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  1. I am a 6 foot, 182lb male, with a 9-15% bodyfat percentage (9% is under athletic, 15% is standard for the machine) and I am by no means huge but am strong and have lifted weights for a few years now however I am still young just turning 21. I do take liquidlife liquid multivitamin right now but will be trying out vega all in one daily and continuing to drink almond milk daily to get adequate B vitamins like Vitamin B12 which is very important to watch as a Vegan since there is no plant source of B12. This is a typical day with some variations included: Meal 1: 9am Plant protein shake with mixed berries, or peanut butter/cocoa using original almond milk as my liquid. I use raw fusion by S.A.N protein powder - pea,rice,artichoke protein - vanilla bean flavour with oatmeal and added flaxseed and cinnamon or with peanut butter sandwich (if having berry shake) or Il have organic cereal with berries and almond milk, or tofu scramble with peppers, onions etc with almond milk on the side (Note: just going to start having Vega All in One shake for breakfasts) Meal 2 (snack): 10:30-11am Fruit (apple or orange or banana or grapes etc), Home made protein bar with oats, peanut butter, protein powder, etc Meal 3: 12-12:30pm Rice and beans, chickpea curry, asian stirfry with tofu, tofurky sandwich with spinach and vegetables, Meal 4 (snack): 2pm Fruit (apple or orange or banana or grapes etc), Meal 5: 3:30pm Pre workout fuel (1-1.5 hours before workout): Bowl of Oatmeal Meal 6: 4:15 Preworkout fuel (20-30 minutes before workout): Banana + (vega preworkout on days I feel like I need it) Meal 7: 6pm Right after workout: Banana + Plant protein shake mixed with water at the gym (Immediately after) Meal 8: 7:30pm 1-2hours after workout Full meal with complex carbs, protein, and fats (could be any of the meals I posted for meal 3) Some more include: Seitan stirfy, quesadillas (with beans and salsa), Bean Chilli with Whole grain bun Meal 9: 9:30pm Veggies + hummus, and or fruit I try not to eat anything 2 hours before sleeping as it can cause indigestion Bed time is around midnight but this varies.
  2. Uncertainty of soy side effects on men. So at this point I want to limit soy until objective research is shown.
  3. Plant Fusion Protein is easily drinkable in my opinion. I bought it from www.Bodybuilding.com Its a clean protein powder and it comes in vanilla bean flavour (good to mix with berries or other fruit) or chocolate which I just ordered and I'm going to dry with almond milk and peanut butter or something like that. I can drink the vanilla bean one with water at the gym so that is pretty good but If you have had vanilla whey protein dont expect it to be close in taste lol. It isnt but to me still drinkable.
  4. I am just beginning to eliminate dairy and eggs etc from my diet and choose more raw plant foods and continue to eat legumes but I find it hard to hit my daily requirement for protein by doing this. I am also trying to workout and put on muscle and this requires me to have additional protein. I am in Food and Nutrition management at my college and in nutrition classes my profs have told me health canada says about 0.86g of protein per kilogram of body weight. So I weigh about 185lbs/2.2 = 84g of protein a day. In addition to that I would need more for muscle growth and rebuild. Heres the problem: Every vegan bodybuilding plan I see has soy in it. Im not totally against soy but I would only want to consume it once a day or so just because of the uncertainty of research. I do try to pick organic non gmo but I am still hesitant to consume more than a meals worth in a day. Am I crazy? lol My day breakdown is looking like this: Breakfast: Oatmeal or PB+J or Cereal with almond milk + a Plant fusion protein drink (PROTEIN 30g or so) Snack: Fruit/Veg Lunch: Beans and Rice + maybe some veg or Veg wrap with chickpeas (PROTEIN 15-20g or so) Snack - Almonds or Nuts of some kind + apple or other fruit (PROTEIN 5-10g) Dinner: Lentil or Chickpea Curry, Mock meat dish, Falafel, etc (PROTEIN 15-30g) Snack: Fruit or Veg and Hummus (PROTEIN - 5g) and If I workout I would have one more shake so another 21g of PROTEIN (powder with water) On the low end Im around 60-65g a day vs high end is over 100g. I guess this is what you get yourself into when you are a vegan lol. Is this sufficient? I feel Im close but eating more soy would make it easier but Im concerned for health and want eat clean. ANY INPUT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED
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