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  1. Try Indo style Tempe and Potatoes. The traditional way is to fry them for ages on low heat, and then serve with a sauce made from chilli, garlic, sugar, kafir lime, and a bit of salt. I've got a pretty decent, "Not really Indonesian at all" cheat that takes barely much less time or effort. Dice up your potato and your tempe into similar sized cubes. we're talking less than 2cm You want to chuck all this in the oven to bake and dry out a bit, but because potato takes about a million years to cook, chuck only the potato in the microwave first for a headstart (don't put it in for more than a min at a time though) Bake everything for a little while but take it all out before it starts to get golden Chuck it all in a wok and stir-fry it with a little oil and kecap manis to your taste. Serve as is or on a little rice, then throw on your favorite ass-bendingly hot sambal or indo chilli sauce This has the added benefit of boosting your metabolism for a half-hour or so, haha
  2. Eh just a lot of stuff here either has milk or something processed in it. I think he is talking about curry powders, rather than curry paste you buy in a jar. curry paste is basically just this anyway: Heat a little oil in a pan/pot, A clove or two of garlic and half onion chopped up fine, Mix a few teaspoons of curry spices in a bowl such as muchidna mentioned, cumin, tumeric, even with generic curry powder which is almost always vegan. Throw the onions and garlic into the hot oil give it a quick stir Chuck in the spices, another quick stir, Pour in a little boiling water from the kettle Then dump in your lentils, split peas, filthy week old rotten squash, whatever you like Fill it up with some more hot water and let it curry on doown.
  3. I use it when i'm making cheesy sauces and often with Bechamel sauce, for lasagna or something. To tell the truth, I've never done any real research about it and have never bothered to look at the protein content. I obviously don't use it all that often... as smashing lasagna and cheesy pasta dishes are definitely a sometimes food.
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