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  1. Always used Sunwarrior-Warriorblend and never been disappointed : nice quality-price and super tasty. U can even go cheaper keeping a good quality with myprotein vegan blen or soy isolate
  2. Hi, I'm dieting hard and taking some supplements: -Preworkount containing carnitine for fat burn -essential amminos post workout with 2 scoops of protein for muscle sustain in my weightloss -L-gluta before sleep to boost recovery I've restarted to lift 1 month ago and feeling pretty solid on all 3 main lifts (im going already decently heavy). Would you suggest me to take BCAA instead of essential amminos post workout? Lost already 7kg from christmas, eating clean and healty everyday, and looks like im not loosing lean mass (ofc all supplements im taking are veg certified) Also any supplementing and dieting tips is appreciated Veg power.
  3. Hi, i was planning to train farmer walk in a spot where i can do it uphill. Since the road its quite steep my question regard the downhill walk. Is it dangerous for my knees as exemple to walk downhill with weights, such as a copule of kettlebells or a sandbag, or is safe to do that?
  4. Little update: I'm training almost every morning: i have kettlebell conditioning (mostly circuit training, or superset stuff) or swimming. I've addedd 2-3 times per week gym in the evening. Regarding the eating part im having big salads with tofu/seitan/beans as lunch and diner and trying to keep my snacks clean (nut butter with rice crackers, nuts and fruit). Since i've always been a big fan of intermintent fasting eating im skipping breakfast and start to eat around half day 1-2pm, is that a good choice? I hope to lose around 20kg in 3-4 months, will this plan give me results? Thankyou for the forum and the nice ideas it always gave me
  5. Hi, I will go straight to my problem: I gained a lot of weight. I had some healt problem and my diet became a mess so it ended in being fat. I'm working to fix thigns up, get back to the gym and to my normal life, at the moment im training at home with kettelbells or im going to the swimming pool, training 5-6 times a week from 3 weeks. I found i'm having some serious problem to administrate my diet. In the past i've been raw eating for a copule of months while training and i found it a good idea. What do you think? I really dont know where to start, so any suggestion regarding a raw or standard meal plan is appreciated Thank you everyone
  6. Sunday Oct 13: Eat and Lift! Long time from the last log . Time to catch up: I don't know if I can go back for 8 days but will try to the overall situation ! With classes started again at full pace my schedule is quite full: Monday 2pm-6pm, Tuesday to Friday 9am-4/6pm. I managed to adapt my workout schedule like that: -Saturday, Sunday, Monday: Morning training, usually back/chest/legs. -Tuesday, Wednesday: Gym before diner, shoulders, legs and/or lower back (aka deadlifts) -Thursday: Rest/free training day. Usually some running or some bodyweight training, maybe a kettlebell session at home. -Friday: got long lunch break 11am to 2pm so i have time to fo for some strenght training followed by a crossfit class. It looks quite ok since Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are the days when i got more energies to spend, and resting on Thursday help me to tackle the last day of the week with some renewed strenght. Usually Saturday training is lighter, focusing on upper back and biceps, and anyway according to Friday training session so I can be ready to push my legs, shoulders and back on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Last days was something like: Tuesday Wod: Amrap 18':10 alternate db statch each side10 box step with db10 db push press (5/side) 6 rounds + 38 reps @35lb dumbell Friday Wod: Amrap 12':10 handstand push-up15 wall-ball @12kg25 american swing @24kg Cash out:60 pull-ups Saturday: Since my back was pretty sore i switched and had chest! Flat bench pressIncline dumbell pressWeighted dipsDumbell FlyesPush ups Today i had a monster back and biceps workout and a big cheat in post workout meal (What better time to do that ?)... Since i've been cutting there was lot of food that was expiring: mainly a carton of chocolate soy milk, half jar of peanut butter and half of cashew butter plus an opened oatmeal pack (of a brand that i don't like so much so i wanted to end it fast... xD). Here: http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/5954/raqo.jpg And here it's what is remaning after 15 min from: 1lt of chocolate soy milk, about 400g of oat, peanut and cashew butter and tons of frut xD http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/7776/t4ng.jpg Tomorrow for legs day i've something fun in my mind . Back squat, front squat, and overead squat all togheter!!! And maybe some decent log .
