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  1. sounds like something that the government and food administrations need to crack down on to me
  2. Why on pretty much everything you eat , does in the nutritional label , does it leave stuff off and when talks about it on the ingredients names what it left off on the nutritional part... for example , trans fats , on everything pretty much if it says 0 trans fat , on the ingredients it says hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil.. which is basically trans fat. Why is this even legal and allowed. same goes for sugar , carbs , etc. its misleading , thats like going to a car lot and buying a car that the sales person said he just got back from a test drive with it and it drives fine , as soon as you pay for it .... try to crank it up , theres no engine.
  3. How would you store your food when you got it?
  4. Im not a vegan but looking for a way to eat healthier , no transfat , and so on So im just wondering if I switched to eating nothing but lean meats I.E. chicken , tuna mostly for my protein source even though would be taking protein shakes but only about 50g from shakes a day. aiming for around a 5000 calorie diet , how much would it cost me to live for a week just in your opinion. With most of the food being bought being fruits and vegetables.
  5. Well I have just decided to start working out again... I dont have gym membership and cant afford one so for now. Im stuck at my house doing a weak routine Monday , Wednesday , Friday - 1 set of pushups to near failure , 1 set of handstand pushups to near failure , 1 set of bodyweight squats to near failure , 1 set of bicycle crunches to near failure , 1 set of normal crunches to near failure , 1 set of pullups to near failure , 1 set of chinups to near failure I know this routine sucks.. But well until I get chance to get back into the gym to start using freeweights im just doing to do a short routine like this. I might even overtrain from this routine but I doubt it. Also im not a vegan , but well ive been eating more fruits and vegetables and trying to stay away from meat , n dairy , and anything with saturate fat in it ( animal fat ) Except that ive been eating alot of peanut butter lately. Im going to start buying jars of peanut butter and whenever im hungry dunk in my keiber townhouse crackers and have a go at it also eat vegetables and whatever mom cooks for dinner. Because peanut butter is good for bulking it has around 6650 calories per jar , and 280g of protein per jar , 245 carbs per jar.. its also got alot of fat which is good for produces hormones in the body. Same thing with sodium and it has 5250mg of sodium per jar... I will be drinking 2 gallons of water a day and I think I might also try to get off my ass and go running everyday or almost everyday also. Also EFA slightly raise testosterone levels , so me eating almost a whole jar a day or almost a whole jar a day should help me pack on some muscles , and alot of weight even if its going to be fat weight im packing on I have a fast metabolism and Im going to burn it off once I get back into the gym anyway.
  6. Umm.. Well since im only 15 wont turn 16 till July 2nd which is in about a week.. I dont have a job yet so parents have to fund for my supplements and everything and we dont have much money..... So actually I havent touched creatine , protein shakes , vitamins or anything for about atleast 2 months... And I didnt really take anything for nitrogen balance whenever I was working out. I didnt know as much about bodybuilding as I do now. I basically just knew about taking carbs after workout to stop cortisol , and to take in lots of protein... And I would make great gains with just know that... But well I didnt take anything to keep a positive nitrogen balance back then I just got alot of it from my whey protein shakes I guess. Maybe a little nitrogen from my diet which wasnt and isnt really that good now either.
  7. Creatine Ethyl Ester has barely any water retention because almost 100% of it is absorbed into the cells. But like all creatines its best to take in juice. In my opinion grade juice is the best because it raises your insulin the most. But like with all creatine it lowers your bodys natural creatine production so your gains will start to drop. So you need to take a couple weeks off from creatine to allow your body to build back up a good natural creatine level. Then you can start using creatine again. With monohydrate you have to do a loading phase cause the absorbtion of the creatine sucks. But with Ethyl Ester you do not need a loading phase.
  8. Back over last summer , I did monday- chest shoulders triceps wednesday - quads hams calfs and friday - abs back and biceps... mondays I would do a set of pushups to failure before I would go outside and do my little workout and also a set of handstand pushups to failure... wednesday - a set of bodyweight squats to failure and friday - a set of bicycle crunches to failure... I worked my way up to having 120pushups at 1 time before I went and did my 30handstand pushups before going to do my workout outside , but then I got lazy and started partying down at my cousins house drinkin n smokin.. and like didnt start working out again till beginning of 2nd semester... My pushups dropped to like 50 , I lost alot of muscle endurance since then and havent gained it back up yet. Because I am focusing on a powerlifting program right now once I get back in the gym to raise my benching power instead of endurance. But once I graduate from highschool and start boxing or UFC I still start back that routine that I did that got me up to 120pushups
  9. Well brown rice would be an easy way to get protein in my diet , and its pretty cheap. But I want soy protein because soy protein has more nutritional value than it , has alot more nutrients and vitamins in it... And it is full of glutamine to help recover muscles and keep you from overtraining , and also alot of studies that I did say that soy protein , that it reduces alot of types of cancer , and is good for your heart. It also is slow digesting so that I could space meals out a little further which means if I cant get to a protein shake in 2 hours I wont starve my body of the nutrients because it would still be in my body. So I would have an extra maybe hour so I could stop any negative effects on my muscles from not eating in time. Soy protein contains alot of arginine , which helps to aid in immune system and release of growth hormones.. and glutamine does the same thing. And soy protein contains daidzein isolflavones which is believed by many scientists to reduce estrogen because it acts like the drug Nolvadex an anti-estrogen staple... One of the downsides that I find though is that soy protein doesnt help with nitrogen balance and the human body can only repair muscle tissue when in a positive nitrogen balance ... But I will be taking alot of vitamins and also , I will add in an aminogen/nitrogen vitamin into my protein shake that I order off of www.trueprotein.com But I will still have a 35% of whey protein isolate microfiltration added to add in nitrogen and quick release of protein in order to help feed muscles aminoacids ASAP once I take it after training OH and willpeavy have you had any signs of lowered testosterone from taking soy protein? Like less energy than normal , not been as horny? or erections aint been has stiff? Just so I can make sure that the research that I have made is correct and that it doesnt not lower testosterone , and that it either does not affect it or raises it
  10. increasing your testosterone production makes your balls bigger.. if thats what you ment by exercising them... you could hand weights on em or stretch em wit ur hand if you wanted em to hang lower because would stretch the skin.. kegels strengthen your PC muscle allowing you to last longer in bed or masterbation or whatever so when you climax its a bigger orgasm because you can hold the orgasm longer. Which kegels also make your erections harder and they might raise your testosterone levels since testosterone is what allows you to get erections and since makes the erections stronger.
