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  1. The guys got a huge ego but he still cracks me up.
  2. My first impression is it is propaganda to paint Christians in a hatefull light just because some wackadoo christains actually do believe that crap. Similar to how the effort is being made to lump all muslims in the terrorist tent because of the actions of some. Who bankrolled it and what is the agenda?
  3. I'll have to give ya the last word on this since I didn't read the initial post excluding motorsports. I'm still a newbie and will have more to learn than to teach for quite awhile I suspect. So I don't need to hijack threads yet.
  4. 100% Earthling. Born in New York Live in Florida. Son of God
  5. Tony Stewart would be the only pudgy one that is consistanly a threat to win. But for the most part the rest of the top shelf drivers are lean and in shape. And take their health very seriously. (While deftly selling the worst junk food imaginable). And some of the crewmembers are major fitness junkies. Oh well. I missed the part about no chess players and racecar drivers in the initial post. My bad. http://blogs.columbiatribune.com/cooldryplace/edwards150.jpg http://www.racehippie.com/biographies/bio_images/carl%20edwards%20backflip.jpg
  6. I know you guys will laugh but I'll go for professional racing drivers. Two or four wheel those guys or gals now may be sitting down but they are using every nerve and muscle they have to wrestle those machines that can easily kill them if they misteat them.
  7. I am making the leap from the standard American diet to a raw diet I have been doing great for a while and now I find myself getting stagnated in terms knowing what to make and how to shop differently and noticing that this is somewhat more expensive. As far as expense goes I realize that over time I will get more effective with this different style of feeding myself. And if it is more expensive this way, so what I feel better, and that is worth more so I guess that what it really costs to eat. I guess my question really is long could it take before one got as comforatable buying, storing, and prepairing raw food? I feel like I'm learning to play guitar when I have been a drummer all my life. I still have alot of motivation to carry on I'm just curious as to how you veterans handled this many moons ago.
  8. Tampa Florida checkin in. Just wanted to introduce myself as I am moving through the world and passing through here. I'm still new to the vegan/rawfoodist lifestyle so I wouldn't be so bold to say I have it beat yet. But I am about 50 days along and am coupling it with a good exercise program. I am seeing and feeling results beyond what I thought was possible so I thought this would be a cool place to hangout while I fine tune myself further. The basics are I am 43 years old and about 50 days ago started down a new path and left the SAD school of thought behind. This place seems to have the vibe I'm looking for and I would like to use it to get me to the next goal superior fitness for someone my age. For me this is a doable goal and one that wont be to easy. So let me just end it by saying hello and you guys have a cool site! Dann
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