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  1. It took a while to grow calluses on soles of the feet. Now no going back! I squat and deadlift barefoot as well. Feel much more stable with all of my feet gripping the floor. HIIT today. 1 pull up + 2 push ups + 2 squats = 1 rep. 5 sets of 5 reps with 15 seconds rest between sets. Post recovery meal: Mixed bean salad and boiled potatoes
  2. Hey MF, I run completely barefoot. No vibrams.
  3. Deadlift day! 225x5 315x2 337x1 Pre-workout snack: some dates, an orange and three small cucumbers Post-workout meal: a juicy pear and the "Prana" flat from this menu http://mana.hk/menu-3 Vegan power!!!!!
  4. A 7K barefoot run to start the day. Running shirtless, shoeless in a light rain is priceless! Breakfast is an eclectic vitamin and mineral fix: Beet root, cucumber, kale, strawberries, celery, ginger and a pear; all juiced together. I need my fix to help me fight all the ridicule at the workplace for becoming aware of animal cruelty and becoming kind. It is remarkable how people say idiotic things like: "Yeah but carrots have feelings too!" "But you were a meat eater" What I enjoy now is to push the envelope a little ahead every time. Initially I used to laugh it off. Now I persist with asking questions like: "You eat all those proteins, how come your squat is so light?" "Where are your muscles buddy?" "Ah but you realize human protein may be the most optimal for us? Are you going to try?" This was funny. This guy is a very good friend of mine and he was the one who pulled the "carrots have feelings too" argument. I hit him in the back and told him, "carrots have feeling too, so I can smack you as I please, right?"
  5. Today was a brutal day with temperatures reaching 34 deg C and humidity at about 90%. I started the day with some body weight work out early in the morning - pull up burpees and some assisted muscle ups (jumping to start). Later in the afternoon, my hiking partner and i started our scheduled 16K training hike on the Lantau trail. Finished the hike in about 3:15 (against a target of 2:30!). About 4 or 5K was rough terrain. Half a pound of water melon was the well deserved recovery snack. Rounded the day out with mushroom biriyani, scrambled tofu with sea vegetables and chick pea masala on the side. After this post, i am going to crash, hoping the severe typhoon Usagi spares us! http://www.weather.gov.hk/wxinfo/currwx/tc_gis_e.htm
  6. It is also interesting that this vegan journey coincidentally began with my preparation for a trail running race. More information on the race here: http://www.barclaysmoontrekker.com I am running the 27K race and aim to finish under 5 hours. Last year (when i was Paleo) i cramped out towards the end and limped to a 6:24 finish. I don't run much. I prefer to lift heavy couple of time a week (squat @ 315 max and DL @ 360 max). I have been building mileage gradually since last two weeks. With only 5 weeks to the race, i need to carefully balance training volume, existing strength training and new way of eating. I have dropped about 2 kilos already (i was about 79K about 2 weeks ago) and i ideally i would like to be around 70K on race day. Tough ask, so i will take 72K! My typical daily food in take is here: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=319574#p319574 So there is some calorie deficit right now, helping me to lose a bit of weight.
  7. I am two week old vegan. And i am not trying to count days. It is more to put things in perspective. Even though i am 38 years old, i am glad that i understood speciesism sooner than later and made an important choice to live out the remaining life peacefully and with a sense of inner harmony. I will try and keep a log of activities, training, nutrition and thoughts on speciesism.
  8. I try and stay raw until lunch. 6:30 AM Vegetable + Fruit juice (my recipe: kale + beetroot + carrot + celery + cucumber + apple + ginger) 8 AM to Noon I graze on fruits (dates, oranges, bananas, cherries, water melon, papaya, strawberries, blueberries etc; depends on the season) Lunch Baked potato + vegetable curry (indian style, cooked in coconut and spices) Snack Raw carrots and cucumbers dipped in organic, no sugar added peanut butter (this you need to try!) Dinner Baked potato or rice + vegetable curry and every other day tempeh or scrambled tofu During the day i have at most 2 or 3 single shot espressos each with a spoonful of sugar. On days of heavy lifting or running, i munch on raw cashews and almonds and gulp down a bottle of ginger beer.
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    Thank you stcalico!
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    I am 2 weeks old vegan. Having said that I have been a vegetarian during most of my childhood and teen years. I have been a regular meat eater since college days. And over the last two years I ate paleo. I became vegan primarily because of speciesism and I am glad I could see the core issue sooner than later. So now, as far as I am concerned, I do not want to support indirectly or directly killing or cruel treatment of animals for food as long as I have other foods around me. And I am pretty confident other foods being around me for a long time to come. This also means that I am least interested in debating about health advantages and disadvantages of eating vegan (or in other ways). I simply do not care whether I live to 60 or 70 or 80; whether I am ripped or have a six pack or look big. I will just try and make the best of what is available. I lift heavy; run or hike occasionally; play tennis. My lifting philosophy is strength focused with squat and dead lift being the core of my training. I squat and dead lift once a week and overhead press and bench once in two weeks. This looks like a very active and informative forum. I hope to contribute positively.
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