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  1. Hello 2015 I weighed in at 203.lbs this morning! Looking forward to an even better new year!!
  2. Hey Im not dead just sort of lost sight of my goals, life happens and we get behind on things that are important to us. It happens to everyone but what is important is you get back on it! I'm back! I've still been getting in to the gym a few days a week but not really thinking about my goals or diet.. I can't believe I haven't weighed myself since May!! Soon, soon... Back day tomorrow! PS anyone do anything fun on Halloween? I stayed home and watched The Walking Dead like a boring guy.
  3. Gave myself a day off today and a few extra hours of much needed sleep Hitting the weights bright and early tomorrow Back and bicepts day, gotta get a weigh in too.
  4. Shoulders today. Wasn't really feeling it this morning, failed to get up my second set of dumbell military presses. Bah it was a frustrating morning. Gonna kill it tomorrow.
  5. The Mountain! http://hushcomics.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/tumblr_n5t1dcbxfg1r9h4heo2_1280-e1400485046865.jpg
  6. lol!! Back and biceps today. I hit 199.lbs so happy, almost at my goal for the year!!
  7. Chest/Tricepts day with a side of calfs at the end today. I hit 198.lbs!!! What!! I'm so stoked right now! I've put on 18.lbs since we brought in the new year and I still fit the same in the same pants, this is my loose way of saying I think its almost entirely muscle Sometimes being really tall sucks, I look in the mirror and appear to be pretty much the same size LOL!
  8. Welcome! I've found that increasing the ratio of raw foods in my diet has helped a lot when trying to put on weight. If you can find any good raw food books that might be a good place to start.
  9. My goal for 2014 is to weigh 200.lbs Started the year at 180, currently 196, its so close!!
  10. Damn this journal is nuts! Great stuff, that is an awesome training facility too.
  11. Congrats on getting your Journal going! The 10% that isn't vegan, what is it? Cheese and Icecream? If so cutting that out could help tons This is the workout you do every day? How are you feeling, do you get enough recovery time? It looks a little odd to me that you do reps over 20 on your bench press but less than 9 on your curls. Not saying that is wrong just un-orthodox. Is there any way you could get a wider variety of weights to train with? That I think would help a lot. Also splitting up your routine if your working out often could be helpful too.
  12. I agree. It's not even something I consider an exercise, It will help make your midsections profile look better but it will not burn fat or build muscle. I read somewhere once that Arnold used to do them for 20 seconds 3 times a day, I'v found this tough to remember to do but I think it couldn't hurt
  13. I've been reading up for a new cut plan I want to run in the fall and while I cant say from experience yet, I can say that for my cut I plan to try to increase the ratio of "raw" foods in my diet. From what I've read it seems to be a sure thing if you can stomach it, alot of raw food can be bland in comparison to a normal or even vegan diet. However there are several good raw cook books available now that can make it fun! If your interested I'd highly recommend this book
  14. I can see some progress. Share your diet and training regiment maybe that would allow more helpful criticism and advice. Question for you, now you sound a little disappointed with your progress but do you feel better?
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