want to hear myself anymore say " I wish I could look like that, workout like that, etc." I just want to do it AND stick with it. I will be 50 next year and want to enter this cycle of my life knowing I am doing everything I can to be the best I can. I love fitness, always am reading about it (along with plant based nutrition), workout on a somewhat regular basis (more with weights than cardio, and I SOOO need cardio), but never stay with any plan long enough to see real results. I want this to be the year. Do I want to be a competitive body builder in my age group, not right now. Do I want to finally compete against myself, absolutely! I find I give up with various workouts and eating plans before any change can happen, and I don't want to be that person anymore. I know my personality and working out, logging in a journal, will get me started, but I will need accountability and help with resources all along the way. This seems to be the right place for that!! And, if anyone knows of any vegan personal trainers in my area, I would love the referral. Looking forward to a healthier, fitter 2014! Thanks for offering this forum and website full of resources!! ~Nancy G.
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