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  1. So I recently begun a new job in which I cant eat throughout the day like I normally do. So every 2-3 hours I can only manage to scoff down a banana or peach but not eat a meal that will sustain me. Im not actually enjoying this way of eating. I have to pound down a huge breakfast, and lunch to get me through the day and when I return home eat another sizable meal. If you eat only 3 large meals a day, how do you manage throughout? What does your meals look like? I just really need some help now in this area. Thanks!
  2. Hi. Quick question about what you eat as a pre-workout. I usually eat about 2-3 pieces of fruit, then hit weights (6 body parts- 3 sets each), and a 10-15 minute interval/HIIT training afterwards. Then I return home and eat a sizable breakfast/postworkout.
  3. I just started back up with exercising after a 4 month hiatus. I am considering carb cycling, but think it might be harder as a vegan to get a good results doing weight loss this way. My goal is to add more muscle and reduce my 36% body fat. Any ideas about this?
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