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  1. They do vegan no cheese pizza's now? The bases at Pizza Express in the UK have always been vegan. They will also remove any animal ingredients and replace them with extra vegetable toppings. You can even bring in your own grated cheese and they will cook it with that. This is why it's naughty and I should never be allowed there, ever!
  2. Thanks for your replies guys. I'm finding this forum and invaluable resource.
  3. I do the assisted ones. I weigh 69kg and I go 3x6 reps at 30kg assisted. I've been doing this for ageeeeeees and I'm not able to go up any weight! I think trying the negative ones will help.
  4. I just had a look on You Tube and that looks totally doable. I'll have a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
  5. * 3/4 of my bodyweight on the pull-up machine. * 40kg pulley row * 45kg tricep V rope * 15kg skull crusher * 35kg close grip pull down (lat machine)
  6. It's got to be Pizza Express Gardinera pizza, with a side of dough balls and half a bottle of red wine. This is a once a month treat and I absolutely love it!
  7. They look absolutely delicious! I don't suppose anyone could hazard a guess at marcos?
  8. I've been trying to do pull-ups for over a year now. I've lost a shed ton of body fat, I'm training all the right muscles with my PT, but I just can't do it. I do assisted ones at the gym, but on their own it's impossible for me currently. Any tips on how a female bodied person can do them?
  9. Hello all you lovely vegan body building and fitness people! My name is Emma, but people call me Emz or Emzy. I’m 27 years old and I live in the UK. I’ve been vegan since September 2005 and I’m having a party next weekend to celebrate the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Here’s my fitness story; I was always a fit kid. I was a dancer and I was very good at athletics as a result. When I hit 18, I discovered beer and cigarettes and it all went downhill from there. I put on quite a lot of weight and started the deadly cycle of yo- yo dieting. I ended up weighing around 13 stone, which is roughly 182lbs or 82.5kg. I looked terrible. When my ex-partner left, I decided I was going to turn my life around. I starting going to the gym five days a week and I got myself a personal trainer. I now weigh 70kg and look like your average person. Underneath the average however I am very strong. I’ve been weight lifting the whole time. Now I want to get ripped, or die trying as they say. I don’t want to look average. I want to look BUFF! I already put the time and effort in, now it’s about pushing past the average person and excelling into something else. Not for anyone else, but for me. My new partner is also vegan and shares a love of fitness. I kinda hate him a little bit because he is already ripped and now wants to get bigger. Anyway, I’m hoping this forum will help me get to where I need to be. Finding in-depth information about females getting ripped is difficult and I know there are plenty of ripped females on here, so let’s get talking!  Emz
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