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  1. Hello, i need help to maintain macronutrient ratio's in my meals. In five years I have lost about 20kg/44lbs and now I want to lose atleast 7kg/15lbs more. Since I am a mix between endo/mesomorph I calculated that I approximatly need 45% protein, 25% fat and 30% carbs (this was suggested by a fitness trainer, who also told me to eat dairy and fish) I don't have problems reaching the amount of carbs or fat, but reaching almost 200g of protein is almost impossible for me. I manage to reach about 120g/per day using soya protein powder. I would like to know how to up my protein intake with real food (not powdered protein). My sports activities: twice per week I have 1,5 hour of kickboxing, once per week 1 hour of aerobics, once per week hiking, and I plan to run for atleast half an hour on my days off. I'm 21 years old student (not a lot of time and money), I currently weight 57kg/125lbs and I'm 164cm/5feet 4 inches tall. I usually eat four-six meals per day (depends on my time). I would be glad if someone could give me a few ideas to up my protein intake. I apologize for my grammar errors, english is my second language, and there aren't any vegan fitness enthusiasts in my country that I could turn to for advice.
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