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  1. Hi Sarina, Thanks for sharing your links.. I will be sure to check them out as I love cooking too. Take care
  2. Brilliant story Emz. I'm not ripped so can't help there.. keep digging and I'm sure someone will help you.
  3. Wow.. toughmudder.. that is a wonderful achievement! I'm sure you'll ditch the 15 no problem. Best of luck!
  4. Hi and welcome. Healing thoughts for your stress fracture. Whatever you do don't over do it in your recovery phase or you will be back to square one. I'm looking forward to following your journal
  5. Wonderful Job and a great story! How did you find juicing for 60 days? I did it for two and started to gag at the thought of it. I really admire you sticking with it John. Is your wife Vegan too - what a great support to you she is! She has probably saved your life
  6. Thanks a million for this Rob. I'll have a good watch at the vids and google MM and get back for further discussion. Cheers. Dee
  7. Congrats on the new business venture. I can't see the pic for some reason. Best of luck
  8. I like the beans and potato with a huge salad option too. You are right OP .. it can be tricky. I work in London and have easy access to lots of Vegan friendly places - especially planet organic of lunch.. gorgeous! However where I live is different.. that can be a bit tricky at times but there is always something. I hear you with staying over at friends though. Initially I gave in and said.. oh I'll be veggie for the weekend rather than vegan.. but I soon stopped that and to be honest I just bring my own bits and bobs with me in a cooler. You just gotta suck it up!
  9. Simple and to the point. I still share youtube videos and articles with my husband which has changed his way of eating over the last few months. It isn't as though he is fat.. he has been eating 'Atkins' style - high meat, low carb for years now. I've been insipidly persuading him to cut down the amount of meat and replace the volume with green vegetables. For many years he would sit with just 6 lamb chops for dinner, or 5 chicken legs, or two huge pork chops. I can't see him ever deciding to stop eating animals but at least, for his health, he is reducing the volume of animal intake.
  10. Hi Rob, Thanks for starting this journal and sharing all your info and videos on the HIT training. It is fascinating and I am enjoying reading / watching the vids. Can you recommend any more? Tonight was my first attempt of training this way. I hope your new gym works out well for you. Dee
  11. I love food idea threads! I am off work today so spent from 1000hrs - 1530hrs doing chores at the field I rent to keep my animals. I packed: 1 x juicy nectarine 1 x orange 1 x corn tortilla wrap containing a mixed leaf salad, celery, tomatoes, scallions and the most delicious Mexican kidney bean burger (home made). veganaise dressing. Bottle of water.
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