  11. Sexual stimulation causes the body to increase the production of oxytocin which increases endorphin production (the feel good chemical) and this also raises testosterone. getting enough sleep will raise your testosterone levels , not getting enough sleep raises cortisol levels which lowers testosterone levels. eating alot of vegetables... which you eat lol .. lowers estrogen there by raising test levels because estrogen and testosterone try to balance each other out and since you lower estrogen your testosterone levels that are left over help you build muscle and whatever else. Alcohol messes up your testosterone levels tremendously try to stay away from it. Squats and leg exercises produce the alot of testosterone , but deadlifts are the best to do to increase testosterone production because it works more muscles than any other exercise... and compound exercises are the best one to do to raise testosterone levels Increase your EFA consumption. Essential Fatty Acids from sources such as peanuts, avocadoes, fish and healthy oils like flax seed, olive and canola are a great way to naturally boost testosterone levels. Always train with 100% effort and intensity. If you want to see real muscle gains, you must be willing to push yourself to the limit in the gym. greater muscular stress in the gym translates to higher testosterone output. But about the pumpkin seeds lowering testosterone... umm I have no idea on that .. I havent ever done research on that lol.
  12. Try supplementing some potassium in your diet to help or eliminate the muscle cramps , but I havent ever had any side effects from creatine... But well which type of creatine are you using??? Because if your using creatine monohydrate try either switching to creatine ethyl ester , it has a ester attached to the monohydrate molecules to make it absorb almost 100% into the cells which means you have very little side effect if any , and your strength gains will soar through the roof because of the more creatine your cells are holding.. I would also up your water intake to 2 gallons if possible... and if your not drinking distilled water try drinking it... Or if your drinking normal water not distilled , then you could even up it to 3 gallons a day. But if you start using distilled if your not already dont go 3 or 4 gallons because will/ or can cause your cells to swell or burst and thats not good at all.
  13. Alright well I have just joined the forum , and I am not a vegan but I have alot of questions about the nutrition. But well Soy Protein , Ive done alot of research on it because I am planning on starting my powerlifting routine very soon. So well I was going to use soy protein because of how much glutamine it contains and all the other nutritious benefits of it... But well the bodybuilding forum that I us , They said to stay away from soy protein even though because of all the other benefits of it , because soy protein raises estrogen levels which is bad for bodybuilding because it can cause gyno and alot of other problems. Well on www.trueprotein.com the site where I am going to be getting alot of my protein and supplements from. They say on the information of soy protein that it is known for its anti-estrogenic effects , Which the people on bodybuilding forum still say stay away from it because the elevated estrogen. So I did more research and found even more good things about soy protein. Which among one of them was that soy protein doesnt lower or raise estrogen , but it contains a similiar hormone to estrogen but doesnt have the effects of gyno and other bad effects of estrogen even though it acts like estrogen.... So basically out all of my ranting above im trying to find out from Vegans there opinion on soy protein , does it raise estrogen or cause gyno? Because I would love to use like a *soy65/35whey* mixture of soy protein and whey protein for the effects of soy protein and the quick absortion of BCAA that whey protein gives. If the soy did not have any negative effects on bodybuilding because of estrogen
  14. Malic


    Alright well im 15 my birthday is July 2 , my name is Chris Winfield and im not sure of my height either 5'9-5'10" I presume , I weigh 140. Im rising junior in highschool , and live in the US in North Carolina , and was born in New York. I love sports my favorite sports are UFC , Boxing , Football , Basketball , and Wrestling. I plan on either training for boxing or the UFC once I get out of highschool if I dont get a scholarship for college. For now until my 12th grade year in highschool im going to start a powerlifting routine that I have been looking at for a while. That I could not start because I had Strength and Conditioning for my 2nd semester when the school year was still going. At the end of my 10th grade year my maxout on bench was 225 , my squat max was 200 , and my hangclean max was 170. I started off with a max of 160 on bench and I dont know what my other maxes were I missed the maxout days for those exercises. But I have not worked out since that last day of school strength and conditioning which was like june 5th or something like that. I also weighed 140 at the beginning of Strength and Conditioning and am bigger now and a little less physique , But I still weigh the exact same weight. Im not a Vegan but I see alot of benefits from the nutrition of being a vegan. So I thought that I would just stop by and become a member to the forum and learn more about the vegan nutrition because all of the benefits I see from it.
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