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  1. I'm on SL5x5, I took a week off last month and deloaded twice. Nothing intense, I bike to work everyday for 30 minutes. I plugged in my meals from yesterday and I got around 3500 calories, a conservative estimate. I will consider a medical check once I have access next month. I got my form checked. I do have a muscle imbalance, but my form is correct as far as I know. I do everything in front of a mirror and pretty sure I'm doing it right. Not yet, I will try this next time. Thanks Stuck on this weight for a month. I deloaded and worked back up to this weight and still am having trouble going over. Should I deload again? Or should I just stay on this weight and keep trying? Good job man. What kind of corrections did you have to make for your squat? I deloaded once before, should I deload again? Unless I'm being impatient. That's true. I tried 80/10/10 before SL5x5, but I ended up feeling very tired and bloated for some reason. Do you recommend increasing carb?
  2. I'm training 3 times a week. I take a week off after a month. I'll keep you updated man.
  3. I'm a male/20 years old. I never weight lifted before. My squat and deadlift are stuck at 160 lbs and my bench is at 100. I've been stuck at this weight for awhile.. I was making good progress up until I hit this weight and I can't seem to get any higher. I tried pushing it and I nearly injured myself. My body weight is stuck at 145 (I'm 5'11). I can eat nearly 4000 calories and still not gain any weight and it's really frustrating (around 40% carb, 30% fat, 30% protein, vegan - I don't thrive on 80/10/10 or any high carb). Any idea what I might be doing wrong??
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