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  1. Thanks C.O., that sounds like good advice. I do have a tendency to think things through to the point of personal torment. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been reading these forums throughout the week and there's a lot of fantastic knowledge being shared. This place is awesome! I'm new to strength training. I'm looking to lose weight and build muscle and I found a bodyweight program that suits me called You Are Your Own Gym. However, reading here, talking to the local Nutrition shop and reading YAYOG, I'm still confused. The YAYOG book says If 85kg is my ideal bodyweight, that's 187lbs. 1.5x makes for 280g of protein. I'd say I get about 30-40g a day usually. I bought some pea protein isolate. One 30g serving has 23g of protein. I would need ten or more servings of this protein powder to get to 280g of protein in a day. From reading on this forum, I know what Mark Lauren (YAYOG) is recommending sounds like more than what most people on here tend to be saying but even 1.5x ideal kgs would be 127kg of protein. The guy at Vitology said take one or two servings a day but that'd still not be enough. I've been reading posts, but really I'm still confused and if these are the numbers expected, I can't afford to eat!
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