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  1. Yes, real pedaling, seems to be on the road. It's very stable and the tire does not consume. There is no possibility to "harden" the resistance, like the normal kind, you can only downshft the rear box and push more than you can! I'm waiting the end of this holiday for start seriously to train...yesterday night we have a dinner with collegues, for was soy pizza with tomato and vegatable, beer...ad in the end we taste a kind of ruhm 30 years old. They want 10 euro for a little glass. Results: night without sleep, burning stomach, weak legs. Bad idea....
  2. Hello, I used a stationary bike (it was a spinning bike with flywheel 26 Kg., but it was probably the reason of my injury (the pedals wasn't at the same distance to the center of the bike). So you are right. But now I use this kind attached. It was a powerful equipment and there is no change in the posture, because I ride with my bike. For a lot of cyclists training indoor is very boring, and they avoid to do it! Not for me, with music for hard training and watching some tennis match for a soft one!
  3. Today 2 sessions: first in the gym, Total body we worked hard the legs and abdominals. This evening just 45 minutes on stationary bike very easy. Maybe this is the correct way, make power not on the bike but to use it only for agility.
  4. Saturday I made a replay direct where all the guys meet for a ride. We were 50 more or less...seems like a race but even if I am not in shape I was able to resist to all the acceleration! This mean that the gym works well!!!
  5. I know...I start with the diary but I'm not writing a lot. But the injuries threw me down. After 3 weeks without bike I was pretty well, but saturday I tried a little ride, just 1 our and 30'. I felt pain in the end of the ride, and now seems to have gone back... No way, I'll continue with total body, body pump and crossfit because they allow me to do some cardio works. I'm looking for some good doctor, but he may be very good, I don't want spend money for nothing.
  6. Don't think it's possible!! I think I'm genetically modified to not gain muscles!!
  7. Mistake: CROSSFIT, not CROSSFITNESS...if the trainer listen to me say that name (crossfitness) could kill me!
  8. I had no much to write...it's sad but are in this 9-10 days without bike, my pains are almost gone. Ehm..I try to explain better what I mean: it's good have less pain, but if the cause is really the bike..... Strange, but it's really the position on the bike that compresses somewhere and cause inflammation. For the moment I add a lesson of body pump, this saturday i think I will try with crossfitness...and I'm looking for some martial art near my house. I used to practiced QWAN KI DO (it's a kind of kung fu) some years ago, but I stopped to devote myself to bike. Maybe it's time to start over??? I remember I was very very flexible when I used to do it...only cycling make you stiff!
  9. Hey, with that beard you should like Zakk Wilde... I saw him a couple of years ago, and it was a great concert.
  10. Bad news, my pain is worsened again. Wednesday I'll have a meeting with physiotherapist, because I suspect to have an inflammation in the piriformis muscle. I think so because I feel pain when i sit, not during movement (after some minuts of warm up). For the moment I packed the bike, the only way to be sure don't use it I try with 2 months stop, I'm tired to train with pain in my sx legs. Seems will be gym and fitness for now....
  11. I started this morning to monitor wy weight. I'm 62 Kg. and that's good! I remember 2 years ago, I did a serious program with a trainer that asked me to monitor every morning my heart beats and the weight (more fitness=less heart beats you know....but to much fitness may increase your beats at rest). Anyway my weight was about 59 Kg. So the gym have some effect on me in the end! Only difference my body fat percentage. It was about 7%, now maybe 10-12% (this is my estimate). Today fitness lesson where was squat, squat, squat!! Without any weight, but it was hard the same. The worst it's to remain in isometric squat position for 1 minute or more, then reprise up and down, then stop isometric again and so on! I think this is a good job for my legs!
  12. My garden was green with flowers years ago...then I thought: why all this work for nothing?? So I started with vegetable, and it is nice...but not simple. Isn't easy grow "bio" vegetables, there are a lot of insects and diseas. For example, in this moment an invisible little animal is eating all my cabbages! My injury is still the same, come and go without any apparent reason. I did a lot of examination in the past, but seems there is nothing specific. so now we live together!!
  13. After a friday of rest, yesteday was gym time! I tired again with the squat, 53 kg with 6 x 5...with the trainer we are thinking about the opportunity to switch in a different tipe of work: 1 minute squat (with lower load) and 30" rest for 2-3 times. This is more functional to the bike effort...anyway for me maybe it's to early, I would prefer try to grown my little legs and later do this kind of specifical work. 5x5 bench press with 43 kg, for the moment I'm not able to handle much load. 5x5 chins 2 exercises for biceps It's not a lot, but after I had a short ride (1 hour) with 1 uphill 10' always above 220 watt. This morning abother ride for 2 hours, flat road without push hard. I had not much time, because my vegetable garden needed some works. I like to have my own fresh vegetables, and in this moment remain just: cabbage, broccoli, the very last eggplants and leeks! Tht's enough, the winter is coming...
  14. As scheduled today 1 hour of fitness ... a lot of work on the step, heavy bar for the shoulders and the usual abdominal / buttocks on the ground. I'll see tonight if I'll do 50' on the stationary bike (recovery). Meanwhile I should start fixing a few goal for the next season. Usually the preparation start with a period call " base" divided into 3 time of 3 weeks each, where to increase the load gradually working on endurance, skill and alternative work (running, swimming, gym, etc. . ) . The intensity is lower, long workouts . Then follow other 2 " Build" phases of 2 weeks each where the work becomes more specific, working on the own weak points and to increase the FTP (functional threshold power - the exercise is the typical 2x20' medium/high intensity , just in between aerobic and anaerobic ). After that we have the the "peak" period where try to improve strenghts; it's time to perform short stressful jobs ( anaerobic ). Finally its' race period!! workouts are very specific and intense , short , with days of rest. The athlete level fitness in general goes down a little bit, offset by the greater freshness that makes it possible to achieve high performance. After the race period, we come back to build period to increase fitness again, waiting for the next race stage! I do not know if such a scheme is applicable to bodybuilding ... P.S.: this in not my own idea, but I took it from the book: "the cyclist's training bible" by Joe Friel.
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