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  1. Thank you! Yes I eat lots of seeds, but I'm just too frightened to give them to my daughter, only because she is allergic to sesame seeds. I think il make up some little seed snack bags to keep in my handbag. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the encouragement guys! I think I put so much pressure on myself to eat a perfect diet! Lucky I don't eat any takeaway or junk due to my daughters anaphylaxis. I just really like chocolate! Lol! Looking forward to going back to the gym this week after the kids have had colds. My daughter is allergic to all nuts, sesame, pine nuts, banana!! And penicillin. Vegan is tough because of the no nuts or banana, and she is also wheat and casein free. She hates meat too, so that just leaves fruit, veg, rice, legumes and lentils trying my best!!
  3. Hi everyone I have absolutely no idea what I'm here for .... It just 'feels' right. I'm struggling to go vegan/plant based. I'm almost there, but I keep giving in to coffee (with milk) and chocolate every time I feel stressed, which is a lot as I am mum to multiple food allergies and autism spectrum. Currently 8 kgs overweight and full of excuses. Just got a new gym membership and got a close friend who is raw vegan and bodybuilding. Looking to learn a lot from the forum, but I guess I am looking for a place to ask questions without fear or judgement
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