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  1. Hi, New to this site as a poster been browsing a lot though. I know this gets asked a million times so I apologise in advance. Basically last 4 months I've got my weight down to where I wanted it to be with diet, DDP yoga and kettlebell training. The problem is my protein levels were drastically low and now that I'm at my goal weight my intentions are to build muscle mass. What I'm struggling with is working out calories, carbs and fat. I have protein figured out. I don't use shakes just as preference so all my protein is from nuts, beans etc. I'm currently 6'1" and I weigh 13.4 stone/186 pounds. I'm about to start Tapout XT which is why I want to get my diet in check so I'm doing everything right. Thanks in advance for any help and if I've missed anything let me know.
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