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  1. Those meals look delicious! Great idea you had for the photo blog, I will keep checking back for ideas
  2. Thanks for that, Meshikiara! I won't go below 1200 calories, in fact, anything close to that number will leave me hungry and grumpy. I think I will stick with 1500 calories, have been doing that for a while and I feel quite good on it. Some days I am hungrier than others, depending on stress and workout. I am thinking of fasting once a week, every Sunday. What is your opinion on that?
  3. All of your food looks amazing! And I love your running trails! I also come across the occasional deer when I go out for a run
  4. Great workout and your lunch looks delish! I too, find myself to be so much hungrier. I could eat all day! I also know the fear of gaining all the weight back again... I don't ever want to be that vulnerable again. We just have to make sure we take care of our bodies real well. Our fear of gaining the weight back could cause us to undereat... Your bigger dinner last night could have been just what your body needed!
  5. You never know... I guess it is the same thing when I prepare my food in the same kitchen that my husband cooks his (unfortunately non-vegan!) meals in. But I sure hope that they clean the machines after each usage, just like the hubster does!
  6. Thanks for your reply! Should I look for soy-based proteins?
  7. Oh, and another question: I see many of you are using protein powder. Can I achieve my protein goals without it?
  8. Hi! I just joined yesterday as well! If you are like me, stuff your cravings with fresh fruits and vegs, and you will no longer crave them. Instead, you will crave high nutritious foods Worked for me and I hope it will for you too! I was highly addicted to chocolate, pizza and bread and I never crave those anymore... But if you do, there are always vegan alternatives!
  9. Hey everyone! After losing a ton of weight, I now want to sculpt my body and want to become really lean. I still want to get rid of some last pounds, I think lifting weights will help with that as well. Just some vanity pounds. What macros would be best for me? I am an active 29yo female. I am a nurse and spend 8 hours daily mostly on my feet. Not much sitting at all, maybe a total of 1 hour at work max. I run most days after work (30min - an hour). Should I cut back on the cardio now and start lifting on most days? I am thinking of doing Insanity instead of running, as it trains all body parts and is really intense. I love pushing myself, running has become a walk in the park for me now. I want to eat clean and want to eat most calories from veggies and fruit - is that possible? I have done a mostly fruitarian diet in the past year, but haven't built much muscle in that time period (even lost a fair amount!!) and am looking forward to a lean physique now! Anyway, I am guessing ~2000 calories, 40C 30F 30P? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Neraida
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