  7. Saturday Oct 05: Eat and lift! Woooo! Big surfing today! I love unexpected waves ! Want to ear something fun? While we were in the water (surfing actually xD) someone opened our car, stole our pants (i was with 2 friends), closed the car and put the key back where they were hidden . Damn sick people!! Can you picture 3 surfers going to the police station, with just underpants on the lower body, and you know after surfing... wet hairs, looking pretty messy and tired... In the end they stole from me (in additions to the pants and the belt), my phone (a cheap one so i don't care) and my camera (with also lot of pics i took in the past days ) and..... home and car keys, so i had to call my mom to return home and my car now is parked close to my friend house wich is located on the other side of the city . Waaaa! Who cares, I just want to sleep right now! I'm really tired and tomorrow is shoulders day, and ofc surfing didn't do good to my lower back pain xD! Aloha!
  8. Friday Oct 04: Eat and Lift! Suddenly i realized that it's october, and it's autumn! The floor of my "gym" is getting covered by brown, orange, and yellow leafs .... And it's "romics" time: it's like a comic-con but much smaller xD! I had in program to do a cosplay this year too, but since i went crazy (lol) everything derailed. Anyway this is a pick from the cosplay i did last year, still skin and bones, i were just at the start of my training (sweet memories )! http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/6083/8h7x.jpg (i know that the hut is from star wars but it fitted so well xD) So as i said no cosplay this year, I wanted to do a gladiator from spartacus tv series, that's why i wanted to cut a little bit but everyting got fucked up xD. Next year on april this is the "cosplay-goal": http://cdn.hitfix.com/photos/1664444/Will-we-see-Thor-2-vs.-the-One-Direction-3D-movie_gallery_primary.jpg Time to have some serious bulk ! I just went to the Con yesterday and bought some stuff, tomorrow i'll go again and take a lot of pics . Let's get serious again. Yesterday i wanted to have some shoulders but my lower back were aching from the leg day so i had chest again and today back (no deadlifts of course xD). In more short terms goals im aiming to get a decent score here, to get back in shape.... https://regonline.activeeurope.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1292421 . Online qualification wod the 28th of october, I have one month! I don't aim to qualification ofc xD! Thursday 03: chest Warm-upIncline dumbell bench press: 3x12, 1x10, 1x8 (last set @24kg)Weighted dip: 12@bw, 10@10kg, 10@15kg, 8@15kg, [email protected] press: 4 or 5 sets, didnt trackDecline flyes: Had 2 sets then moved on since we don't have a proper delined benchPush-up: 4x20, very wide, with hands on 2 bricks so i could go down deep (to give more squeeze effect, like on flyes or crossovers). Today: back Warm-up: 10min rope jump. Stretches and lat activation. Total of: 2min v-hang/l-hang hold, 2min superman hold.Wide pull-up: 4x6Barrbell row: 20@empty, 15@30kg, 12@40kg, 10@40kg, 10@45kg, 8@45kg, [email protected] pull-up: 8@5kg, 2x5@5kg, 4@10kgT-bar row (gripping by a towel): 6xmax (last @10reps/45kgOne-arm dumbell row: 5x10@20kgPull-up variations: 6 sets in totalDumbell alternating curl: 3xmax From next week i will do crossfit about 2 or 3 times a week since i'll be five days a week morning to evening in university and the box is pretty closoe, go train in my gym in the morning when i can, and go to a real gym in the evening (since i can't try with dark in mine ), I just made a really cool and flexible meal plan that will help me not going crazy and.... that's all, my last weekend of freedom !
  9. So much recipes ! Too bad i didnt found it earlier, I'm making the red peppers hummus right now for lunch and then try all the rest for sure! Everything looks amazing and tasty !
