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  1. Someone from another forum sent me here, I'm in a bit of a hurry to get out of the house so I just copied and pasted what I wrote over there below: So, I have been training for a 10k at the end of this month but have hit a wall. I am realizing my diet is crappy (way too much sugar!). I use to eat a pretty balanced diet but my sugar addiction has gotten out of hand in the last few years and I've all but forgotten how to balance my diet. I am in shape overall but not performing at maximum (coupled with asthma that has gotten worse over the years). So, I want to hit the store this evening after my rescue group adoption event. I am fine going cold turkey as that's how I went vegan in the first place. So can anyone help me with a daily diet plan geared towards a runner? If several people chime in I could use a few different diet plans over the course of a week so I don't get bored. There are a few staples some runners use that I'm not fond of (mixed nuts, oats). Thanks for any help! I seriously hope when I hop back on later today, you guys have some awesome ideas!
  2. Hey there, just popping in real quick as I'm in a rush to get off to an adoption event. Someone from another forum sent me here. I'm looking for diet plans for a runner to help me get past this wall I've hit training for a 10k. I guess I'll go post on the runners board so feel free to drop in I've been vegan for 2-3 years (vegetarian long before that). I use to run track years ago along with some martial arts and horse back riding. But then college happened and while I'm still in good shape, I've let my sugar addiction run rampant.
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