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  1. Speak for yourself. From the kind of things I say, do I look like if I shaped by W.Bush and mainstream medias ? I don't think so! But most people are. I don't even have a tv (more precisely, I don't receive the channels). If mainstream medias affects me, it does the opposite thing it's been designed for, it builds me a shell to become even more reluctant to those. Paragon x wrote: "A human can make anything potentially harmful. You can kill someone with your bare hands. " Most people don't know how to kill with bare hands (at least not in a minute and in normal circunstances), most people are affraid to just being involved in a fight and will rather run away. But the most coward person is able to pull a gun from his pocket and aim it at someone else. Honnestly, are you really saying that bare hands could cause as much damage and as many dead people than guns? No - I am saying that a person has the will not the gun.
  2. Yes, an inanimate object. But those who always say this, always omit to say that it is POTENTIALLY HARMFUL. A human also can be inanimate and pretty much inoffensive, more inoffensive than a wolf and most wild animals. But the finger of a human become a weapon when in synergy with the trigger of a gun. Remove the gun from the environment of humans, and you end up with the innofensive human. A human can make anything potentially harmful. You can kill someone with your bare hands. Listen, i would love for people to stop hurting each other, but it's not going to happen whether guns are around or not. I am of the opinion that if guns are banned or made harder to get, it will only affect the people buying them legally. Not people getting them illegally in the first place. If someone wants you dead, they will find a way to do it. They don't need a gun.
  3. I have been around guns my entire life. My dad is a hunter along with most of his family. He taught my brother and I to shot. Over the years i have read all the pros and cons to gun ownership and gun control. The opinion that I formed is this: I believe people need to start being responsible for them selves. I own guns; i have a responsibility to be safe with them. Keep them stored out of the reach of children. If i fail in that i need to be responsible for that. The gun is an inanimate object. It has no thought, no hate, no fear, and no intention. People have all of that. No matter how many laws are passed, no matter if guns are banned, you are still going to have the same thing: an inanimate object without will and people, who for some reason, continue to be irresponsible or choose to use the weapon with bad intent.
  4. hmm Now i know where all the abused Amish work horses go. I think death is the best thing that happens to these animals. They are treated horribly, you should see how scarred up the horses are. How they are covered in sweet and gasping for a breath when they are pulling the buggies. I hate seeing it . . .. I see it all the time where i live. Sorry for the rant back to the article. It seems like the same story over and over with the slaughter houses. Animals being abused and nothing being done about it. Nothing more than a band aid anyway. . . . .
  5. I get so angry when i hear about things like this. I agree about the head phone thing. It isn't wise at all. You need all your senses for sure when you are out.
  6. Sad that this is an issue. We have created a mess . . . http://www.slate.com/id/2192362/?GT1=38001
  7. WTF???? That is ridiculous! Why would anyone buy that and why would anyone think to do that? Stupid
  8. I feel really sad. I sent this article to about 20 people along with the following text, i tried to present this in a non-pushy kind of way. Hi all, As you know I don’t normally email junk mail or push my views and thoughts on my friends and family. I am asking you to read the article below and follow the links. If you do not have time for all of it I ask that you at least look at this link. http://www.meat.org/ I know asking you to go vegetarian/vegan is a lot and honestly I don’t expect you to. If at all possible please look into where your food is coming from. Try to buy local organic meat and dairy. Organic is better for you and the cruelty to the animals is a lot less. It is still there, but it is so much better than factory farming. If you do decide that you would like to give a veggie diet a try and if you have any questions about a vegetarian/vegan diet please let me know and I will do my best to help you understand the pros and cons of it. It is not as bad as you might think. Thank you for any consideration, Ann My hope was that people would watch that video and think about what they are doing. Can you beleive not one person cared. I feel really sad about this, these are my friends and family. How can they not care?
  9. pasta anything and bread Also Beer - i know i could be so much further along in my physique if i didn't drink beer. -Ann
  10. If you don't mind taking the time to translate it - i would appreciate it. Thanks
  11. I'm Sorry marcina didn't write it. Gattoninja did. I'm Your Man - the info you provided is the kind of info i am looking for.
