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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and the fitness side, but not new to veganism. I've been vegan for almost 5 years and I've loved every minute. However, I haven't always been the healthiest vegan. I fell into the trap of eating too many processed foods and thinking it was okay because it was vegan. So, here's my situation and my goals: 9 years ago I gained a lot of weight (over 100 lbs.) during my pregnancy (I was not vegan at the time) because of health complications. I lost some of it, but then gave up. I thought when I went vegan that I would naturally lose the rest of it, but I wasn't eating foods that were good for me(a lot of processed foods). So, about 3 months ago I decided enough was enough. I changed my diet to low carbs (like I did when I was a meat eater and lost weight before) and started walking/jogging and strength training. I dropped 10 lbs. in the first month. Now, I'm in my 6th week of P90X Lean Version (which I love), and have felt sluggish since I started and have had some digestive issues. My weight loss has slowed down since I started P90X (2 lbs. in 6 weeks). I realize that I'm gaining muscle and my measurements are reflecting that, but I want to make sure I'm burning the fat as well as gaining the muscle. I believe the my diet needs to be adjusted to make sure that happens. And that's where I need help. What does a typical day look like? Should I be concerned with calories? If so, how much? How much protein? How much carbs? How much fat? Should I do a protein shake? Etc. I would appreciate any help and suggestions!
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