  10. Thank you ! Probably it was an excessive vent .Everything's better after some ass to the grass squat!! Exepct i can't do stairs without the handrail xD!! Hope you're feeling better now, last time you were sick =(! Anyway "Roots" by sepoltura is a fuckin good album, and it happens that while I was reading that post i was updating my workout playlist and sepoltura was a really good addition, that wild/savage sound really boost you xD! I'm sorry that by times i always disappear for a copule of days, is just that sometimes i got so idiot that i can't keep up even with myself ahahah! Anyway, something is really changing day by day. Depsite the moments of discomfort I'm getting more and more knowledge of myself, and this make me feel really better after these moments. I'm facing the problems with a new prespective, I'm more concious of what I am and hopefully of what i want. I'm really confident in tomorrow, whatever i'm going to do PS I had my (healty) bananasplit today as breakfast . Just made my protein shake, I always make it really dense to eat it with a spoon (love it!), then splitted the banana and spreaded a teaspoon of peanut butter on it, put the protein pudding on top and let it in the freezer 20/25min while i had some stretch: it worked .
  11. Wednesday Oct 02: Eat and Lift! ...know what? You want to lift? Go out and lift! What's the first thing i said? No excuses! Today is SQAT DAY!!Warm-up: 10min rope jump, 2x15 bodyweight squat, 2x15 sit-up, 2x15 push-up. 3sets of 30sec hollow rock hold, 30sec pike stretch. Sampson stretch. 10 more bodyweight squat. Hip mobility and side split/front split hold.Back squat:10reps @empty barrbell20reps @30kg20reps @40kg15reps @50kg12reps @50kg12reps @60kg10reps @60kg10reps @70kg 5reps @70kg2x5 @80kg2xmax @80kg (4-3 reps)[*]Barrbell lunges 30 @15kg24 @15kg20 @15kg2x20 @30kg[*]Front squat 15reps @30kg15reps @50kgmax @50kg (13reps)2xmax @70kg (5-5 reps) I should have loaded 90kg at 2x5 and 2xmax of back squat, put more load on those lunges, and for sure had more reps in 50kg set of front squat (and maybe even with 70kg) but I'm quite satisfied, I need to restart workout serious again with no more paranoids and shits, to be focused and dedicated. See you next week legs xD! (I may get some deadlifts in the weekend when i'll go for back). OOH! And i had 10 min of uphill biking to go back home, that killed me xD.
  12. Wuahahah you're great xD. Actually i still got a quite long pointy beard and planning to grow again the rest soon.... Maybe.... Or maybe cut it all . About the rest, what to say guys? Had a nice chest workout yesterday in the morning:Warm-up: begin and end with 50 crunches and 2sets of 15xpush-up, 60sec plank, 30 sec (each side) side plank, 60sec bridge hold. Then 10rounds 15sec work/15sec rest alternating tuck-planche and l-sit. 4x20 weighted push-upWeighted dips: 5x8 15kg4 superset of:Bench press, Ring push-upDumbell flyes, Narrow push-up8reps for first exercise and max reps for second And some really nice surfing in the evening, just at sunset... Actually one of the best sessions from long time, I felt free like i didn't from months... It really lifted me up at first but today i feel really shitty: I'm back with my studies, I wanted to workout but I didnt (anyway i probably needed a rest day so it's fine), I'm eating less but it looks like I'm gaining fat, I want to eat more and healty but the only things i can think are nasty cheats (like: 1kg of oatmeal with 2 liters of chocolate soy-milk and 1 jar of peanut butter, banana-split, tons of cakes, and binges in general, also pizza and burritos sometimes even if i don't like it very much the savory). Feel like i'm training for nothing, like i'm not doing enough, feel confused about my training programm, loosing tracks of my workouts in my journal, feel beated and, once again, the thing i hate most: food is my main thought.I want to push more on weights, I want to get big, I want to get fit again, not to struggle after 50kg thrusters at the box or on 15kg dips at the gym but my strenght left me and is all about the fuckin food. I want and I have to do something about this but once again the only thing i can think is to cheat, is that get "full" can solve it all, fill this discomfort. Wanted to take a pick to show you guys how beautifull was the sea yesterday, and how such a simple thing can make you feel in peace and in your place but I forgot my camera.
