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  1. With a busy schedule and desire to burn fat, I'm trying to maximize my workouts by focusing on HIIT. I was inspired by the 12 days of fitness previously posted but was wondering if anyone had other favorite HIIT routines with free weights they would like to share Thanks!
  2. I go to Case Western, it's in Ohio. I'm in the B.S. nutrition program as well as the Didactic Program in Dietetics which is the track to become a registered dietitian. I totally recommend it, the department is awesome.
  3. Around Oct/Nov I plan to make a trip up to Montreal and was wondering if anyone had restaurant recommendations. I browsed for a few online already but was hoping to hear about any local favorites Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Stephanie and after browsing through a forum topics for awhile as a non-member I decided to finally register! I'm very excited to be here. I also belong to the group on facebook but tend to keep quiet there. A few things about myself: I'm about to start my third year of undergrad, majoring in nutrition and working towards becoming an RD (shout-out to all plant-based dietitians!). Previously, I was a long-time volleyball player but after playing my freshman year at college, I decided it was time to pursue different interests. And although I am still happy with that decision, I quickly realized I missed the conditioning that came with it. I picked up running and started to train for a half marathon when instead I registered for the Tough Mudder. During all my years of volleyball, my club team would go to a gym for HIIT and weights. To train for the Tough Mudder, I created an exercise regime of running and lifting. However, last year was my first year in a gym without a trainer. I definitely was nervous and self-conscious! But, thanks to this great site, I was able to learn more about weight training and now I'm a regular gym member and another girl proud to lift with the boys. I completed the Tough Mudder this summer and the experience was amazing. I'm sad it's over but do not plan to end my workout regime anytime soon! Freshman year I'm embarrassed to admit that I did in fact gain the dreaded freshman 15... I'm a big stress eater and have made an oath with myself to deal with stress in healthier ways this year. Although I'm active, the weight has stayed and I'm using this forum as motivation to keep myself disciplined to stay on track with lifting and I want to add more HIIT into my routine. I'm not so much concerned with the number on the scale anymore but I definitely am looking to cut and turn fat into nice vegan muscle. Basically I want to become the fittest me! That's where I'm at right now. I just wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration and I hope to continue learning along this journey and maybe even connect with a few new vegan friends
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