  12. By the way i am not questioning you in a bad way. I want to learn as much as possible in regards to this topic. Thanks
  13. What is your source for this statement? Thanks Ann
  14. Well as a former correctional officer i feel the need to comment. In my experience many of the prisoners did not show remorse for their crimes but found justification for their actions. That goes from petty theft to murder. Even in the jail they were up to no good. If you can't conform to the rules in a controlled environment how the hell are you going to conform to the laws of a "free" society? There was a lady who was driving drunk and stoned with five children in her car, none of which had their seatbelts on. She crashed and was the only survivor. She did not show any remorse for her actions and said she did not deserve to be in prison because losing her two children was punishment enough. The driver served 2-1/2 years and was on work release for most of the time. That is just one of many stories i saw there. Don't even get me started on all of the prescribed medicine they were on and there three square meals a day. Also - a very close family member of mine spent time in jail for possession with intent to sale, endangering the welfare of children, public drunkenness and the list goes on. He had the same opportunities as me when he was a child; he has no excuse for putting his family through the torment of worrying about him. He is a weak minded individual and that is his only excuse for the things that he does. He knows what he does is wrong, but does nothing to change. So to me jail is the only option for these people and no it shouldn't be a pleasant experience for them. They should fear going back to prison, not have the attitude of “it ain't that badâ€
  15. IMO - It wasn't really out of hand. People can have a difference of opinion and get heated about it. So what! I frequent some car racing forums, now those can get out of hand. You know what else? You can't delete your posts there. That way all are held accountable for what they say. If you need to change your mind you need to put in a new post to retract what you said or clarify your point of view instead of leaving holes in a thread. *shrugs*
  16. Hi Lean and Green - Thanks for the response and not assuming i was being sarcastic. Because i definitly was not being sarcastic. I truely never heard of a running store. I thought foot locker was the best resource for sure. Thank you for the link. I will check it out. As for the video on a treadmill, i think that is exactly what i need. I remember in high school the gym teacher telling me i did not run right. But, i forget how he told me to correct. Thanks Again Ann
  17. Running store. I never heard of such a thing. Can you name one for instance. Thanks
  18. Thanks for the thoughts. I do have running shoes but they are kind of old. Maybe a new pair are in order. Thanks Ann
  19. I have always been a weak runner. I always get winded very quickly. Recently i have been trying to get a more regimented routine to keep building. It seems though that when i run my knees and shines hurt terribly afterwards. I wonder if i am running in a bad form. Do any of you have any advise on what i may be doing wrong? I am only running a mile, mile and half max. So i feel discouraged that if i get to the point that i can run farther cardio wise my knees and shines will really kill me. Thanks for any advice.
  20. I agree with what Richard said. There are many styles out there that can be taught in many different ways. My instructor was a BB in Hapkido and Kung Fu so he tended to merge the two when he trained. I was more interested in learning the Hapkido. As i felt it would serve me better in law enforcement, even though i never went that route for a carrier. I felt that the way i was instructed was geared more towards real life. He taught brutal fight techniques for survival. I really enjoyed it when i was there. I also did a fair amount of sparring, which is taught completely different than a real life situation. -Ann
  21. I found it through another vegan board i belong to. I found that board trying to do research and getting questions answered about vegan and vegetarianism.
  22. We might become neighbors, as i might freak-out and be living off of the land as well.
  23. I enjoyed reading this thread and all the differant point of views. Here's a question. Would you kill an animal and eat it for your survival if there wasn't anything else for you to eat? -Ann
  24. why not buying non-wheat bread instead ? like quinoa, rye or buckwheat, oat, rice... I can't find any.. It's hard enough finding bread that doesn't contain milk or honey. What's up with that? Some breads call them selves healthy and 100% natural and then are loaded with milk, eggs or honey and all kinds of preservatives. GRRRRR I guess my definition of natural is differant then theres. -Ann
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