  13. Sunday Sep 29: Eat and Lift! Actually is an endless cirle: when you eat you get in the "obese" mind set, when you diet you get in the "anorexic" mindset. You have to stay between but the more you get stressed the smaller the "flutuation" area get and even a little change in excess or in deficit make your head explode. Crazy uh!? When i started this journal I really didn't think to be so troubled, and a few months ago still had no idea that such a thing could give me to think about once again. Anyway today i'm in a nice mood so it's not time for these talks!! It's rainy outside, i've just worked out and now i will get an hot shower before locking myself at home with my dear chemistry book for a long day of studying! Today i had some cardio, abs, and biceps/back:Started out with 20min of runningThen abs:3x20 sit up3x10 strict toe to bar3x10 hanging leg lateral rise (each side)3x10 decline weighted sit-up[*] Ended with arms and back4x8 ring rowWeighted chin-up: starting the set with 10kg and dropping to 5kg when i went out of reps 2x8 (5+3) and 2x7 (4+3)4x6 close-grip pull-ups4x8 barrbell curlIn fact it was a quick workout since was starting to rain. I had 30sec rest between abs sets and 1min for the rest, slighty more between different exercises. I'm also figuring out something more about this "schedule", there's going to be some surprise the next days (If it dont rain to much ). See you later!
  14. Saturday Sep 28: Eat and Lift! Had a nice legs/shoulder workout today:Warm up: 10min rope, 3x20 push-up, 3x20 bodyweight squat, 3x20 sit-upUpright row: 4x8Seated dumbell press: 4x8Back squat: 2 warmup sets and then 5x5push press: 2x12Overheard plate lunges: 2x40 steps And my way back to bulk start up today: I'm going to the indian restaurant, eating some shit! Edit: Ok! I needed a cheat... Feel guilty... Feel anxiety because someone might have put something non-vegan in my plate but... feel better! These weeks of cut should have ended the 4th of october (next week) and the goal was to be "ripped" for the next weekend (later i will tell you why). Actually durning this period i completley lost sight of my goal, in the last few days i completely forgot that this had to come to an end, it was no more an effort to achieve a goal, it became my life, something that had to last. It became a fight with a forgotten enemy. I don't know how to explain that but my motivations was lost since i had no more goals then i was only dragging myself trought that. Today when I was eating realized that when i'm eating there's a certain point that once i overcome it's like i can't turn back. I used to be fat when i was young, really fat, obese... I was over 250lb. When i became 18 troubles were already started: I was depressed, I didn't go to school, I had trouble at home and problems with food begun (or was already started?). It all started a night after i ate a kebab, once at home i thrown up... After the first time it did not take long to become an habit, I'll spare you the talk about "throw up the food is like throw up the world, throw up the things you do not like" that took me to something like "I dont even want to get the world and the things i do not like inside" and to actually stop eating. Later in summer it became an obsession, in a moment of strong stress everything escaped me and the food was the only thing that I could control and day after day, week after week i dropped down to 120lb. Then the binges restarted, then the puking, and then the no-eating and so on. But going back to the point, there's a moment when i'm eating, the moment when i lose control that i feel like it has to be forever and not just that bite. A moment when i feel like i want to keep eating forever, like i have to keep eating forever, to go home and binge, to binge again tomorrow, like "ok you're done, you're fat again, just eat". I started it all with the wrong setting, i started it all as a "punishment" for my holliday... But now i will go through these last days concious of where i started and curious to see where i will arrive as it should be (easy to talk now that i'm full of carbs and sodium aka rice legumes and spices xD, last weekend of your cutting: the best moment for a cheat! Lol I'm kidding, i didn't know it was ending ), and the desire to look at the future objectives.
  15. Naah! We like food porn xD. Just kidding, I'm really curious to hear news from the arizona cut program. Your schedule looks really tough! Good job! And good luck!
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